0C1128L62XF829 Osd audio 100w impedance matching in wall entire house quantity control rotary knob white svc100

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  • make sure this suits
  • via getting into your model range.
  • high electricity: the svc100 is rated at a hundred watts in line with channel with minimum bass roll-off. It includes front installed adjustable jumpers to add up to 8 pairs of eight ohm speakers simultaneously.
  • extent control: the controls let you alter the extent of a couple of speakers independently of other audio system in a residence audio gadget. They may be perfect for each softer and higher volume places.
  • impedance protection: this selection of svc100 assists in stabilizing the ohm load going again to the amp or receiver with parallel connections to avoid overheating and unfavourable luxurious system via matching the impedance.
  • knob: wire a 12-step linear rotary-fashion knob for a wide range of listening volumes. Includes junction field and screws in addition to white, ivory and almond trim plates to in shape any room decor.
  • layout: for devoted audio zones, the décor plates set up without problems right into a wall and paintings with almost any gadget. It accepts up to 14 gauge wiring and fits in a standard gang field with a 2. Nine” depth.
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  • how do i order white
  • how do i order white

  • how do i hook up 4 eight ohm audio system?
  • how do i hook up 4 eight ohm audio system?

  • please explain if the slider itself may be ivory, together with the plate or if the slider manipulate is one coloration and the plates changeable?
  • please provide an explanation for if the slider itself can be ivory, along with the plate or if the slider manipulate is one color and the plates changeable?

  • will this match the impedance for 3 audio system?
  • will this healthy the impedance for three audio system?


    60W, 100W, 150W, 300W


    White/Ivory/Almond, Brown, Knob, White, Slider


    Slider, Knob, Screwless Knob, Knob Resistor, Slider Resistor, Screwless Slider

    8 reviews for 0C1128L62XF829 Osd audio 100w impedance matching in wall entire house quantity control rotary knob white svc100

    1. Ron B

      Volume control is awesome. The installation instructions shipped with the unit are not for the controller in the box. The “correction” shown on the shippers website as well as on the Amazon site are also wrong. If you connect as specified, you are crossing +/- wires. In the diagram, the 2 center positions designated with the “down arrow” are the common leads (see PC board below). Typically, this will be the BLACK wire. The 2 plug positions on the outside labeled “IN” and “OUT” are for the RED (+) wires.Read more

    2. dallase

      I would say 14ga is pushing it for max wire size. It says 12ga, but man is it tight in the 2 gang box with this and the push button source switcher. Had to make sure all excess wire was pushed back into the wall.I prefer the OSD Slider versus the OSD knob for volume control.I bought an OSD push button source selector, but I have decided to change to the OEM Systems because the button is larger and there is a graphic on the front showing A vs B source.I have a small 50×2 amplifier to power a couple Polk Audio in wall speakers. This switch supports the 100w total I need for this solution. If you need more wattage to larger speakers, you need to move up to the 300w model. Its much heavier, and you will have even less space in your gang box.Consider cutting off the back of your deep gang box to make the installation easier. It was too late for me.Also you can pull the black and red connectorsout and make your wire connections first, then plug it back in. Thats much easier.Read more

    3. Michael Smith

      Pros:-Fits into a standard single box, just make sure to feed all of the cables through the back opening into the wall (otherwise, you might have difficulty fitting everything in depending on number and size of cables)-The instructions that are included are easy to follow, and no soldering is required when wiring-Includes 3 different colored wall plates and knobs (white, eggshell, and brown)-Knob clicks every notch up and down rather than rotating smoothlyCons:-When I installed this, I had to drill 2 additional holes in the wall for securing the top plate; behind the white plate in the pictures is another stainless steel metal plate that matches the screws on the gang box-Dramatic decrease in the volume of the signal sent to the speakers it’s wired toRead more

    4. John C.

      To be clear: this is not an amp. Realistically, this only reduces the volume – it’s not powered and will not increase the volume. Be sure you have a robust amp driving the signal to this unit and you will be fine.Installation: Has a little “pod” for IN and one for OUT with screws for a nice solid attachment to the speaker wire – but, as another reviewer noted, these pods do not reattach to the unit very well. I took that reviewer’s advice and didn’t detach the pods from the unit but had one go loose and wonky on me anyway, so I secured with some electrical tape. Definitely test before final mounting.Also you will need a deeper than normal box but remember this is only speaker wire – even by code, doesn’t have to go in a box.Read more

    5. J. Kowalik

      I don’t usually write reviews, but….. this product is great. In the box is everything that is needed. Want a cream face plate? it is in there, white? you got it. along with one other color, taupe maybe. all the face plate screws are there along with mounting screws. I replaced my old control quickly without the normal cussing that happens on projects. Can’t recommend this control enough. I will be ordering two more to replace problematic controls in the house.Read more

    6. Dave Young

      Well made, but one flaw: once you unplug the wire terminals from the main chassis to connect the speaker wires, they don’t re-attach securely. In my case, there was a little tension on the wires due to where they entered the junction box, and that tension caused the wire terminal to become loose and lose connection when I screwed the chassis into the box. I had to remove the unit from the junction box and re-secure the terminal to the chassis 3 or 4 times before I could successfully tighten everything down and replace the face plate without losing the connection.I would recommend that you attach the wires to the terminals without removing them if at all possible.Otherwise, it appears to be very well made and operates smoothly. I would purchase again.Read more

    7. Charles Ridgeway

      There’s a lot to like in this volume control. I love the design, and for the most part I like the implementation. I love the fact that they designed in removable terminal blocks (4-pin ea.) for input and output. This makes wiring this control much easier than a lot of others I’ve used which have fixed terminal connection. The terminals are also nicely silkscreened.The one thing that keeps this product from getting that fifth star, however – is that the retention force of those removable connectors is not that great. I would guess that these are Chinese terminal blocks, as the retentive force of most German terminal blocks are much better. Of course, German brand terminal blocks (ie Phoenix, Wago) cost a lot more as well.So my suggestion would be wait to tuck this unit into its gang box until you know that the total system is operating perfectly – and you can play music while buttoning up.In my case, I had a left speaker that was not working. After tracing the entire system, I finally checked the volume control and sure enough, one of the terminal blocks was loose.That being said, I would absolutely recommend this volume control. Just watch out for that one gotcha, and you’ll end up being very happy.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      It’s a bit bulky. The large size of the unit makes it a bit difficult to mount, so make sure you have enough room behind your drywall for this to fit. The only other issue I have is that when running the knob at 75% or higher, I can feel it pulsate as the signal passes through before going to the speakers. I know this is rated at 300w (150w x 2), but I was surprised at how I could feel the analog pulses as the audio signal was passing through. It’s kinda cool, but I’m hoping there is nothing wrong.Other than that, I think it’s a pretty solid product and I would buy again.Read more

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