0C111W63DQ1492 Wall mount quantity control knob – flush in-wall plate rotary style adjustment, 20-20khz freq. Response accomplice for hello-fi 4-pair speaker selector w/ audio & video compatibility, white – pyle %

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  • rotary knob adjustment: a multi-function mild-contact rotary knob style adjustment for entire residence audio source volume systems. You can manipulate speaker quantity independently inside diverse areas of your private home, workplace or commercial enterprise packages
  • 4-pair speaker selector: upload as much as 4 pair of speakers all through your property and control them all from this wall plate quantity control. It keeps the entire hi-fi audio frequency response and not using a low frequency roll-off
  • 20hz – 20khz frequency reaction: pyle wall mount volume manage your speakers to supply a wealthy nice sound in the identical room as your audio system. This in-wall quantity manage is designed for huge frequency reaction range reproducing high-fidelity sound
  • in-wall/wall plate: this complete-residence quantity control is a universal widespread ornamental flush in-wall or wall mount installation completing plate for speaker and stereo machine manipulate. It includes mounting ring and other set up wire nuts
  • 100w energy handling: pyle flush in-wall volume manage works with all audio and video systems up to 100w strength. A convenient audio supply quantity putting that allows you to manipulate speaker extent independently in every audio quarter
  • connector type: usb
  • included components: 1 pyle-domestic branded product

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  • strength handling: one hundred watt channel load max
  • familiar wellknown wall plate size, unmarried 1-gang electric container
  • speaker connection: electric pigtail wires
  • set up intensity 2. Five” -inches
  • suitable accomplice for speaker selector structures
  • best for domestic theater, office or enterprise applications
  • wall mount extent manage knob

    the pyle volume manipulate wall plate offers handy audio manipulate. Universal in-wall / wall mount design is ideal for custom domestic theater, workplace or business sound system packages. Benefit easy and problem-free get admission to to extent adjustment that installs with a flush, expert smooth appearance. The rotary control knob gives clean volume adjustment the use of multi-position, light-contact changes. Widespread electrical cord speaker connectors work with a wide variety of speaker structures.

  • home theater audio gadget manage
  • in-wall / wall mount set up
  • flush mount wall plate fashion
  • hello-fi impedance matching design
  • convenient audio source extent setting
  • functions

    a multi-role light-contact rotary knob fashion adjustment for whole residence audio supply extent structures. You could manage speaker volume independently inside various regions of your house, workplace or commercial enterprise programs

    pyle wall mount quantity control your audio system to deliver a wealthy best sound within the equal room as your speakers. This in-wall volume manage is designed for huge frequency reaction range reproducing high-fidelity sound

    the wall plate rotary extent manage has a (l x w x d): 58. Eight x four x three. 2 inches


    upload up to 4 pair of audio system all through your home and control all of them from this wall plate extent manage. It continues the whole hello-fi audio frequency response without a low frequency roll-off

    this complete-residence volume manage is a widely wide-spread preferred ornamental flush in-wall or wall mount set up completing plate for speaker and stereo device manage. It includes mounting ring and other installation cord nuts

    this wall plate rotary quantity control allows you to play audio to as much as four different stereo speaker units. Safety circuitry keeps it walking smoothly.


    product description

    wall mount rotary quantity manipulate

    in-wall / wall plate rotary volume manipulate – wall mount audio speaker manipulate (preferred unmarried gang)

  • domestic theater audio gadget control
  • in-wall / wall mount set up
  • flush mount wall plate fashion
  • hello-fi impedance matching design
  • convenient audio supply quantity placing
  • usual electrical pigtail twine speaker connectors
  • multi-position light-touch rotary knob adjustment
  • appropriate companion for speaker selector systems
  • best for home theater, workplace or enterprise packages
  • extent manipulate wall plate
  • ornamental completing frame
  • mounting ring / set up twine nuts
  • energy dealing with: one hundred watt channel load max
  • ordinary trendy wall plate size, single 1-gang electrical container
  • speaker connection: electric pigtail wires
  • installation intensity 2. 5” -inches
  • the pyle quantity control wall plate presents convenient audio manage. Frequent in-wall / wall mount layout is best for custom home theater, office or enterprise sound machine programs. Advantage easy and hassle-loose get admission to to quantity adjustment that installs with a flush, professional clean appearance. The rotary manage knob affords clean extent adjustment using multi-role, mild-contact modifications. Widely wide-spread electrical pigtail cord speaker connectors work with a huge form of speaker systems and is a suitable associate for multi-speaker selectors. Popular single-gang electric box fashion guarantees set up compatibility — package consists of extent wall plate, ornamental finishing frame and mounting hardware. Add handy audio manipulate with the pyle in-wall / wall plate rotary volume control machine.

