0C111Q1639V334 Polk audio psw111 eight” powered subwoofer – electricity port technology up to 300 watt amp big bass in compact size smooth setup with home theater systems black

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  • extremely-compact powered subwoofer for added punchy bass – an 8″ dynamic balance woofer, especially-tuned downward-firing port & on-point speaker geometry facilitates supply correct bass with brought depth that pumps up your film, video games and music enjoy
  • louder clearer sound even at intense volume ranges – features clever compression circuitry that limits distortion and gives a more balanced & thrilling track revel in with rich, deep sound, even at low frequencies
  • high-performance loudspeaker – pushed by a a hundred and fifty-watt amplifier (300w at peak), this sub is your answer to greater electricity in a small footprint. It takes about one square foot of floor area and fills any room with first rate sound anywhere you location it
  • perfectly blends along with your current gadget – timbre-matched with other polk audio system from tsi, rm & r/t/m series, this sub hooks to any receiver. No hassles, no extra connections! Improve your house theater and leisure
  • a swish detachable grille on the the front, together with lfe line-inputs, in addition to speaker-degree inputs and outputs at the lower back, and coffee-pass filter out & section toggle switch, make this sub cohesive & complete, especially at this charge
  • polk’s unwavering commitment, reliability, and craftsmanship has made it one of the maximum trusted names in home audio. Bring out the best in surround sound systems and acoustic excellence, so you can sit back, loosen up and listen along with your heart
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from the producer

unique motive force materials, speaker geometry and creation techniques produce easy, crisp sound and effects big bass, specially whilst you want it maximum.

the psw111 packs all of the energy of polk audio era into only a little over a rectangular foot. Revel in the strongest bass you may ever experience in one of the smallest subwoofers you’ll ever find.

rated to one hundred fifty watts of non-stop electricity (300w top).

measures 12-1/8 x eleven x thirteen inches (hxwxd).

mainly-tuned, downward-firing ports produce maximum bass effect and preserve the cupboard’s the front profile as smooth as possible.

clever circuitry, advanced compression and an shrewd amplifier supply exceedingly efficient bass with low distortion and improved blending.

through the use of a latest klippel distortion analyzer, polk engineers have been able to optimize the woofer’s motor shape, voice coil alignment and suspension bringing you the exceptional viable performance even at excessive listening degrees.



7 reviews for 0C111Q1639V334 Polk audio psw111 eight” powered subwoofer – electricity port technology up to 300 watt amp big bass in compact size smooth setup with home theater systems black

  1. A + J

    The capacitors burned out. The worst part is it is clear that it is an exceptionally common problem -you’d think that the company would have come out with a fix by now rather than asking me to send in my unit for a “diagnosis fee” that’s almost the price of replacing it. It sounded great while it lasted, which was for probably for about 80 hours of actual use spread over a couple years.Lucky I know how to use a soldering iron, but I shouldn’t have to. Additionally, for a unit where soldering on new caps is something they know you’re going to need to do, they should make it so that the leads are easily accessible rather than needing to take apart so much.I wouldn’t buy this thing.Read more

  2. Thomas

    This subwoofer worked great for the first 5 years. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of Polk products in general (I own many different product lines) and this is unfortunately the only one that has really let me down. It is a great sub for a small room (I’d say under 2000 CFT) and it does put out a surprising amount of low-end bass for the size and price (under $200 on sale, of course). Just recently, the sub stopped working due to the bass amp going bad – part # RF1145-2. I’ve read on other forums that this is a common issue with certain Polk subwoofers. You know it’s dead when it starts making a heartbeat sound even when no music is playing through it. Since the warranty is only good for 3 years, I’m stuck having to buy a new sub, or pay $140 for a replacement amp. While I wish it would have lasted longer, I’ll just use this as an opportunity to upgrade and look into other brands like SVS, DefTech, HSU Research, and so on.Read more

  3. Mike

    Even with two of these hooked up, one in front and one behind the couch, I feel like it barely even kept up with the bass of my Klipsch floor speakers’ built-in 4″ woofers… in order to even hear any discernible difference I had to set these up to 3/4 to maximum on the gain in order to provide equivalent output of Klipsch 10″ subwoofers (which are almost exactly the same price), but upon doing that I would hear *THE WORST* rattle sound upon deep bass (see attached video clip); it literally sounds like somebody snapping a twig or hitting a piece of wood against the floor or something… unbelievable how terrible these were, had them hooked up for maybe about a half-hour while testing them in extremely low bass sections of various movies… never heard anything so horrible from a subwoofer before.Let it be noted that yes, the 10″ Klipsch subwoofers also struggle at the exact same point in John Wick 1, but the Klipsch issue seems to come from wind buffeting coming from the rear port, whereas this sounds like something physically smacking into something else, it’s bad, so bad, do NOT buy these!Read more

  4. Murray

    My sub quit after 1 year 3 months. I contacted Polk and they first had me take apart the sub to test the speaker itself. It worked so I thought i was going to be receiving the amplifier as a replacement. Instead i was told to take out the amplifier and take a picture of the inside of it.. I sent this off to Polk support and after 3 weeks of back and forth they wanted me to send in the amplifier for repair. I have owned other audio equipment and had a much better experience. JBL for instance had me go to their website to pick out a new sub woofer after the existing one quit working. It was 3 years old. Polk audio service is terrible. They lost a customer. beware of this product. I hope it doesn’t quit working like mine has because you will be played like I was.Read more

  5. brian murray

    Using the high level inputs, and a acin tube receiver. I actually set up a theater solutions sub, didn’t like it and returned it. The polk sounded amazing right out of the box. I suspect when i read a lot of review, folks like the subs they have because they havn’t tried others. I’ve set up a lot of subs both at home and auto, and I couldn’t be happier. No distortion, clean, tight bass. It won’t rattle your windows, but it does everything you want.Read more

  6. ReaderHal

    I love the compact size of this subwoofer. Polk recommends it for use with smaller speakers that don’t get very deep in the bass, like soundbars, for instance. While it doesn’t plumb the depths of bass extension, it does work well to augment the bass of my ELAC Debut B6 bookshelf speakers in the guest bedroom very nicely. Would also be a good choice for the little Andrew Jones-designed Pioneer bookshelf speakers, small Klipsches like the RB-10 or even those with an old pair of Realistic Minimus 7.Two Year Edit: Okay, they’ve been going strong since I bought them two years ago. I think more highly of them – I use a pair in my bedroom system – than I did, initially. I’m now using them with better main speakers by Monitor Audio. Very nice fit for the room and my ear. They sound so nice together… get a pair of these subs and you should never be tempted to overdrive one unless you lack any sense of musicality – or maybe have low-frequency hearing loss.Read more

  7. icyclops

    This subwoofer does what I hoped it would. I wasn’t looking to shake down the house, just fill in the lows for music which this does nicely. As others have mentioned, if you are looking for large blasts of earth shaking sub bass, this is perhaps not the one to buy. But if you want to round out your music and provide good balanced theater sound without shaking all the nails loose in your house, then this will work great. Nice small size makes it a great option to fit just about anywhere. Knobs and controls on the back are easy to read and offer a lot of control once you play with them a bit. I have this sitting on the carpeted floor and it still provides enough bass for my ears. The down firing port adds to the deep rich sound that can be controlled based on how you set it up and what surface you place it on. I am happy with this purchase. Don’t let the size fool you, this still has plenty of punch depending on how you set it up and configure the volume and settings.Read more

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