0C113D4PL4R130 Theater answers ts65w in wall 6. Five” audio system surround sound home theater pair, white

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  • theater solutions ts65w in wall speakers, encouraged electricity is 10-two hundred watts consistent with speaker, efficiency is 93db, frequency reaction is 32hz-20 khz, 8ohm, 2-way layout and functionality
  • 6. Five” woven fiber bulletproof cone woofers with butyl rubber surrounds, pivoting silk titanium dome tweeters, second order 12db in line with octave crossovers, spring loaded uncooked cord connections
  • paint-in a position frames and grills, low profile housings designed for smooth installation, precise wall locking mounting machine, no mounting hardware needed, cut out templates, complete instructions blanketed
  • reduce out size is 10. Five” x 7. One hundred twenty five” in line with speaker, common size is 12. A hundred twenty five” x eight. 6875″ according to speaker, mounting intensity is three” consistent with speaker, designed and engineered within the u. S. A.
  • use for in wall or in ceiling domestic amusement, surround sound, domestic theater, workplaces or business, this listing and rate is for 1 pair/ 2 in wall audio system

product description

theater answers pair of in-wall audio system are newly designed for purchasers who demand powerful bass in a compact bundle. Excessive first-class, lush bass and a complete bodied sound at an lower priced charge. These audio system are perfect gambling movie soundtracks or mozart sonatas. Made with best the very best high-quality, moisture resistant materials to deliver unsurpassed sound in any listening surroundings. Sophisticated layout and size gadget, including laptop assisted design software were used to design those speakers to achieve an optimized stability and interface among components to give higher best overall performance and longer life. Their easy in-wall set up and extremely extensive sound dispersion layout lead them to ideal for discreet, unmarried or multi-room installations. All of theater answers models function the modern swing-out canine leg mounting gadget for smooth installation; paintable white aluminum grills that offer added rust protection in moisture-inclined regions such as bathrooms, kitchens and saunas; in addition to a material scrim in the grill that hides the drivers from view and could not intervene with the sound. The woven bullet evidence fiber 6. Five” motive force changed into designed for prolonged throw offering a complete variety of tones coupled with bullet-proof, time-tested toughness. The 1 inch pivoting silk and titanium dome tweeter pivots to direct sound at listeners, and its lower back chamber smoothest and extends its performance. All of those country of the artwork additives and infra-pink knock outs for far flung manage possibilities all add as much as superior first-rate and design at a value this is 2d to none! Exquisite symphony sound while used along with theater answers in-ceiling speakers!


5.25-Inch, 6.5-Inch, 8-Inch

8 reviews for 0C113D4PL4R130 Theater answers ts65w in wall 6. Five” audio system surround sound home theater pair, white

  1. Daniel W. Berry

    I bought 4 of these, a center channel (same brand) and a Polk 10″ sub for my living room surround system. I went cheap as I am currently building a dedicated media room. Good enough was enough. I set up sound systems for for many years and know what sounds clean and what sounds like crap. These are pretty darn good. They won’t hold up against my Klipsch Heresy speakers for output, but they are good enough that I haven’t thought about sound quality since building my system. We have watched many movies and have been very impressed.I’m seriously considering the slightly larger versions for an Atmos 9.2 setup for my proper home theater. Audio is one of those funny things where there is a sweet spot. These are right about there. You would have to spend 3-4 times more money to even begin to notice anything. Pretty decent bang for the buck.Read more

  2. Liz J.

    I am a true audiophile to start, these speakers have excellent sound quality IF you install them correctly. In wall speakers must be insulated!!! You need to insulate above and below the cavity for optimal sound. I have the 8” models they come with a cut out template. Be sure that you mark your studs first and leave at least 1/4 in distance from the stud to install them. These speakers do not produce much bass as they aren’t designed to that’s what a sub is for. The set comes with a tool for removing the grilles as well. Take your time installing and you will like the results. I have tested load on them and they can easily handle 30-50rms watts (your car radio blasting is using about 15-20watts max to give you and idea) they are very loud and have built in crossovers as well. If your home theater has a eq I’d recommend using it as these are flat which is a good thing. Go ahead and buy them and do things right and you won’t be disappointed these sound better than the high end polks and other brandsRead more

  3. Tony Carter

    If you’re wondering if these are as good as big name speakers THEY ARE! The install is mindless, just trace and cut. I assume that people were breaking screws because they were over tightening which would damage the speaker anyway. I have 2 xTS50w for my front speakers and 2x TS65W for my rear speakers and the sound quality is absolutely perfect. The only thing you can compare this sound quality to is a movie theater. Extremely crisp highs and perfect mids.. the lows are even pretty good. Pair them with a half way decent sub and you’re not going to want to leave. I can not speak to the center speaker as I decided to install it too late in my project but I’m sure it is the same quality as the others. I’ve only run these for about 10 hours so far, if anything happens I will update my review but currently I could not be happier!Read more

  4. Isaiah V.

    I used to be a Denon home installer. So needless to say I have done this a few times. This is my first time taping out my center points. I was super surprised at the resonance this company puts out for the price. I have installed $600 dollar sets that didn’t have this much punch. Huge fan. I spent roughly $200 dollars for front, center and surround speakers in the ceiling. (Rear was already in place before the project.) Take your time and confirm what is in the wall and you will be thrilled with the outcome.Read more

  5. Michael Long

    I just installed these in my wall in my house under construction.It only comes with one paint mask which means if you’re putting these up before painting you have to make your own second one. Also the template didn’t fit.. It wasn’t until my third speaker that I realized if you bend the corners it will fit access and actually stay put better.The speaker connections are push in.. It would have been more reliable if they were binding post and screwed down.UPDATE: It was extremely difficult to get the speaker grills back on and the metal bends very easilyRead more

  6. Dave B.

    They’ve worked fine for a year and a half out in the garage. Sound-wise they’re just fine running off a mini Bluetooth amplifier that doesn’t put out a ton of wattage. Install went fine with the included templates. My biggest problem with these were the spring-loaded speaker terminals. Both of them came apart and off the board. I was able to make it work another way, but really? Monoprice sells almost identical ones with different terminal ends that look like they might hold up better. They’ve also got two or three different version–one of them is a three-way speaker. If I were to do it again, I’d go with Monoprice.Read more

  7. Terrence Thomas

    Very decent sound, but economically built. The up side is they are extremely affordable compared to others. Had for two years now and are still pushing great sound. Paintable as well and installed easily with template. Recommend soldering connections to ensure solid wire connection.Read more

  8. John

    I wrestled making this purchase because I actually thought the price was too low for high quality speakers and I was unfamiliar with the brand. I also have high end front speakers connected to an Elite receiver and was concerned about matching. However, after reading the reviews I decided to give them a try for a rear surround application and am happy to say my initial concerns were dead wrong. The packaging was top notch with excellent templates for mounting and painting. The only initial concern I had was they seemed a little light for such high wattage and large magnets. Installation was easy. I did build a foam box in the wall behind them and removed the foam grille insert. After a week of use I can say the sound is nothing short of excellent. Great lows and high clarity. The only slight concern I have is the pivoting tweeter only has a 15 degree range, fine for my application but something to consider for high or angled walls. Overall I give a top rating because the sound is as good as speakers I have used costing more than 4X the price if not better. Very, very pleased.Read more

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