0C112C44RQ7461 Klipsch aw-650 indoor/out of doors speaker – black (pair)

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  • paintable uv-resistant abs enclosure with rustproof aluminum grille
  • excessive sensitivity and electricity coping with
  • ninetyº x 90º tractrix horn tweeter for smooth clean highs
  • provided with c-style mounting bracket and chrome steel hardware
  • 3/eight”-sixteen threaded insert for optional mounts
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about the product

whether you want to enjoy your favorite track by way of the pool, on the patio or for your yard, the aw-650 has what it takes to put you in a kingdom somewhere among utter disbelief and sheer joy.

note: manufacturer guarantee is only legitimate when bought from a klipsch authorized reseller. For full listing, visit the authentic internet site.

  • paintable uv-resistant abs enclosure with rustproof aluminum grille
  • excessive sensitivity and energy coping with
  • ninetyº x 90º tractrix horn tweeter for clean clear highs
  • supplied with c-fashion mounting bracket and chrome steel hardware
  • 3/8″-16 threaded insert for elective mounts
  • upholding the equal incredible standards as our indoor merchandise, the aw series from klipsch delivers a level of performance that’s unmatched in the outdoor speaker marketplace.

    injection molded graphite woofers and titanium dome tweeters offer easy, specified highs with patio-rocking low frequencies.

    horn loaded tweeters and extraordinary-sized woofer magnets permit for great sensitivity, setting out extra sound with less energy.

    durable, uv-resistant enclosure, non-corrosive aluminum grille, smooth draining input cup and heavy gauge zinc c-bracket supply brilliant sound for years.

    be aware: white finish pictured.

    product description

    whether you want to enjoy your favored tune by using the pool, at the patio or on your yard, the aw-650 has what it takes to position you in a state someplace between utter disbelief and sheer pleasure.


    White, black



    5 reviews for 0C112C44RQ7461 Klipsch aw-650 indoor/out of doors speaker – black (pair)

    1. Audio Nut

      A little background…I’m a music fanatic and I have music playing all around my house (we have acreage) as well as inside. I have bought many different outdoor speakers over the years. I have some el-cheapos, I have a set of the old style Bose 151 Environmentals that are not bad for small speakers, I have a set of Polk Atrium 45’s that are excellent small outdoor speakers. I also had a set of Polk Patio speakers for my pool and patio area. They blew last weekend, so I needed some new ones, and I wanted some really great ones. After doing some research, I was torn between these, the larger Polk Atriums, and the Definitives. I think they would all be fine speakers, but I am a Klipsch fan and I liked the look of these, so I placed my order. I received them today and have been playing them for about 4 hours. At first, they sounded a bit hollow. But after about 30 minutes of play time, they started smoothing out. Wow, these sound great. The base response is the best I have heard from outdoor speakers. I have weatherproof subs that I built, but I turned them off to see how these sounded without them, and the bass is pretty impressive. But where these really shine is where all Klipsch speakers shine…the clarity of the mids and highs. They are crystal clear and sounds like guitar and horns project from the horn tweeters far better than you will get from most speakers. They are bright, but not too bright. Some extra brightness is usually needed outside anyway, because it’s a wide open area. And these fill the bill perfectly. On my last speakers, I had to run the treble at +6 and the bass at +3. I have the bass at 0 and the treble at +1 on these, and they sound much better than the Polk Patios did. I can sit all the way on the other side of the pool and hear every little nuance of the music I’m playing. No kidding…this system sounds far better than most indoor systems!I will update after I’ve played these for a month or so, but so far I am loving them. I suspect they will only get better. Can’t wait for the next pool party where I’m sure to impress my guests with the sound.Good listening!Update-They are probably fully broken in now, and they sound better than ever. The clarity of these, they way they bring out the highs and mids is nothing short of breathtaking As mentioned above; I have two outdoor subs I custom built to withstand the weather, and together with these speakers I have an outdoor system that will shame 95% of indoor stereo systems. I’ve had people over a couple of times since installing these, and they are absolutely amazed at the quality of sound in my back yard. Good thing I have some acreage or my neighbors would hate me.As long as these hold up, and I think they will given who makes them; they are premier outdoor speakers. If you want the best, buy these.————————————————————————————————————————-2nd Update-It’s the end of October now and I’m setting out on my deck enjoying the mild weather and listening to my sound system. The accuracy and clarity of these speakers is nothing short of stunning! It’s such a pleasure to be able to sit outdoors and still enjoy audiophile grade sound. These speakers are worth every penny of what I paid for them. I’m enjoying them very much and I still highly recommend them to anyone willing to pay a little more for true quality.————————————————————————————————————————————Update – Six years later, these are playing as beautifully as the day I bought them. Still amazingly well balanced and accurate, and that horn loaded tweeter is still cutting through the great outdoors. Our guests still comment on how great the system sounds. These are not cheap, but they are the best. They sound amazing and they last. You can either buy these once or buy cheaper speakers several times.I just wanted to circle back almost seven years later and proclaim that I still love these speakers! They have been outside for the entire time, even survived my wife pressure washing them (she meant well), and they still sound as amazing as when new. Though the bass response is respectable, I run them with two outdoor subs I built, and the sound quality is spectacular! And being outside, that is a strong statement! Everyone who comes over (we entertain a lot in the back yard) is amazed at the sound quality!No, they aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. Just buy them, and you’ll love them for many years same as I have.Read more

