0C113D5PA2T523 Theater solutions b1 black bookshelf speakers surround sound domestic theater speaker pair

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  • bookshelf stressed speakers – traditional passive speaker layout, honestly force strength out of your amplifier or receiver
  • excessive fine – full variety 2-manner sound coverage with twin bi-laminate composite cone, balanced and shielded woofers, titanium covered, ferro fluid cooled shielded tweeter, 2,200hz crossover, frequency response is 45hz-22 khz with 89db at 8ohm
  • durable and elegant – carb compliant mdf wood cabinets, black ash wooden grain veneer finish, spring loaded uncooked wire connectors, acoustically obvious grill. Big sound from a compact speaker size of (h x w x d) 9. 5″ × five. 875″ × 6. 25″ each
  • system necessities – any amp or receiver with uncooked speaker cord outputs, strength out of your amp must be no less than 10 and no greater than 2 hundred watts in line with channel, cl3 or uncooked speaker wire to attach your amp to the audio system
  • what is in the container – 2 theater answers by using goldwood b1 audio system, practise manual. Use for domestic theater surround sound, complete house audio systems, commercial enterprise or retail installations
  • connector kind: five-way binding publish

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product description

this pair of theater answers b1 home theater speakers had been designed with pride proper right here inside the usa. These audio system are notably green, in order that they may be driven effortlessly by even the maximum modestly powered domestic machine. High efficiency layout creates full, spacious, clean sound with as low as 20 watts. Audio system have 4″ bi-laminate composite, balanced drivers and 1″ ferro fluid cooled, titanium coated, balanced tweeters which can be shielded to shield tv’s and different components. The returned port vent lets in air motion for deeper bass. Effortlessly installation your fashionable raw speaker wire with the spring loaded terminals. Those audio system have a current layout with the non-resonant mdf enclosures with black wood grain end and removable black material grills. Those speakers are perfect for home theater surround sound systems, preferred music or any software in between. Priced and sold as a pair.

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6.3, x, 5.9, x, 9.5, inches

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10, pounds


Goldwood, Sound, Inc.



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4.2, out, of, 5, stars, 98, ratings, 4.2, out, of, 5, stars

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June, 4, 2009

6 reviews for 0C113D5PA2T523 Theater solutions b1 black bookshelf speakers surround sound domestic theater speaker pair

  1. M. Fell

    I bought these to replace my 20+ year old Garrard speakers that have served me well. The Garrards were impressive for their size, and would be a hard act to follow. These, while not quite as bright, are smooth with a little more bass (Still using a sub to fill out the bass). I waffled between these and the Klipsch R-14M speakers. It would be nice to have them side by side to compare, but going by the specs and price, these looked like a good buy. After listening to them for about a week, I’m pleased. For computer speakers, they are just the ticket. If they last 20 years, I’ll be ecstatic. At 100w RMS and 200w peak power handling capacity, they are fairly serious, not el-cheapo Walmart type, speakers. The cabinets are fairly heavy, appear to be well dampened and don’t seem to introduce noise. I haven’t opened them up much yet. They’re hooked to a 40w RMS amp, so eventually they’ll show me what they’re worth. I’ve been letting them break in gently.I’m listening to Led Zeppelin’s Celebration day while writing this with a smile on my face.Read more

