0C11281IDPP485 Definitive technology aw6500 out of doors speaker – 6. 5-inch woofer two hundred high overall performance constructed for excessive weather unmarried, white

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  • capabilities the identical top notch additives utilized in definitive’s indoor audio system. Get fuller sound and deeper bass with this high performance speaker
  • seems high-quality, sounds even higher – the aw collection is geared up with dt’s balanced double surround gadget (bdss) drivers. This speaker has a 6. Five” mid/woofer, a 1″ tweeter & a five” x 10″ oval strain-pushed low bass radiator for greater correct sound duplicate
  • rock your patio, outside, or pool – no greater common sounding track. You may pay attention clear, excessive-definition sound across your open areas. With powerful bass, low distortion and large dispersion, do not be afraid to pump up the quantity!
  • all-weather safety – the completely sealed polystone outdoors makes this speaker hard & durable so it may resist the harshest weather situations. It’s miles moisture resistant and put on resistant, making it an fantastic preference for outside use
  • versatile mounting & placement – the galvanized metallic mounting brackets (included) come up with 360-diploma rotational flexibility for horizontal or vertical mounting. With limitless mounting & placement options, you may set up this speaker just about everywhere
  • a class aside – 25 years of consistent innovation, relentless engineering, modern day audio era, and iconic wise designs have made definitive one of the most depended on names in audio speakers and top class domestic leisure structures
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from the manufacturer

definitive era aw6500 outside speaker

  • bringing extraordinary audio fine outside has constantly been complicated. The definitive technology aw 6500 places fear about sound quality and speaker resilience to relaxation with completely sealed speakers that perform wonderfully rain or shine.
  • racetrack-fashioned planar stress-coupled low bass radiators deliver rich, warm audio. Their overall bass radiating place is greater than lots bigger woofers and brings greater bass presence to every measure.
  • energetic drivers, together with the low bass radiator, double the bass output however nonetheless preserve a climate-tight seal. This allows for the final in placement flexibility, reliability and overall performance.
  • incorporated galvanized metal mounting brackets and precise enclosure form allow a full 360 ranges of rotation. Now you may put your speakers just about anywhere even as directing the audio to reach anywhere.
  • the aw 6500 comes in black or paintable white. Each make a statement with any out of doors décor.
  • functions

  • fully sealed layout offers indoor speaker sound for the splendid exterior
  • active driver stress-coupled to racetrack planar low bass radiator for rich low cease
  • rugged polystone enclosures make sure a extraordinary performance even within the factors
  • galvanized metallic mounting brackets provide 360-degree placement flexibility
  • color_name

    Black, White

    4 reviews for 0C11281IDPP485 Definitive technology aw6500 out of doors speaker – 6. 5-inch woofer two hundred high overall performance constructed for excessive weather unmarried, white

    1. Juan

      Definitive AW6500 is the best outdoor speaker that you will found. Well balancead, very very good bass, beautiful mids and highs. A lot of volume without distortion. Probably you dont have to buy a sub.I owned also a Klipsh AW650 and Polk Audio Atrium 6. All of them are very good outdoor speakers, but DT is better, follow by Klipsh that have a lot of volume, very good bass, mids and highs, but DT have a better balanced sound. The Atrium 6 have a good sound, It has a good volume but not reach the levels of DT and Klipsh.At the end, I prefer DT, Klipsh and Polk, in that order.I had to buy the three to realize that was better and now you can take advantage of that without investing, I hope they serve.Read more

    2. wootaholic

      The speakers perform great, look great, no problems there, but the enclosure must have failed because i noticed one of the five has the mid range out, this is about 2 years in service, not sure how long it has been out. Water was seeping out of the cabinet, so that must have been the problem. Will contact customer support and report back as they are 5 year warranty so should be good.Update: Downgrading to a 2 star. The manufacturer does not consider all sellers on Amazon an authorized reseller, so they won’t honor the warranty. This is pretty sketchy, since there is a link on to a generic manufacturer’s warranty in the listing. buyer beware!Last update: only “” is an authorized reseller based on DT customer support. all others will not have warranty. You would think this would be clearly defined. even now, the listings mention “Manufacturer’s Warranty” and nothing of Authorized Reseller on any seller. Downgrading to 1 star because outdoor speakers shouldn’t fail due to water getting in them and the worlds largest online retailer should clearly state what warranty the product has.Read more

    3. The Tommasini Family

      It’s is unfair to compare these against other outdoor speakers that only have mids and highs. There is just no comparing the sound quality and increased robustness at the low end.I’m pushing a pair of these in stereo with a Yamaha RXV-685 (wifi with remote app), which can only do ~90w/channel. But even at 50% volume setting, these things are rocking the neighborhood. They sound very good at low volume, but (when the wife isn’t home) cranking them up seems to awaken their true potential. Much better than my old solution of bringing out my little Bluetooth speaker. I listen to a wide variety of music, and it all sounds good (EDM, Country, Rock, R&B, Classical/Soundtracks, Latin, Reggae, etc.).I did purchase these as a warehouse deal, which I felt was a little edgy. Bit happy to say both units came in pristine condition, and looked like the box had been opened and shut without taking them out of the box (maybe they ordered the wrong color?) And the discount was nice too.I installed them horizontally, with the radiators facing up towards the soffit. It seems to reflect the sound evenly, and distribute across the yard nicely.Only negative thing I can say is that the mounting bracket attaches directly to the wall with mounting hardware (2x TapCons each in my case). At elevated bass levels, there is a slight rattle/vibration. I discovered this to be due to the bracket vibrating against the wall at the bottom side of the bracket (no matter how tight the mounting screws are). A foam pad may help solve this problem, but requires me to uninstall to apply a pad, then reinstall with new anchors. Also, this may be due to installing horizontally vs. vertically – but I’m not reorienting them. Next time I’ll install with a pad.Overall, very happy with these. They are on every time I’m in the backyard (basically every day) for hours at a time, and blend in nicely.Updated: 1 year in. I have these mounted outside on an exposed patio (no roof cover), and I’m in Florida. I would classify this as an abusive environment. Happy to report they still perform wonderfully.Read more

    4. Mick01

      I bought these after looking around on Crutchfield to see what was available to replace my 17 year old Bose 251 speakers. While the 251’s are still in great condition and sound good they aren’t even close to these 6500’s for great, loud, bass filled sound. The bass was something I always wished the Bose speakers had much more of and these were definitely the answer. I saved 90 dollars buying them on Amazon and paid less for them than I did for the Bose speakers 17 years ago. I have a big backyard and I can’t imagine anyone not loving these speakers if you love great full sound so if you are looking for awesome outdoor speakers at a great price these should be on your short list. I would even say they are a must have as everyone in my family was amazed in the difference in sound and volume between these and the Bose.Update: After about two months one of the speakers sounded like the voice coil blew as it makes a rattling sound at times and breaks up at certain frequencies. I don’t think these speakers have the lifespan of my Bose speakers these replaced, pretty disappointed.Update: I have had to replace the same speaker twice because of a blown voice coil. One tech told me it was because my amp wasn’t pushing enough power but at 90 watts per channel I doubt that’s the problem. I contacted customer support and they are supposed to be sending me the replacement to fix it myself again, good thing they have a 5 year warranty. They give you the option the fix it yourself or send it to them but it’s a straightforward repair that most people could easily do. They do sound great and I do push them pretty hard.Read more

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