0C113KH0CKT836 Cerwin-vega xls-6c 6 1/1″ 2-way domestic audio middle channel speaker

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  • energy capability: a hundred twenty five watts (peak)
  • twin 6. 5″ woofer with fiber impregnated cone
  • 1″ tender dome tweeter with ferro fluid
  • frequency response: 64 hz – 20 khz (-three db), forty four hz – 20 khz (-10 db)
  • weight: 23 lbs / 10. 4 kg

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product description

product description

a big-format, middle channel speaker with exquisite dialog overall performance, the cerwin-vega xls-6c capabilities two 6. Five-inch fiber impregnated woofers and a 1-inch smooth dome tweeter coupled to a proprietary waveguide.

from the producer

cerwin-vega xls-6c 2-manner domestic audio center channel speaker

  • 1″ soft dome tweeter with ferro fluid
  • twin 6. Five” woofer with fiber impregnated cone
  • proprietary mid and high frequency waveguide
  • high frequency safety
  • video defensive
  • fashionable black-ash enclosure
  • frequency reaction: sixty four hz – 20 khz (-3 db), 44 hz – 20 khz (-10 db)
  • electricity potential: 125 watts (top)
  • sensitivity in spl: 89. Three db (@ eight ohms @ 1 meter full)
  • impedance: 6 ohms
  • crossover frequencies: 2 khz
  • weight: 23 lbs / 10. 4 kg
  • dimensions (hxwxd): eight. 1″ x 22. Nine” x 10. 3″ (205 mm x 580 mm x 260 mm)
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    Product Dimensions

    26, x, 11, x, 14, inches

    Item Weight

    22, pounds


    Cerwin, Vega



    Item model number

    CWV, XLS6C

    Customer Reviews

    4.5, out, of, 5, stars, 76, ratings, 4.5, out, of, 5, stars

    Best Sellers Rank

    #51, 021, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #34, in, Center-Channel, Speakers

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    September, 14, 2004

    8 reviews for 0C113KH0CKT836 Cerwin-vega xls-6c 6 1/1″ 2-way domestic audio middle channel speaker

    1. Eric S

      The Unpacking:The cabinet quality and speaker quality is unmatched at this price range compared to other brands. After receiving the XLS 6C yesterday, I first removed the high quality metal grills (No cheap fabric or plastic like other companies use) to inspect the tweeter and woofer quality. Both looked well made from the outside. I removed the Tweeter and was very impressed with the very large driver motor enclosure kept cool with Ferro Fluid. Many other speaker companies cut costs on the tweeter and install cheaply made tweeters in this price range. I then removed one of the woofers and again was very impressed with the large driver, magnet, housing and build quality of the speaker. The inside of the cabinet was well lined with insulation and the frequency crossover looked like it was high quality.Sound Quality: My Pioneer A/V receiver has MCACC which basically syncs all your 7.1 speakers to the same volume, equation frequency, distance, etc., from your main listening position. My Left and Right speakers are 17 year old Cerwin-Vega E310. Over the years I have listened to many speakers and have never had the urge to replace them. They still sound fantastic. However, I have tried several other company’s center cannels and never got the seamless sound from left to center to right speaker. As actor’s voices in a movie scene travel from left to right, their voice should sound exactly the same moving from left speaker to center speaker to right speaker. (The Revenant has several scenes like this). The Cerwin-Vega E310’s always sounded clearer had more detail than the other company’s more expensive center channels that I tried. What a difference it made when hooking up the XLS 6C. All three speakers (L, C, R) worked seamlessly together like it was one speaker. I ended up spending hours watching movie scenes and listening to 5.1 music. I could clearly make out what the actors were saying even with the very loud background noise in Suicide Squad and other movies that are normally difficult to hear the dialog while the world is being destroyed in the background.In Summary:The Cerwin-Vega XLS line has been out for many years now and you hardly see any buzz on the internet anymore about the Cerwin-Vegas home speaker lineup. Well, I can tell you that the Cerwin-Vega home line of speakers are still one of the best sounding and best values in today’s vast market of speaker companies. I attended the 2016 RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) in Denver and listened to many rooms of speaker configurations with prices up to $100,000 a pair. While the build quality of these speakers may last several centuries, the sound is just not that much better to justify some of those crazy prices. To my ears, Cerwin-Vera has one of the best Sound, Build Quality & Price Value combinations in today’s market.Read more

