0C111W52YJJ327 Definitive generation promonitor one thousand – 2-way satellite or bookshelf speaker for domestic theater gadget massive speaker (unmarried, black)

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  • 11” tall one of the best-speaker – functions a proprietary 5-1/four” bdss motive force coupled to a five-1/4″ stress-driven planar low-frequency radiator, & a 1″ pure aluminum dome tweeter for exact audio, brilliant sound nice & deep powerful bass
  • precise layout for higher performance – the perpendicular woofer & bass radiator, with an elliptical cabinet displays definitive era’s exemplary design engineering, capable of filling any room with 3-dimensional surround sound
  • versatile usage – use as standalone audio system in a 2. Zero channel machine, or in a 2. 1 channel system with a powered subwoofer, or as satellite tv for pc surround audio system in your current home theater setup
  • create a full procinema a thousand gadget for a interesting & immersive cinematic revel in – with a procenter a thousand center channel, a prosub a thousand subwoofer and 4-8 promonitor 800 audio system, you can construct an unbeatable domestic theater to your living room or bedroom
  • a couple of placement options – the covered pedestal foot facilitates you effectively place the speaker on a shelf or a prostand (offered one by one). For wall/ceiling mounting, use the rear-panel keyhole slot or a 1/four”-20 threaded insert at the lower back of the speaker
  • longstanding satisfactory-sellers – the promonitors were around for quite some time and are simply as popular. These precision sound loudspeakers from definitive technology are the excellent sounding speakers to add to your house and will stand the check of time
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product description

product description

remarkably sophisticated with the sound fine of a lot bigger audio system, the promonitor 1000 consists of among the best definitive generation features for super domestic theater reports. The speaker capabilities bdss motive force coupled with a stress-pushed low-frequency radiator, a natural aluminum dome tweeter and a non-resonant polystone speaker cabinet that collectively produce rich, warm sensible audio with smooth high-frequency reproduction. Small enough to hide yet appealing sufficient to reveal off, the audio system may be positioned on a shelf, on a stand or mounted on a wall. The high-quality satellite tv for pc speaker in the acclaimed pro series, promonitor a thousand audio system pair with a procenter 2000 and matching prosub for a complete procinema sound device.

from the producer

the promonitor a thousand is definitive’s biggest and excellent satellite speaker within the acclaimed pro series. Four promonitor hundreds of thousands at the side of a procenter 2000 and prosub one thousand makes a whole procinema one thousand device. All the additives of the machine are packed and sold separately allowing you to mix and suit pro series components to build the device that first-class suits your desires.

do not permit the promonitor 1000’s small length and inexpensive charge fool you — it is a remarkably sophisticated product with huge sound. The 1000 carries most of the identical technology as definitive’s top-of-the-line models including bdss drivers, natural aluminum dome tweeters, and planar pressure coupled mid/bass radiators for domestic theater sound best to be able to surprise your pals and circle of relatives after they hear your machine for the primary time.

competing satellite speakers of this length commonly have vulnerable lower-midrange reaction; that a part of the audio variety that consists of the “warmth” and “frame” of voices and musical contraptions. Concentrate to a male vocal on ordinary small satellite tv for pc speakers and you’ll immediately hear the weakness inside the decrease midrange. The promonitor satellites keep away from this essential problem by strain-coupling different bdss technology motive force to an equal-sized mid/bass radiator cleverly positioned at the pinnacle of the satellite. This method doubles the lower-midrange radiating location of the speaker without increasing the size of the enclosure. You’ll enjoy the kind of rich, warm and existence-like sound pleasant which you notion became handiest possible with massive, difficult to area audio system.

small enough to disappear in a room however lovely when in simple view, the 1000 satellites may be shelf-hooked up with their precise tri-lobed base, wall-mounted the usage of the integrated keyhole mount, or established using optional promount 90 articulating pivot wall mounts (offered one at a time).

sonically, the promonitor a thousand satellite tv for pc is a revelation in phrases of accomplishing high-quality sound at an inexpensive charge. Their imaging is truly boxless, spacious and three dimensional at the same time as handing over pinpoint specificity and localization whilst referred to as for. They may be velvety easy with you-are-there presence that’s hard to find at any rate and exceptional in this charge range. The a thousand is dynamic however able to great subtlety so it excels similarly with song or films.

