0C113KHYOIV316 Cerwin-vega xls-215 twin 15″ 3-manner domestic audio ground tower speaker

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  • 1″ smooth dome tweeter with ferro fluid
  • 6. Five” woofer with fiber impregnated cone
  • dual 15″ solid frame high tour woofer
  • proprietary mid and excessive frequency waveguide
  • fuse safety
  • 500w max, 250w rms
  • dual 15-inch paper cone foam half of-roll cast-body woofers
  • 6. 5-inch paper cone midrange
  • 1-inch material dome tweeter
  • freq resp: 30 hz–20 khz ±three db on axis
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product description

product description

without a doubt the most important, baddest tower in the marketplace, the cerwin-vega xls-215 functions two solid frame excessive excursion 15-inch woofers and can provide earth-shaking bass down to 24 hz. With guaranteed “eviction observe” performance, the xls-215 additionally functions a 6. Five-inch mid-variety speaker and a 1-inch soft dome tweeter coupled to a proprietary waveguide.

from the producer

cerwin-vega xls-215 twin 3-manner domestic audio floor tower speaker

  • 1″ smooth dome tweeter with ferro fluid
  • 6. 5″ mid-variety with fiber impregnated cone
  • twin 15″ forged body high tour woofer
  • proprietary mid and excessive frequency waveguide
  • fuse protection
  • stylish black-ash enclosure
  • frequency reaction 38 hz – 20 khz (-three db), 36 hz – 20 khz (-10 db)
  • strength capacity: 500 watts (peak)
  • sensitivity in spl: 95. 3 db (@ 8 ohms @ 1 meter full)
  • impedance: 6 ohms
  • crossover frequencies: 280 hz / 2. 4 khz
  • weight 116 lb. / 52. 6 kg
  • dimensions (hxwxd) forty nine. 7″ x 17″ x 21. 1″ (1260 mm x 430 mm x 535 mm)
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    XLS-12 Tower Speaker, XLS-15 Tower Speaker, XLS-215 Tower Speaker, XLS-28 Tower Speaker

    8 reviews for 0C113KHYOIV316 Cerwin-vega xls-215 twin 15″ 3-manner domestic audio ground tower speaker

    1. Amazing

      I bought a pair of these bad boys and I LOVE THEM!!! Hooked a crown amp up to them and BAM! Right in the face! Throw them crappy sound bars and weak surround sound speaker out the door. Drowns out barking dogs, traffic, vacuum,kids and the wife with ease!.Read more

    2. Spidy

      The XLS-12 I have purchased have surpassed my expectations! I had Vega’s throughout the 80’s and 90’s along with Klipsch Heresy, and some Bose 301 shelf speakers while living a single life. Got married and let it all go. Moved down to a sound bar with a sub and rear speaker and have never been satisfied with the quality of the sound. A decade later I decided to go with what I know and get some more Vega’s and I was not disappointed! You get great highs, mids and lows throughout! I paired my speakers with a Onkyo TX-RZ830 Receiver which is new to me. Back in the day I had a component for everything. Amp, pre-amp, eq, range and expander for sound. These fit well with the Onkyo with all the channels but to be honest, the 2 channels are awesome with the Vega’s. Goodbye soundbar in the bedroom you go. I hope this helps.Read more

    3. Bill

      I had my doubts at first, I owned 15000$ pair of speakers with 150Watts each, and i designed a high end amplifier indicated in the pic, that delivers 266Watts/ch, Modified class A, so i decided to go with the XLS 215 after all its only 750$ each, surprisingly after installation and testing, i was really amazed, the sound clarity was excellent , Low , mid and high frequencies shows no distortion even at high volume levels, the sound was even much better than my expensive speakers.Read more

    4. Mr.Pinsky

      Having owned Martin Logan monoliths to Polk sda-srs”s I have to say for they money, if you want to play metal, these are awesome. Have them hooked up to 2 Adcom gfa-555 se’s mono blocked and from Accept to Metallica, godsmack, Dokken, its amazing. For mid fi, can’t beat them. Will get your heart pounding and you won’t hear the police at your door 😀 Kinda feel bad for my neighbors even 10 houses down. If you want old school 2 channel metal, can’t see doing better for the money.Read more

    5. Ken Maguili

      Here’s the deal…I am not into rap or heavy bass. So, why did I go with Cerwin Vega XLS-215s, the biggest bass speakers? Simple, I like my movies and music at moderate levels, but when there is an explosion or a loud passage, I want to move some air. I want “omph”, if that is an ‘audiophile’ term. :-)Reviews by professionals state the speakers are actually a great value for those seeking serious music listening results. I wanted speakers that would dive down to the lower end of the sound spectrum and not disappear. I wanted speakers that did not artificially produce the bass, as Bose does, for my basement (and that is not a slight against Bose. They do a great job with a low-profile system).And the results have been wonderful. It reminded me of my college days when speakers had huge woofers and, as I said, moved some air. Those are the pros of this system. I am using these with the dual 6 inch XLS center.As for the cons, you must be aware the speakers are huge. Two 15 inch woofers need some space. and the speakers weigh about 118 pounds each. So, for a home theater or man cave, or a big room, they are great. For a smaller room? I would go for the other smaller speakers in the Cerwin Vega XLS series. They have choices that ‘move air’ and have ‘omph’ but are lower in profile.I hope this review was helpful and welcome comments.Read more

    6. Sean Chaos

      I have owned Cerwin Vega speakers for the past 20 years and have never been disappointed. It was time for new speakers and I already knew what brand I was going with. These speakers are built to last and give you that great all around sound with movies, music and video games. I had to upgrade my receiver as well cause my old Harmon Kardon just couldn’t deliver the power these bad boys need. I recommend at least 100w per channel minimum on these.Out of the box these sound really good but once they get broken in here in a couple months they will sound even better. So don’t hesitate and order these now you won’t be let down.Read more

    7. Buddy Boi

      If you are looking for heavy bass, these are not the speakers for you. BUT if you have speakers with nice bass and want to add crisp highs and tight bass, then check these out. Sony STRDN1080, bi-amped the Vegas and are paired with Definitive Technology 8060ST’s…for what I wanted, this is a great setup! Will update as they are broken in, but very impressed with the build quality, terminal connections, SOUND, and love the look.May add a 12″ or 15″ sub down the road…but so far VERY contentRead more

    8. LarsAnna

      ***** UPDATED REVIEW *****Out of the blue, UPS today delivered the second speaker, that had been marked lost (stolen) in transit. The box was all banged up and once I got the speaker out, it too was all banged up.-The cabinet has two big dents-The rubber liner for the tweeter is torn and dangling-The one bass reflex tube has been knocked out of it’s fixed place and is now floating around inside the cabinetThe speaker is in a very rough condition and it sounds so very bad (compared to the other speaker I received).Clearly UPS aren’t capable of handling goods in a safe manner. I can’t begin to describe, just how dissatisfied I am with UPS – they’ve earned a massive F.—– Original review —–The XLS15 is an amazing speaker.. unfortunately one of the two I ordered got stolen in transit..Read more

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