0C112DS75CF559 On degree ss7914b wall mount speaker bracket

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  • facet mount assist for extra stability and will maintain as much as eighty lbs
  • mount to wall with the protected lag screws and toggle bolts
  • covered adapter affords popular healthy from general 1 three/8″ to one half” speaker cabinets
  • offered as pair

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on-level ss7914b

  • weight capacity: 80 lbs.
  • tubing: 20mm x 40mm square
  • period of bracket arm: 15½” (measured from inner of wall bracket to middle of adapter sleeve)
  • all-metal construction
  • black powder coat finish
  • interest all contractors! Best for golf equipment, recording/rehearsal studios, home theaters, schools and pretty tons everywhere else, those wall-hooked up brackets encompass adapter sleeves for popular, 1-three/eight” to 1-1/2″ regularly occurring fit and meeting screws.

    product description

    ideal for sound contractors. Mount this bracket on partitions at night time clubs, recording studios, home multi-media rooms, colleges or pretty much anywhere! With the covered adapter sleeve, this wall mount makes for a general in shape: 1-3/8″ – 1-1/2″. Includes screws for assembly.

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    2.2, pounds

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    19, x, 2, x, 19, inches



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    August, 17, 2008

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    8 reviews for 0C112DS75CF559 On degree ss7914b wall mount speaker bracket

    1. Red, Oklahoma City

      WOW. I got these in two days even during a pandemic.Like other users had stated, these are pretty large. But I was able to drill a new hole and move the speaker closer to the wall very easily. Just remove the nut, drill the new hole, and place the nut and bolt in the new hole. Easy Peezy. You could even chop off the excess if you like since the end cap comes off.Read more

    2. Rodney A. Pruitt

      I actually had a very strange use case for these. I’m an av guy and I had a pair of ev speakers I was using as my entertainment system sound. I had them on tripods but they took up so much room. I bought these mounts expecting to mount them in the wall. Well even though in measured it stuck out further than I wanted to pull my entertainment system. So I realized I can mount them in any direction. I bought some l brackets from home depot that’s used to hold rafters together and some heavy bolts. I mounted to my entertainment system. It works great. I now have an almost self contained system I just need wheels lol. These mounts are very well made, sturdy, and exactly what I needed.Read more

    3. Spike

      I use these for mounting 10″ speakers on the sides of truss towers. I have them attached to two global truss snap clamps on each. The mounting holes are probably M10 size roughly, and the thickness of the tubing is about 3/4″. I ended up having to remove the snap clamp bolts and install longer bolts to get thru the 3/4″ tube depth with enough room for washers and locknuts, but it wasn’t a big dealThese are really well made, solid quality. Also cool that they include spacers in case you have speakers that need a larger diameter tube mount. Only negative is that the spacers have strings to keep the with the brackets, but there is no place to actually tie the strings on the brackets themselves. I fortunately didn’t need the spacers, but if I did, I’d have to make sure to safely store the spacers when transporting, as there is no way they would stay on or with the brackets unless they were all taped or boxed together.Just sort of a weird oversight, they give you tethers, but nothing to tether to…. But they’re super well built and rock solid, so it’s not really a big deal.Read more

    4. Carjud

      Very Strong, easy to mount. My speakers were EV 12inch, I wanted them to hug closer to the wall, so I drilled a new hole about 5″ closer to the wall and reset the speaker mount spindle; just be sure to measure and leave room for your speaker to swivel without hitting the wall as you direct the sound wave toward the listeners.Read more

    5. Dj Toobs

      The product is heavy duty, that’s for sure. But I think they need to put the dimention of speakers size it will fit. I purchased it to hang my jbl prx 710 and it’s just to long. It sticks out from the wall to much and leaves a big gab from from the wall to the speaker. I have tried the 712 and 715 and it still big. These mounts where probably made for the old school style of bulky speakers.Btw, it fits the pole mount good.Read more

    6. Elton Faiquiare

      This support is just perfect to do the job I wanted, I install it in my kitchen to put the microwave on it, its very strong and the quality remains after all this timeRead more


      Cannot recommend these too highly. Unbelievable valuefor an excellent versatile mounting bracket. Definitely not just for smallspeakers, I’ve used these on full size ( 15″ w/ horn ) cabinets weighingwell over 50 lbs.( official rating says 80 lbs. ), and the arm ( about 15.5″from wall bar to center of post ) provided plenty of clearance. Whenmounting heavier speakers, whether bolting to steel posts or mountingin solid wood with large screws, I always drill a third hole for addedsecurity.Read more

    8. Chris

      We have these installed in two of our activity rooms here at my church and they do a great job of cleaning the appearance of our stages. Before hand, they were just on the floor as each of the rooms don’t have very tall ceilings and the speakers can’t be flown. The wall mounts feel very secure and look like they should last (assuming you install them correctly of course 🙂 ).Read more

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