0C112XA8KZ9791 Osd weatherproof in-ceiling audio speaker pair – indoor/outdoor stereo – ice800wrs

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  • outdoor: this osd weatherproof in-ceiling speaker is best for excessive humidity areas along with bathrooms and out of doors patios. Enjoy track out of your sound gadget both outside or indoors.
  • high strength: fine one hundred twenty watt sound coverage comes from the eight inch polypropylene woofer and polycarbonate tweeter for this weather resistant speaker to be excessive energy dealing with.
  • cable: to go together with this weatherproof speaker, we suggest buying our cl-3 in-wall rated speaker cord designed to run interior walls and is fireplace-retardant secure within crawl areas or wall cavities.
  • in-ceiling: this ice800wrs speaker receives installed within the ceiling to fill each corner of your private home, which include protected porches. Your preferred audio entertainment can energy the smallest to the biggest room.
  • layout: the design is low-profile to be less intrusive in rooms with low ceilings. Santoprene surround withstands excessive temperatures to preserve the speaker from hardening or cracking to closing longer.

product description

most excellent speaker layout (osd) is engaged in the design, engineering, and distribution of extraordinary domestic and business audio products. Our merchandise variety in complexity from easy in-ceiling audio system to whole residence audio systems – all with beautiful styling and excessive-stop sound satisfactory. Our u. S.-based studies, development, and design team is supported by a community of current acoustical, mechanical, and electric engineers. Together, we create products that combine the trendy era without difficulty of use for a excellent sound enjoy.

climate-resistant in-ceiling speakers

a graceful and discreet look, these in- ceiling audio system provide you with a visually eye-catching, modern appearance in any room.

the wrs collection from osd audio function a weather-resistant surround designed to withstand the factors.

this in-ceiling speaker functions adjustable tweeters to direct excessive frequency for most suitable sound.

the easy installation dog ear clamps are user friendly set up for any unfashionable in shape or new creation set up.

  • a hundred and fifty watts of strength managing
  • high high-quality sound
  • flush mount layout
  • short & smooth set up
  • osd audio 8″ 150w weather-resistant

    loosen up inside the bath and enjoy lovely sound with these water-resistant eight” in-ceiling audio system! With 150w power managing, these in-ceiling speakers are the answer to bringing high-quality audio to high moisture regions, and are constructed of long lasting, moisture-resistant materials for use in high-humidity regions along with toilets, laundry rooms, kitchens, below out of doors eaves or protected porches.

  • brings exceptional audio to excessive moisture regions
  • pivoting titanium dome tweeter
  • spray paintable rust-resistant aluminum grille
  • size_name



    ICE800TTWRS, Dual Tweeter, ICE800WRS, Stereo Pair, ICE840WRS, Stereo Pair

    8 reviews for 0C112XA8KZ9791 Osd weatherproof in-ceiling audio speaker pair – indoor/outdoor stereo – ice800wrs

    1. Mr. Anonymous

      I was a little hesitant with these outdoor/wet rated speakers at first, while testing them on the bench.They just didn’t sound all that good. The mid and higher ranges were there, but the bass was fairly lacking. Thankfully after installing in the ceiling, the space behind added to the bass and the sound was improved.Overall the build quality seems good, I appreciate that the cones don’t have tweeter wires coming though them, like many speakers do.The tabs for holding the speakers in are a little finicky, especially if you are uninstalling them to make a change, but they do work and I’m happy with the design overall.I am quite disappointed in the power handling however. Using a 20 watt amplifier I am able to cause distortion with the speakers, which is VERY far from their advertised 150 watt handling. So a big let down there. Frankly I’m tired of speaker companies/re-branders claiming significant power handling which isn’t remotely true. So on that mark, OSD fails miserably and need to fix this falsification.So if you can live with 15 watts of reliable power handling without distortion, then these may fit the bill. Overpriced for what they can actually do, thus 3 stars.Read more