    2. Dave J Pye

      I had been wanting a new center channel speaker for a long time, as the one I was currently using was just too small. Most of these types are too small for someone with a fairly large system (meaning no Wife/girlfriend to complain about the size of the speakers), so I was glad when I came upon this one a few years ago. It has no problem with the power my TOTL Yamaha receiver has, and I use my system for simple 2-ch music to 10.1 surround. I also have a rear center channel that I will eventually replace with this one, along with CV’s companion speakers (again, they are all too large for people who have to think about what their Wife/girlfriend will say). If you think the sound from your TV or a sound bar is fine, you won’t be looking at this anyways, but it was well worth the upgrade…Read more

    3. Canonian

      This is a large center channel speaker in all directions. I have the Cerwin Vega VE-5C center in my family room because this XLS is just too big physically for my current setup, however in the basement mounted on the wall (to studs!) it fits & sings. 7 channel music is wonderful and movie dialog is crystal clear, and very pronounced. This is not a muffled weak center channel speaker. Upon installation with default receiver settings it sounded good, after a little equalizer tweaking in my amp it really came to life with high volume music. I’m pushing this combined with front left and right XLS-6Cs and the same EQ curve for all of them work wonders. Cut some of the deepest base and let your sub woofer handle that and you can crank these insanely loud. Without a sub woofer or EQ adjustment you can still drive these with plenty of volume before the 6″ speakers simply give up and get distorted.Everyone’s ears are different, what sound “good” is a matter of opinion. Keep that in mind.Read more

    4. bandguy54

      I’ve always been a fan of Cerwin-Vega speakers, and this center channel speaker does not disappoint. It’s a very solidly built, heavy speaker and produces great sound quality. I’m glad I added this to my system.Read more

    5. J James

      you cant go wrong with Cerwin Vega.The tweeter on this center is unreal,its one of best i’ve ever heard.Add a subwoofer and it will take a few days to stop Smiling.Read more

    6. Alaska907

      Much bigger and heavier than I thought it would be! Absolutely amazing I highly recommend you get a good center speaker for your home theater it makes a huge difference !!Read more

    7. orandy

      This might just be the perfect Center Channel speaker!I went with Cerwin Vega because if you’ve ever owned a Vega you’ll never forget it.Back in the day, years before I got married, I used to customize my SUVs and sports cars with aftermarket wheels and custom stereos.I had a Vega subwoofer back in the 90s. I could still feel the thump after I exited the vehicle… It was just that intense.I tend to lean more toward bass, so I wanted a center that was as clear as possible for dialog, but could also support my subwoofer when it’s time for the action and bass to kick in!My sub is a Klipsch Sub 12-HG and the Vega doesn’t disappoint, as it’s rated at 125 watts, where my sub is rated at 300 watts.The dialog is “big”, “clear”, and even downright colorful. And when the action scenes come I can crank up the decibels and shake the walls.If you want a center speaker that has good highs and lows, this is the best choice you can make, regardless of the price… because there are more expensive boxes that are only half as good as this one.Read more

    8. Taylor

      This showed up shoved in a box too small for it, with a piece of cardboard taped over the end to cover the part sticking out, no padding added. Cabinet of speaker damaged. Large and heavy sliding / clunking noise from inside, assuming magnet has been broken off speaker from being dropped. VERY disappointed, I expect this from a private seller, not from a reputable company or vendor.Read more

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