0C112BWSE73517 Alphasonik 15″ portable rechargeable battery powered 1500w seasoned dj amplified loud speaker with 2 wi-fi microphones echo bluetooth usb sd card aux mp3 fm radio pa gadget led ring karaoke tripod stand

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  • take your song everywhere with alphasonik compact and portable dj speaker system with a built-in rechargeable battery. High capacity battery presents lengthy hours of operation with a unmarried rate. Ideal for indoor/outdoor events/occasions!
  • play music from any bluetooth enabled device. Experience virtual tune for hours via plugging an sd card or usb media pressure and play your mp3s. Aux three. 5mm enter jack also available for analog devices. Play stay song or pay attention to built-in fm radio.
  • two high first-class wi-fi microphones are protected. Built-in twin antennas ensure a solid wireless audio transmission for each microphone. In no way misplace your microphones again with the aid of putting them at the protected holders. Tripod stand also covered!
  • add vocal effects with the integrated echo characteristic. Use the vcm feature to sincerely deliver your messages or bulletins. Vcv reduces the song sound level whilst you speak into the microphone, music sound level rises lower back whilst you forestall the use of the mic.
  • provoke your target audience with the integrated led strobe light that sparkles with the beat of your track. Have the freedom to move the dj speaker anywhere with the integrated retractable manage and smooth rolling wheels. Rf wireless far off protected.

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alphasonik akdj115bat 15″ 1500 watt amplified portable rechargeable battery pro dj alphabass speaker gadget special edition dj speaker stand blanketed! Integrated rechargeable battery – take your song everywhere you cross! Long lasting rechargeable battery – enjoy up to eight hours of playback built-in bluetooth with audio streaming usb / sd card / aux inputs (usb & sd as much as 32gb well suited) integrated fm radio and mp3 player virtual lcd screen with full controls (2) multi-directional excessive excellent wireless microphones protected two (2) microphone holders blanketed vcv (voice manipulate quantity) characteristic – robotically reduces music quantity whilst wi-fi microphone is in use direct karaoke well suited guitar amp – plug any electric guitar and you are equipped to rock! Echo effect control for both wi-fi mics 12v dc input – use any 12v dc external battery to fee your speaker on the cross dual sided air ports design for optimal sound nice alpha q – bass/treble equalizer white led ring on woofer surround with on/off switch integrated retractable take care of with easy rolling wheels (1) composite rca audio input / (1) composite rca audio output (2) banana plug (1/four”) inputs for wired microphones and electric guitars or other system 60oz. Hq graphite y-30 magnet 2″ vc kapton 2-layer copper voice coil excessive compression 1″ titanium motive force with horn tweeter alphatough cupboard – long lasting and rugged material made to be on the road industrial power rugged shielding cabinet grill frequency reaction: 40hz – 18khz sensitivity: 100db impedance: 4-ohm operation voltage: switchable 110 – 240 volts


10” with Rechargeable Battery, 12" with Rechargeable Battery, 15" with Rechargeable Battery, 8” with Rechargeable Battery

3 reviews for 0C112BWSE73517 Alphasonik 15″ portable rechargeable battery powered 1500w seasoned dj amplified loud speaker with 2 wi-fi microphones echo bluetooth usb sd card aux mp3 fm radio pa gadget led ring karaoke tripod stand


    I needed a sub and some speakers to hold me over until I do in wall speakers. This is as good as you will find for the money. The speakers put out an abundance of sound for the size they are. The bigger center channel helps dial in the audio so that you can hear the dialog in movies without blowing your ear drums out during the action scenes.The sub puts out a surprising amount of bass. Though it can get pretty muddy if you have it turned up too high due to the ported design. I have to keep it turned down pretty low to keep things crisp and sounding good.I put the rear speakers on the most popular speaker stands from Amazon. It took a little but to trial and error to get the right combination of parts to used, but works fine for these speakers.Overall, I would recommend this to anyone on a budget and is not an audiophile.I have included some pictures of my setup and the rear of the sub for reference. Feel free to ask any questions. If you found this review helpful please mark it to let me know.Read more