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    58.8, x, 4, x, 3.2, inches

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    15, ounces


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    September, 14, 2004

    8 reviews for 0C111W63DQ1492 Wall mount quantity control knob – flush in-wall plate rotary style adjustment, 20-20khz freq. Response accomplice for hello-fi 4-pair speaker selector w/ audio & video compatibility, white – pyle %

    1. Joehardhat

      Works okay. It was quite deep so I had to knock out the wire inlet covers in the back of the junction box in order for it to slide back far enough to be flush with the face. Also the attachment of the wire leads are soldered on the circuit board right where thickened potion of the plastic junction box is for the screw sockets are so the wires are kind of get smashed. All of that is okay but the really frustrating part is I put this into a two gang junction box and a standard wall plate wouldn’t fit over the control face. When I compared the single gang wall plate that came with it to a couple of different standard wall plates I discovered that their opening is slightly bigger in width and height. I ended up having to use a very sharp chisel to shave off two edges of the control face to get it to fit a standard wall plate opening. Not an issue if you’re able to use their single gang wall plate.Read more

    2. Curley13

      I was hesitant on buying this as some reviewers did not have the best luck with them. I have a couple of these now and have not experienced the issues others have had other than the special style of gang box it does require (old school cut out). Yes it does not feel like a quality made product but it works great! The construction of the device does not feel quality made as compared to other volume control devices (like OSD Audio). But looking past that it is very easy to install and it WORKS! The volume dial works well also giving a little click each time you increase the volume, it also allows you to turn off the speaker from the control unit. The wiring was really easy to install, I used 14 gauge speaker wire and hooked them up to a 150w speaker. This device can handle multiple speakers. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a cheap alternative to controlling the volume of speakers on your audio system.Good: Easy Install, Dial KnobOkay: Quality of ConstructionBad: N/ARead more

    3. J. Bowman

      I bought this and tried using 3 different boxes for it to fit. A data box,a residential remodel box and a metal commercial remodel box. With all three it did not fit height wise. The width would have been fine. I was forced to buy another one from home depot for $24.00. I would not buy this if you are planning on using on remodel electrical box or data. You would need to use this just cutting a hole in the drywall and using drywall anchors.Read more

    4. E. Pope

      It does not fit into a normal US single gang outlet box. Not only is the depth too much but the height is too high also. One can fix the depth part by cutting out the back of the outlet box, most volume controls require a deeper box, but one cannot cut out the TOP or BOTTOM of the box to make it fit.Read more

    5. Chase

      Unit worked perfectly for my needs of setting up outdoor speakers that can be indepently controlled from interior speakers. I have cables running from my Sony receiver that pass through the controller to 2 outdoor speakers.Audio pass through is good with no distortion, and turning the volume all the way down turns the speakers off.I installed into the exterior wall, without the use of a gang box. If you do want to install into a gang box take the unit with you to test fit as it will not fit into a standard depth box.Read more

    6. Kindle Customer

      Mine melted down! Like others say, they don’t fit in a box very well at all! I installed mine, worked great, then the next day, I was rocking out in my shop and the stereo quit. after investigation and clearing the smoke, it turned out to be the volume control that I had added. I have speakers in my office that are controlled by the volume control so they aren’t crazy loud when the shop speakers are cranking. My amp pushes 80 watts RMS. And was at about 50% when this melted down. Would not buy again. (probably fine for light duty amp and less difference in volume between spaces)Read more

    7. Jeff and Angie

      I bought a total of 6 for a new home we built. 5 of the 6 worked great. One cuts in and out. Rewired it twice to ensure it wasn’t a wiring issue. Nope unit is bad. It’s past the return date as we bought them in advance. I did install low voltage boxes, so no issue with fit. We do enjoy the ability to control each rooms volume without having to go to our receiver. Overall not a bad product but as some others reviews have stated, you take a chance on getting ones that don’t work.Read more

    8. Joyce

      This totally fixed our intermittent volume issues! Wish I would’ve know about this easy quick fix a few years ago and saved myself many moments of anguish! And it looks better than the older ones I had, they had started to turn yellow. Very happy with this purchase.Read more

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