  2. -K-

    I use these as rear/side speakers in my 5.1 setup / RX-V990-I Tested them as desk speakers out of the box and I Find the tweeter to be in some way, louder / harsher / clearer / more prominent / more noticeable- to the point you want to turn them up but Can’t because it’s too much as close(desk distance) listening levels to handle.-With having clear/loud highs and handling of 100rms, AND able to handle lower frequencies ” Frequency Response: 45Hz-22 kHz ” (but I Doubt 45Hz for some reason)-I Thought they’d make great rear speakers. I set my crossover on my pc sound card to 65hz as usual. They are 8ohm which is required(minimum) of my receiver for REAR speakers. RX-V990.-The fronts and center I use are the BOSTON ACOUSTICS ~ A-SERIES-A 25 (pair/front)A 225C (center)-(BOSTON ACOUSTICS)-THESE speakers are great IMO for desk setup with the ‘DCD’ tech. – (search for A 25 , On the boston acoustics’ site for more info on DCD tech)..or I’ll just copy this over into here: “Advanced ceramic/glass fiber polymer woofers with Deep Channel Design (DCD) deliver more bass from less amplifier power” The Tweeter isn’t harsh(on the Bostons) like other speakers I’ve used.–Over all the combination of Boston Acoustics as fronts and center and B1’s as surrounds is working out well.-Just wanted to note this ~~Boston Acoustics : Sensitivity 89dBTheater Solutions B1 : Sensitivity: 89dB~other notes: B1Would not use as desk speakers.Would not use near field/close.*****Order from OnlyFactoryDirect ~ Best Seller for the B1Read more

  3. Raiden Digital

    First of all, don’t buy these speakers. Many other better choices for the money. For those of you curious like me, here’s more on why; I bought these because the tweeter is an exact copy of the JBL N24 Series I. (Though a copy, when you look at it close up it’s clearly more poorly made.) My N24’s are Series II and have 2 bars across the tweeter instead of 1, but yeah, they copied the JBL tweeter. Purely purchased out of curiosity. The only bad thing about sound quality is lots of port noise. Like a lot. Even when the bass is sent to a subwoofer. The highest the crossover can go on my receiver is 120 HZ but even with the bass cut off at that frequency, the port on the back chuffs and sounds like crap. If you cross it at 200 HZ and plug the port tube it might sound ok. Other than that, the sound quality is pretty good despite only having a capacitor on the tweeter instead of a real crossover. Build quality is rather good too, the cabinet finish is nice and the box is very well built. The Woofer surround is made of foam which will rot eventually. Also the dust caps are glued on a little crooked. It’s a shame the port tube is just a pipe with no flares in it or engineering thought behind it. I should also note that plugging the port tube makes it sound bad as well, because there’s not enough room inside the cabinet for it to be sealed. The Tweeter plays more loudly than the real JBL. I will take a listen to them again when I get a receiver that supports a 200 HZ subwoofer crossover. I kind of liked the way they sound except for the port noise. But yeah, I’m a freak who has stacks of extra speakers because I like to listen to my music with different flavors. But I can not recommend these to a normal person whatsoever! If you are a fan of the JBL Northridge series and are also a modder, maybe they are worth picking up just to mess with. If the port tube was replaced with a better engineered one they might be fine sounding.Read more

  4. R. Sillett

    While these speakers are highly valued, I cannot share that opinion. After a several weeks (of course, just after the Amazon return window closed), the sound from one of the speakers stopped and my Sony receiver went into PROTECT mode as soon as I’d raise the volume above a whisper. Sony is often criticized for its PROTECT mode. In this case, it was working properly as the receiver was getting almost all of the power reflected into it by the blown speaker. Now I never drove these speakers hard; they were always played at a moderate level.I replaced these speakers with a well-known brand, and all of the problems with my receiver disappeared. In retrospect, I should’ve spent the $40-$50 more on the name brand that I was familiar with.Read more

  5. Kindle Customer

    These speakers surprised me. I wasn’t expecting this type of quality sound for a steal of a price. With specs like this they could charge about twice as much. Decent crossover but nothing spectacular and they really put out get sound in small rooms as front speakers in a surround setup. If you are not an audiophile or don’t need thumping bass you could use these without a sub and be fine except for maybe use during movies. That is if you don’t tweak a lot of settings if you do you can get these to put out all that sound and then some With my Polk c15 center these are perfect and I may even buy another pair to use as main rears as well.Read more

  6. Danny Fixit

    Got this set and inside carton one had a label on it saying defective. Is was. Decided to just order something better and junk these. Ordered Polk units. Using good one of this set as center channel.Read more

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