0C111UE7RML643 Definitive generation promonitor 800 – 2-way satellite tv for pc or bookshelf speaker for domestic theater speaker gadget easy mounting (single, black)

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  • small speaker, big sound – at a little over 8” tall, promonitor 800 features a proprietary 4-half of” bdss motive force coupled to a 4-half” strain-driven planar low-frequency radiator, & a 1″ natural aluminum dome tweeter for special audio & deep powerful bass
  • specific layout for better overall performance – the perpendicular woofer & bass radiator, with an elliptical cabinet displays definitive technology’s exemplary layout engineering, capable of filling any room with 3-dimensional surround sound
  • flexible usage – use as standalone audio system in a 2. Zero channel device, or in a 2. 1 channel machine with a powered subwoofer, or as satellite surround audio system for your current home theater setup
  • create a complete procinema sound machine for a exciting & immersive cinematic revel in – with a procenter 2000 middle channel, a prosub subwoofer and four-8 promonitor 800 audio system, you could construct an unbeatable home theater to your living room or bedroom
  • multiple placement alternatives – the included pedestal foot helps you properly vicinity the speaker on a shelf or a prostand (sold one at a time). For wall/ceiling mounting, use the rear-panel keyhole slot or a 1/4″-20 threaded insert on the lower back of the speaker
  • longstanding fine-dealers – the promonitors were around for quite a while and are just as popular. These precision sound loudspeakers from definitive era are the great sounding speakers to add to your house and will stand the take a look at of time
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from the producer

proprietary bdss drivers pressure-coupled to cleverly-located mid/bass radiators double the decrease-midrange/bass radiating place for rich, heat and life like sound performance.

from bdss drivers to natural aluminum dome tweeters to planar pressure-coupled mid/bass radiators, promonitor 800 satellite tv for pc speakers incorporate the generation of among the best models for domestic theater sound pleasant so that it will amaze you.

smooth, high frequency reaction jewelry proper from the pure aluminum dome tweeter.

product description

product description

the flexible, smooth-to-area promonitor 800 gives you clear, high-definition sound and spacious imaging in a compact design. The speaker capabilities definitive’s proprietary bdss driver coupled with a strain-pushed low-frequency radiator, a pure aluminum dome tweeter and a non-resonant polystone speaker cupboard that collectively produce wealthy, heat reasonable audio with easy excessive-frequency reproduction. The speaker gives more than a few placement options – securely located on a stand or shelf or mounted on the wall or ceiling. A mainstay within the acclaimed seasoned series, pair the promonitor 800 with a procenter 2000 and any definitive generation powered subwoofer for a complete domestic theater sound system.

from the producer

do not permit the promonitor 800’s small length and inexpensive charge idiot you — it is a remarkably state-of-the-art product with huge sound. The 800 consists of the various same technologies as definitive’s among the best models such as bdss drivers, pure aluminum dome tweeters, and planar pressure coupled mid/bass radiators for home theater sound excellent with the intention to shock your friends and own family once they pay attention your gadget for the first time.

competing satellite audio system of this length generally have weak decrease-midrange reaction; that part of the audio variety that incorporates the “warm temperature” and “body” of voices and musical devices. Listen to a male vocal on regular small satellite tv for pc speakers and you’ll instantly listen the weakness within the decrease midrange. The promonitor satellites keep away from this essential problem via stress-coupling one-of-a-kind bdss era motive force to an identical-sized mid/bass radiator cleverly positioned on the top of the satellite. This approach doubles the lower-midrange radiating vicinity of the speaker with out growing the dimensions of the enclosure. You’ll enjoy the form of rich, warm and existence-like sound fine which you idea changed into only viable with big, difficult to region speakers.

small enough to disappear in a room but beautiful when in simple view the 800 satellites can be shelf-installed with their particular tri-lobed base, wall-established the use of the integrated keyhole mount or optional promount eighty articulating pivot mounts, or stand established with their optionally available prostand six hundred/800 ground stands (sold one at a time).

sonically, the promonitor 800 satellite is a revelation in phrases of achieving splendid sound at an low-priced charge. Their imaging is surely boxless, spacious and 3 dimensional even as turning in pinpoint specificity and localization whilst known as for. They are velvety clean with you-are-there presence which is hard to find at any fee and unparalleled on this rate range. The 800 is dynamic however able to awesome subtlety so it excels similarly with music or movies.