  • dimensions: 6. 25 through 10. 88 through 6. 5 inches (w x h x d)
  • frequency reaction: forty seven hz to 30 khz
  • encouraged amplification: 10 to 2 hundred watts
  • efficiency: ninety db
  • driver complement: 1 x 5. 25″ bass/midrange driving force; 1 x five. 25″ planar low-frequency radiator; 1 x 1″ aluminum dome tweeter
  • magnetic defensive: sure
  • finish: gloss black
  • color_name

    Black, White



    4 reviews for 0C111W52YJJ327 Definitive generation promonitor one thousand – 2-way satellite or bookshelf speaker for domestic theater gadget massive speaker (unmarried, black)

    1. Alexander Reynolds

      This is what I used for my front left and right speakers for the last few years. The rear speakers finally went. I bought more of these cause I’ve loved them. I originally got these because my wife doesn’t want a big, ugly subwoofer in the room. I don’t blame her. They sound great but they are a bit of an eye soar. Any how, these smaller shelf speakers have special tech built into the to improve bass output, and it really works. It doesn’t hit as hard in stereo because it only uses two of the speakers, thought it is still pretty good. When using surround sound and a full set of these speakers, it will shake the house. With surround sound I don’t miss having a subwoofer at all. With stereo I’m pretty happy.Any how, I love the speakers a lot. That’s why I’m buying them again.Read more

    2. A.M.

      So I recently decided that I would upgrade my home theater system and replace all of my equipment with more high end equipment. The system I had included a Yamaha RX-V667 7.2 channel receiver and a set of the Bose Acoustimass 10 speakers. Both of these served my needs very well for a few years, but I decided to sell this equipment, make over my TV room into a media room and replace all of the equipment with new equipment. For what is it worth, my new system is now a 7.1 system and with my budget, it comprises the following: Receiver – Denon AVR-X4000; Center Channel Speaker – Definitive Technology Procenter 2000; Front L/R speakers – Definitive Technology Promonitor 1000; Front Heights L/R – Definitive Technology Promonitor 1000; Surround L/R – Definitive Technology SR-8040BP (Bipolar Speakers); Subwoofer – Definitive Technology Supercube 2000. My room is approximately 13′ x 13′ with 9 ‘ high ceilings.This review of the Promonitor 1000 will also consider some comparison to the Bose AM 10 system (which really is no comparison really).Packaging and general – the speaker is well packaged with adequate support and stuffing. Included in the box is the users manual and a small black insert. The speaker comes with a pre-installed stand screwed onto the bottom. This stand is necessary if you are choosing to use the speaker as a stand or shelf mount. In my case, I was wall mounting the speaker so the stand was removed and the small black insert was used to cover the threaded connection at the bottom of the speaker. The speaker construction is very high quality and very sturdy and the speaker is quite heavy (7 lbs) for a bookshelf speaker. There is a binding post at the back of the speaker which accepts banana plugs (I use banana plugs). My only complaint is that I do not like the high gloss piano black finish since this shows up fingerprints, smudges and dust. That just semantics though but hardly anything major to warrant a deduction of stars. One thing to note is that one of these speakers is about 2-3 times the size of the speakers included in the Bose AM 10 system.Sound reproduction – According to the deftech’s published specification, this speaker has a sensitivity of 91 db. Bose does not publish its speaker sensitivity, but I did come across an article on the internet where some independent tester performed a sensitivity test on the Bose AM 10 speakers and came up with a sensitivity of 85-86 db. Sensitivity is a measure of a speaker’s loudness at 1m if driven with 1W of power. After connecting up theses speakers to the receiver, I did not perform an audyssey calibration since I was eager to hear the sound from my new system. All I did was to just set the speakers to “small’ setting, set some rough distances and then set the levels at the highest for all the speakers. Threw on Transformers 2 and 3 and BAM!!!!!!!!….. Amazing sound. These speakers are really crisp and the sound quality is phenomenal. In conjunction with the Procenter 2000, the SR-8040BP and the Supercube 2000, the system sounded great. The Bose speakers never sounded anything like these and I was actually hearing sounds in the soundtrack in a level of purity and quality that the Bose never replicated.I have since performed an audyssey calibration and then adjusted some of the speaker levels to tailor to my preference. Now I can truly hear the potential of these speakers. The level of sound reproduction is so much better than the Bose. Even my wife who enjoys watching movies with me has remarked that the new system and these speakers sound so much better than the Bose AM 10. I mean, do not get me wrong, the Bose sounded ok but, for the quality of sound you get from those speakers, they should be priced less. The deftech speakers fill the room and the house with sound and they are not even cranked to a high volume level from the receiver (between -45 db to -29 db). In comparison, the old Bose speakers were usually played at -33 to -29 db and the results were no way near as astounding.In summary, the Promonitior 1000 are exceptional speakers for a small room and possibly for medium sized room. I plan to add an amplifier later on and by that time, I am sure these speakers would have broken in (as per manufacturer’s recommendation) to achieve sonic purity and bliss. I definitely recommend these speakers and have no problems in giving them 5 star!!!!————– EDIT UPDATED 29-Dec-2014 ————–So I tweaked the speaker setup for the room and adjusted the parametric equalizers for each pair of speaker in the room a few weeks ago. The sound quality was more to my liking. I actually used Transformers 2 for my tweaking because I think that movie has top notch sound effects and special effects that really bring out the most in speakers. While tweaking, the sound was ‘optimized’ at a volume level of -32dB on my Denon AVRX4000 receiver. Since then these speakers have been used for movie and radio listening quite extensively.For the last couple of nights I was watching various movies(Hangover 3, Pacific Rim, Lord of the Rings, Transformers 3) and I found that the sound was quite loud at volume levels between -40 db to -36 db. It was then it occurred to me that the speakers have broken in and were really blossoming just as the manufacturer recommended.I just wanted to provide this update so potential buyers would know that this speaker break in is real and the sound quality does dramatically change after about 20-40 hours of speaker use. The sound from these speakers is even more impressive that I originally reviewed. I maintain my 5 star rating and would rate them 6 stars if I could.Don’t hesitate – buy these speakers. Really amazing value for money!!!!Read more