    2. LC

      Ok, I know this Klipsch product is not your Dad’s (or Grand Father’s) audio item, but I still thought for the price it might be better than most. Bought and installed outside on the patio in Oct. 2018. They replaced a set or Polk Audio outdoor speakers that served me well for 12 years. Initially sounded great throughout the short 2018 fall season in the far north Chicago suburbs. They broke in fairly well and demonstrated good lows in a small package. What was really impressive were the mid-highs. All was great. That was until the weather last week and I saw the Sun warming up my backyard heralding that spring had arrived and its time to blare some Joe Walsh to the neighborhood. Well Joe’s back up vocals (Better know as the Eagles) were not sounding so good on the high notes from the left channel. After troubleshooting the amp and wiring connections, it all came down to the tweeter element. Dead as a door nail. I disassembled the unit and pulled the tweeter. Refer to the image. Fairly simple. A plastic cone and cheap component from China. Cant expect too much I guess. I submitted a warranty claim, so let us see what happens. I will update this review based on the response from Klipsh. My expectations are low as I am aware how most companies have sold out their good name for fast and cheap profits, but let see what happens.Read more

    3. Andrew Nelson

      I have a pool and a fire pit area and needed some really decent speakers to go with 3 15″ outdoor subwoofers. I was able to setup and compare side by side the Klipsch 650 / Polk Atrium 6 / Kicker KB6000.The Klipsch and Polk were far far better than the Kicker. I tried the Kicker just because of the high reviews and lower price – and seeing how I need 10 speakers – price matters. But the Kickers just didn’t kick it.The Klipsch compared to the Polks…. I blind tested my friends and the sound was pretty close – dead even to a few of them. But anyone into audio at all would always give the edge to the Klipsch. I ended up buying Klipsch for the speakers close to sitting areas and the Polks for distance over the pools – solely because the price of the Polks were way cheaper. If they were priced the same or within $50 – I would have purchased all 650s.Read more

    4. Getbizzy1968

      Klipsch done it again. I have relied on Klipsch speakers for years in my home and now outside. Researched several outdoor speakers and although there are some great options I decided to go with a speaker that has only gotten better with time. The horns are the true equalizer or should I say the star of the speakers. Crisp, clear and Mid bass is a good surprise. NOTE the more you play/break-in the better they sound. We are at the beginning of winter so I just hope they hold up even though it doesn’t get that cold here in Atlanta it will get into the freezing temperatures at times this speaker says it will withstand. It is under a covered screened-in patio I just had done. I’m pairing this with my Sonos amplifier 225 watts two channels.Read more

    5. brownbear

      For the money the sound quality seemed acceptable, but then after less than a week of use one of the tweeters stopped working. Klipsch apparently doesn’t provide replacement parts for this model, so I pulled out the old driver, and it is rather small cheap and flimsy. I’m going to try retrofitting a more substantial 1-1/8″ tweeter I found on eBay, which I expect will take some stupid gluing tricks given the idiosyncratic mounting system the horn uses. Anyway first and last time buying Klipsch loudspeakers!Read more

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