0C112SOOY9L542 Boss audio structures brs40 50 watt, four inch , full variety, replacement automobile speaker – offered personally

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  • impedance: 4 ohms, frequency reaction: one hundred hz – 18 khz, sensitivity: eighty two db
  • cone: polypropylene, voice coil: 1 inch aluminum
  • surround: foam, basket: stamped
  • dimensions: depth 4. 1” x width four. 1” x height 1. 8”, weight in keeping with pair: 1 lbs.
  • 3 12 months platinum on-line dealer warranty

product description

4-inch dual cone alternative speaker, personally packaged in clamshell


3.5" Speaker, 4" Speaker, 4" x 10" Speaker, 4" x 6" Speaker, 5" x 7" Speaker, 5.25" Speaker, 6" x 9" Speaker, 6.5" Speaker, 6.5" Speaker + Speaker Harness

7 reviews for 0C112SOOY9L542 Boss audio structures brs40 50 watt, four inch , full variety, replacement automobile speaker – offered personally

  1. PhotoGraphics

    First off, note that this review section lumps 8 totally different speakers together that are for sale on this page. You need to look carefully at the fine print above each review to know which model is being reviewed because what’s true about one speaker won’t be true about another. To be clear, my review is for the 5.25” model BRS52 round speaker.A large percentage of people looking at these speakers are buying them as car replacement speakers, and all of the models are well-suited for that. Generally this brand is very popular. My situation is a little different; I have a pair of 30 year-old Advent Mini bookshelf speakers in which the rubber that surrounds the cone had literally disintegrated with age. These little speakers are legendary; it seems the now long-gone Advent company hit on some magic formula for making a very compact speaker sound amazingly good. I am using them for the front channel pair for my 7.3 home theater surround sound system because the speakers have an uncanny ability to define and localize sounds that are specific to the front channel, notably dialogue. Plus the speaker cabinets have real wood trim, look retro-great and take up very little space.Using these speakers in a home-theater system puts a different demand on the quality and sound of the main driver (mid-range/woofer) than in a vehicle. With the original manufacturer of my speakers long gone I was faced with the challenge of finding a replacement speaker that is no deeper than 2.5” because of the very shallow cabinet Advent used. Almost all 5.25” diameter replacement speakers I could find are 3” or more, so they literally would not fit into the cabinet. The BRS52 speakers manage to be shallow in depth but still have a very large magnet. When I installed them into the Advent Mini speakers it was a perfect fit. By the way, before I opened the cabinet on the Advents I was expecting some kind of exotic speaker inside, but in reality it looks pretty ordinary and generic to me.But how would a 7 dollar speaker sound to replace the original speaker that had such a lustrous reputation for amazing sound? I am very impressed. That familiar warm full-bodied sound is still there with a little more oomph to it that is complimentary to today’s more aggressive TV and movie soundtracks. Not only did buying these replacements save me from throwing away an otherwise good speaker set but having to settle for one of the very few mini-bookshelf speakers being sold today, and a good pair would likely have been in the 300-500 buck range.Whether you’re using them in your vehicle or as a home audio replacement speaker these are a top-notch choice. Note that the seller is very clear that these are sold individually, that’s stated at least 5 times in the ad copy. A seller would have no way of knowing if someone needs 1, 10 or 100 speakers so don’t assume that all speakers are automatically sold in pairs.No, these aren’t the best replacement speakers you can buy but they may be the best value for the price and that’s why I recommend them.Read more

  2. Georgia Boy

    My Logitech computer 4″ subwoofer after 10-years of blasting finally blew it’s wad 🙁 so I bought this little replacement subwoofer for it and I have to tell you the factory sub sucked chrome compared to this little beast! Sounds more like my bedroom high dollar Polk Audio 5-1/4 bookshelf set. P.s.—–> to all the idiots leaving bad reviews about this little sub being sold individually need to learn how to read the English language first before popping off out the mouth. This RedNeck didn’t have a problem understanding that :)Read more

  3. Bajo247

    This speaker sounds great in my Arcade1up cabinet! I did have to slightly bend the one side edge of the screw mounts since the 4″ version sticks over the edge of the controller board just the slightest bit, but even then I love the new sound and bass it provides. You’ll need a good amp (I bought the Kinter amp with included power supply on amazon), otherwise it won’t sound it’s best. The amp let’s you adjust bass and treble for better sound. The 3.5″ version might fit better without any cabinet modification or bending the edge of the speaker mount, but I was afraid the sound wouldn’t be as good as the 4″.Read more

  4. David W. Smith

    These Boss Audio 3.5″ speakers are a perfect fit and a real upgrade for my vintage 1984 vehicle. These pair very nicely with the CT Sounds Bio 5×7 Inch 2 Way Silk Dome Coaxial Car SpeakersCT Sounds Bio 5×7 Inch 2 Way Silk Dome Coaxial Car Speakers (Pair) that went in the backlight deck. I listen to a wide variety of music, from Big Band to classic and modern rock. These have good clarity and nice separation. Occasionally they will blat a little with lower frequencies and would probably benefit from some bass blockers, which I didn’t bother with. I will likely add some in the near future. My stereo is a pioneer, 14 watts right off the head unit, no extra amps or anything. Not sure how these would handle high powered equipment, but they are plenty loud enough for me.Read more

  5. Pharaoh KD

    I used this inexpensive speaker to replace a damaged woofer in a surround sound speaker that I bought back in 1995. I was going to throw two speakers in the garbage because one didn’t work. But, with my $10 replacement woofer found a use for the speakers in my garage. The sound quality it not has good as what I had before since it was a woofer from a home theater system. The materials used in the other woofer were slightly better, and the magnet was much larger and heavier. Nonetheless, for my immediate needs, the cheaper speaker is just right. Since I am using a subwoofer, a center channel speaker, and tiny surround sound speakers, you can’t tell that the woofer in one of my front left and right speakers is different. I am the only one who is aware of this fact since I am the one who replaced the woofer. Unless you have a very demanding application in mind, this $10 solution will probably work for you.Read more

  6. James Shuman

    This does not work in my 2008 Pontiac G8 as the vehicle fit indicator said. The speaker is about half of an inch too small. I can screw this speaker into one of the mounting holes, but not the other.Also, the positive and negative terminals do not work with factory wiring. A speaker with two positive and negative terminals is needed like the factory speaker as well as a wire adapter. That is if you intend on retaining the factory plugs.I gave 3 stars to both the value for money and sound quality as I was unable to test these. The easy of install is a one star because of the lack of information provided by Amazons vehicle fit information and needing to either cut or buy an adapter for this speaker.Read more

  7. David S. Underwood

    I put one of these in a 5 watt Sawtooth Rise amp and let me tell you what , the Rise amp was terrible! When I finally plugged the amp in with new boss speaker I shocked the whole room , Omg! Rock and Roll man! This little amp is a jewel now! The breakup is so pleasing and sweet, everyone loves it and a few are offering cash, I am not selling, but you better get. Rise amp and this speaker, I’m going to buy them all and start building amps!Read more

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