    3. AC BC DC

      Setting up a quasi home theatre and needed surround and presence speakers. The front 2 are the Klipsch Reference 82 II, and the center a RC62 II. The sub is a SVS PB12 Plus. The space is the shorter portion of an L shaped basement measuring 17’x25. The rear surrounds are in the ceiling Polk RC60i.Decided to try out DFs and got the PM800. Was looking for something unobtrusive and I have to say that at this price point (~$330) they looked and felt great but sounded small. But the frequencies they could handle sounded good. I thought why not try the PM1000 as well. Use the PM800 as the presence speakers. So, I was looking forward to using the DT PM1000.The DFPM1000s did not impress. Touting them as ‘On Par with Any Large Speaker’ is just asking for comparisons where the speakers are bound to fail. First, I tried these in my living room, where I placed them on top of my Polk AM60 Series II speakers. These I have had for nearly 10 years and they were $199 a pair then. Instantly the sound profile was different. You could tell that the speakers being used were small. My living room setup has a sub-woofer so the speakers sounded pretty good – even if they were small. I considered the possibility of replacing the AM60 with these speakers – purely for aesthetics.Next, I moved the speakers to the quasi home theatre. I had already installed the PM800s as the presence speakers where they more or less disappear (you can see the logo glint in one of the pics). I’ve been testing the sound setup using a AudioSource AMP-100 that I’ve had since 2013 and bought for ~$85. An Alex echo dot (2nd generation) was the input source. Been playing some thing or the other at varying volumes to break in the speakers. For the surround I had placed a pair of Yamaha speakers from a home-theatre-in-a-box set I’ve had for over 15 years. These were the main front speakers (NS-AP6500F) with 6.5inch woofers and 3/4inch tweeter. I purchased that entire home theatre set (including a yammy receiver and sub) for under $500. I placed the PM1000 on top of the yammy speakers (see picture). For some reason the speakers just did not sound good. The PM800s sounded marginally better because they are placed close to the ceiling in corners where I suppose the bass is emphasized. But the PM1000s, without that placement advantaged sounded small and unimpressive. Had not realized how much the subwoofer in the living room was helping these sound better. I let them play all of last night and into this afternoon, mostly at low volumes and occasionally a bit higher but below 60%. Then about an hour before writing this review, I turned up the volume a bit – thinking that the speakers might sound better at higher volumes. But to my disappointment – one of the speakers started to distort. I turned down the volume immediately. The distortion seemed to be coming from the passive diaphragm or maybe the diaphragm and the woofer. This is paired to a 50watts/channel amp.Either way, I realized that no amount of breaking in would prepare these speakers to be paired with the Klipsch 82 IIs. DT claims the design provides large sound in a compact form. The speaker (and the PM800) looks gorgeous! But, I’m not sold on the small form large sound idea – definitely not in this iteration. The speakers will sound great paired with a decent sub – good for a medium to small home theatre or to greatly improve the sound of your average TV or computer. But this was not the speaker for me. Returning it sad that I could not make it work in my setup.Just ordered the Klipsch RP-600M. They are MUCH larger than these – so I won’t compare them. But I will review them separately. They are not vastly different in price.***** I did compare them to the RP-600Ms. Pictures attached. It is an unfair comparison – but it backs-up my assertion that the PM1000s cant compare to larger speakers. The RP-600Ms are bookshelf speakers – probably the largest they can be and still be considered bookshelf speakers. The PM1000s don’t come close to sounding as AMAZING these speakers do and I have not even had time to break in the RP-600Ms. But the difference in sound was immediately apparent. The RP-6000Ms move air effortlessly. To me the PM1000s seem gimmicky in comparison.Returning the PM1000s and keeping the RP-600Ms. Now to figure out how to place them. ******Read more

    4. New Yorker

      Incredibly dynamic and capable speakers for the size. You could even do without a subwoofer if you didn’t really care about the super-low-end bass and shaking the walls, but the experience will be even better with a basic subwoofer. Slick piano black finish, unique curved design which was wife-approved. Next to a 55″+ TV these look small and beautiful.I replaced a pair of high quality ultra-compact speakers which had 3.25″ drivers, with these which have 5.25″ drivers plus bass radiators. I was missing detail and power in the low-end range and now I have it. You should consider setting your receiver to send the full range of sound into these, not just the range above the subwoofer crossover.The break-in time is legit so don’t fully judge them until a month of usage and after that you should re-run your receiver’s optimizer program to bring out the best in them. After the break in period they sound more balanced across the full range compared to when I first took them out of the box. I am thrilled with my purchase.Read more

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