    2. M. Skaggs

      Had to write a review on this one. I purchased this to replace a Niles single stereo speaker that I’ve had in the bathroom for 15 years but finally blew out last week. The Voice coil on the Niles couldn’t handle Volume 70 from the Denon any longer and turned my music into the sound of cellophane rattling. So I looked on Amazon for a replacement and purchased this OSD 8″. 2 or 3 days later I received and installed it and WOW, this OSD speaker is at least a third of the price I paid for the Niles, maybe a fourth, and it sounds even better. The Bass response is so good it sounds like I also added a Sub in my bathroom. Very Very pleased with this purchase. I can also run this louder, Volume 80 sounds great.Read more

    3. Alexander Leon Williamson

      I installed these in my Patio, They have great sound output. I turned the volume up and there was no distortion. I bought two more pairs, one for the dinning room and one for my Boat. Yes, they are that good. I have speakers in my living room, and I am thinking I might replace them as well, but one project at a time. I looked at several other speakers, they all look to be about the same price but people were not satisfied with the sound output of them. These had higher reviews and some said the sound quality was good and now I see why, they sound great. They shipped them out quickly. Only complaint I would register is that the template they give us is easily torn (only one for the set) as mine did on the patio, so I used the face-plate grill, just unsnap it, trace the outline of it and it was the perfect size. The grill went back on without issues. Great value for the price.Read more

    4. Clifton Taylor

      The sound quality of this speaker really exceeded my expectations. I installed it in the ceiling of a 11 × 10 three season room and man does it sound great. It has plenty of bass for my application and highs are really clear. I chose this speaker over the Yamaha and Polk Audio single stereo models after reading the good reviews and the price. You can’t go wrong with this if you’re looking for a single stereo speaker. My only complaint is I haven’t been able to adjust the dual tweeters swivel as advertised. I’m using the Yamaha R-S202 receiver.Read more

    5. John

      Just installed a pair of these weather-resistant 8″ speakers in my bathroom, and I absolutely love them. They sound incredible. Great bass too! Very happy with this purchase.Update: I’ve had these in about 6 months, and I have to say I absolutely love these speakers. We installed many ceiling speakers throughout our house for a whole home Sonos system, but the rest of the speakers are a different brand. I bought these specifically to install in our Master Bathroom but tried to save money on the others since I didn’t need the weather resistance. Well I wish I would have bought these for all of the speakers throughout the house. 6 months later, these still sound great, and being in the bathroom with 2 steamy showers a day, absolutely not a spec of rust or degredation.Read more

    6. Yelling Hound

      1. They sound pretty good.2. Installation was simple.3. They look very good.I put these in a vaulted ceiling in a bathroom. I tested these before installing with them propped up in chairs and they sounded GREAT. After install, they didn’t sound quite as good but still perform very well. I blame the room characteristics for drop in sound quality after install. They seem to have lost some of the high end and are a bit heavy in the mid’s. I put a bucket over the back of each one to keep the blown in insulation out of the speakers and to see if it would somehow send the missing treble back in to the room and not in the attic. You would think that would make them produce more bass but whatever its doing it made a big difference.Read more

    7. Brad Hayes

      provides a rich full sound for a single speaker, Used two of these for outdoor audio in a pavilion for outdoor church services. Greatly improved the sound being mounted closer to the congregation and in the ceiling over the two speakers that were next to the receiver. The speakers give a full stereo sound in one speaker as opposed to using traditional speakers that gives one audio channel on the left speaker and one audio channel on the right speaker.Read more

    8. Mike Farr

      (I purchased the 8″ twin tweeter single stereo speaker)I’m powering this with an MCM in wall Bluetooth amplifier (also from Amazon) and the sound and volume are great! I’m using it in a bathroom, and it’s absolutely overkill. I’d rather have the 8″ for better bass response, even if a smaller speaker would’ve been more than adequate for volume.I’m already planning on buying the 8″ stereo speakers for the master bedroom now, since I’m so happy with the single speaker in the bathroom.I do wish it had a tweeter attenuation switch. In an 8′ ceiling, the twin tweeters can be a bit much. I’ll be connecting it to a Google chromecast audio for the long term, so I’ll be able to adjust the EQ settings within that to perfect it.Can’t beat it for the price.Read more

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