  2. RC

    After choosing to go the easy route with a soundbar for the last few years, I recently decided to go back to a 5.1 setup. I paired this with a new 5.1 Yamaha receiver as well. Let me first say that I was proud of my soundbar. It was awesome. I was an audiophile in my 20s, but life and kids happen, so… I recently purchased some nice Polk bookshelf speakers for my office. This (for better or worse) awoke my hibernating inner-audiophile. Let me just say that this system blew me away. So much so that I’m now half embarrassed of bragging to friends about the sound quality of my, now retired, soundbar, which this setup makes look like a toy. I was hesitant on this purchase based on the relatively low price, but had to take a chance based on high reviews. So, so glad I did.Something else to consider. The sub with this kit is sold separately for $139. I paid $149 for the set, so I basically got all the satellites and center for a whopping $10.And this sub hits hard. Clean. Not muddy. I put on an aggressive sci-fi movie and pushed the volume waaay higher than I’ll ever use and had no distortion from the sub or center/surrounds. I can’t say enough about this system. I haven’t tested direct audio, but will do so soon, and if I remember, I’ll update this review. If I don’t, it probably means I got lost listening to some amazing tunes on my new theater system.UPDATE 5/26/18: Still loving my home theater setup. I said I’d come back to review music quality on this system, so here I am. It sounds great. I usually listen on the multi channel stereo option on my receiver. Don’t make the mistake of using a preset movie EQ setting, and definitely don’t use any ‘music hall’ settings, if your receiver has them. I can say I’ve been listening to more music than watching movies. I’ll just have it on during the day as background music usually streaming from Pandora. Because of the smaller size of the satellite and center drivers and tweeters, and the big sound of this sub, the highs and lows sound amazing, but the mids might be lacking a little to anyone with a trained ear. Otherwise it sounds amazing. The speakers have also mellowed out after breaking them in over the last month. Still really impressed with this system.UPDATE 6/13/18: Yes, another update: I still stand by this kit with all 5 stars, but as I mentioned, my inner audiophile has been awakened. I purchased a Polk T30 center to replace the center that comes with this setup. I’m keeping the original though, as I build another setup for the basement. I love Yamaha, but I do love Polk too. The new center has dual 5.25″ drivers and a 1″ tweeter. It’s way bigger than the Yamaha center and provides much more depth to dialogue in movies/tv, as well as music. Really fills in that mid gap I mentioned previously. Just be sure to re-calibrate your receiver.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    The concept of this speaker is great! It’s compact, has Bluetooth, built in microphones, remote control, and a speaker stand! I thought this was just what I was looking for. I DJ about 50-60 weddings per year. Sometimes the ceremony location and cocktail hour location are far apart from the reception area. Often, I need a speaker and microphone for ceremony. I thought this would be great for ceremonies, because it would essentially require no wires, it’s lightweight, and easy to use.I was pretty excited to use this speaker at my next wedding. So, when it arrived I took it out to test all the features. Here’s what happened.The first thing I unwrapped was the speaker stand. It’s about 3-4 feet tall (1 meter). That is really bad. When the speaker was mounted it was only about 5 feet tall (1.5 meter roughly). When outdoors, the sound will travel better if it is unobstructed. With a 5 foot clearance, almost everything on planet earth will instruct the sound. Hopefully, the power of the speaker will be enough to project…we’ll get to that later.Once I got the speaker mounted I turned it on and it started right up. I used the built in fm receiver to tune into a local radio station and got a very clear signal. Then, I switched on the Bluetooth and streamed music from my iPad and it worked great! There was very little delay and the signal was clean and clear. I wanted to see how loud it was, so I slowly cranked up the volume. All the way up was underwhelming. The sound quality was clear, but there is no projection power in this little unit. I know for a fact you wouldn’t be able to hear this speaker outdoors, on a beach, with 50 or more people in the way. And it certainly would not have enough power to sound a room with 100 or more people who were mingling during a cocktail hour.Being hopeful, I still thought it might be ok to use this speaker for smaller weddings…until I tried the microphones.As soon as you pick up the built in wireless mics, you can tell they are cheaply made and not durable. The next thing you notice is the outdated use of 9v batteries to power the mics instead of double A or lithium rechargeable batteries. The power switches are very flimsy and point to old fashioned wireless microphone tech that you might have found in old Radio Shack brand equipment. The sensitivity of these microphones is horrible. The mics practically have to be on your lips to pick up any sound, which torpedos the idea of ever having an officiant be able to use it. If you hold the mics more than 2 or 3 inches away, the don’t pick up the signal. The only good feature about the microphones is that they have a cool reverb feature that seems to work well.Overall, for professional use, this speaker will never cut it. I would recommend this speaker to teenagers who think they can sing, for karaoke parties of 2 or 3 people.Read more

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