  • dimensions: 4. 75 via eight. 38 through 5 inches (w x h x d)
  • frequency response: 57 hz to 30 khz
  • recommended amplification: 10 to a hundred and fifty watts
  • efficiency: 89 db
  • driver supplement: 1 x four. 5″ bass/midrange driving force; 1 x four. Five” planar low-frequency radiator; 1 x 1″ aluminum dome tweeter
  • magnetic protective: sure
  • finish: gloss black
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    7 reviews for 0C111UE7RML643 Definitive generation promonitor 800 – 2-way satellite tv for pc or bookshelf speaker for domestic theater speaker gadget easy mounting (single, black)

    1. itsmewallyz

      I bought 4 of these to use as my dolby atmos speakers in a 7.2.4 set-up (I’ve mounted them on the ceiling and angled them toward the listener). For the first few days, I hooked them up to my Harman Kardon 5.1 receiver that I’ve used in my living room for almost a decade, just letting music play non-stop to break them in. My Harmon Kardon is only 30wpc, but it’s been a great receiver. Ultimately, these will be hooked up to my new Denon AVR-X4300H, which is 125wpc.I have to say, even on my HK receiver, these speakers are fantastic. I had originally purchased the SVS Elevation Speakers for the same purpose, but was not happy with the sound, even after days of break-in time. And trust me, I hate to say anything bad against SVS. Their customer service is second-to-none and I’ve owned several SVS bookshelf speakers in addition to their subs, and they’ve all been fantastic — just not the elevation speakers, for me anyway. In addition, these Def Tech 800s are only $108 per speaker, compared to $249 per speaker for the SVS elevations.Perhaps its just a matter of preference, but for my ears, these speakers are an absolute steal for the price. I’m no audiophile, but it seems these sound great regardless of your receiver’s power. I highly recommend these, whether it’s for front speakers, rear surrounds, or dolby height speakers. They have definitely made a Def Tech fan out of me.Read more

    2. The Goat

      I bought two for a small room and I do have some other small speakers to compare to. That said, I thought these were clear and the blend between the mid-driver and tweeter was one of the better sounding combinations that I have heard, but I did not care for the lower end of the mid-bass reproduction. I felt like the woofer was “chuffing” as though it was working way too hard to try to make bass that it shouldn’t. I took out any EQ functions and it was still there— strange part is that it did not track evenly with volume— was there at normal levels and higher levels. No distortion at any point, but definitely you can hear it.So that said, I am returning them. These may work best in a home theatre for movies, TV, etc and not as much for music. If I ever complete a larger home theatre setup, I would definitely consider these for the ancillary channels as they would blend well.Read more

    3. Blatti Thomas

      I had recently to replace my 23 years old Infinity Reference 60. I needed space, my wife was never really happy with their size. Reading several reviews I decided to order the Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 including ProStand. I initially eyed for the 1000 version, but Amazon doesn’t ship them to Australia. Anyway, although they of course don’t come close to my old USA made Infinity’s they are good, very good. I’m not sure if this is due to me getting older (on par with my Infinity’s), but I feel they sound great for movies and music. Of course I had to get a new subwoofer, unfortunately not a Definitive Technology one as I wasn’t able to source one with 240V for a reasonable price. I noticed that you can buy the Definitive Technology speakers in Australia, but (as so often) with a highly inflated price.Anyway, I’m very happy with the speakers and I can recommend them without hesitation. Still, one day I’d like to compare them with the 1000s… just interested :-).Read more

    4. Malcolm Crumpler

      I’ve owned several products from Definitive Technology. Pro Series 100’s: Super Cube 8000. I’m confident in Def Tech’s sound: and quality: and I truly wasn’t disappointed with these set of speakers! I added them as a set of rear functioning speakers: and I was blown away with the additional quality of sound they instantly brought out in my system: and music! Proper placement is truly key: and after 2 or 3 placement trials: I found it! For the price: you can’t go wrong with this pair of speakers. More bass than I thought to imagine: clarity: solid cabinets: and yes: nice on the eyes. Another 5 Star Product!Read more

    5. Farb Dannon

      I bought a pair of these Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 speakers about a year ago to use as front height channels in a 11.2 channel home theater set up, and they worked great for the limited role they played in the system, but I didn’t realize how amazing these speakers were until I set them up as a pair in my office. The sound couldn’t be better. The room isn’t too large, perhaps 12 ft x 14, which probably helps the bass sound fuller, but its still surprising for speakers that are all of 9 inches tall that the bass sounds adequately full. I mostly listen to classical music, especially opera, and the sound from these speakers, paired with a relatively inexpensiveCambridge Audio Topaz AM10 Premium Integrated Amplifier , fills the room and feels like its coming from much larger speakers. The enclosure seem really well designed to eliminate resonance and the bass radiators also keep key to the success of these design. In all, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any better speaker in this price range. Highly recommended.Read more

    6. Celticstorm76

      Purchased this as a replacement for one of the same model that fell from a table and broke. The speaker being replaced had been in our system as a surround speaker for over 6 years and still sounded great until it fell.Definitive as also been a great company to work with when our subwoofer had issues they were quick to address the situation and fix the problem.Read more

    7. daniel

      i have sets of polk and hd and stuff but these i think are realistically better. as satellites on my surround sound they perform excellent. i love the sound and the clarity of them. they are probably the best speakers i have right now. i really have no complaints of them. i would highly recommend them to anyone that wants really good sound from their home theater.Read more

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