0C111OKGQTV350 Dual water-resistant outside speaker system – 6. 5 inch pair of weatherproof wall / ceiling established speakers w/ heavy responsibility grill, prevalent mount – to be used in the pool, patio, indoor – pyle pdwr50w (white)

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  • expand your home: pyle’s 500w dual indoor outdoor wall mount speaker system is what you want to concentrate to brilliant audio in your house, backyard, pool or patio out of doors! Consists of (2) 6. 5 inch 4ohm indoor out of doors mountable speakers
  • short-connect terminals: the weatherproof included loud speaker gadget features a capacitor crossover community that separates 2 channels for a discretely awesome sound. Connect wires effortlessly using the short connect / disconnect speaker terminals
  • included from factors: the mountable speakers feature removable rustproof speaker grill which maintains it corrosion-loose and sound distortion-unfastened. It has a marine grade waterproof production making it safe to use in locations w/ heavy water splashes
  • superior surround sound: the white waterproof recessed marine speaker system features 6. 5” aluminum injection cone woofer w/ 50 ouncesmagnetic shape, 1” excessive compliance myiar tweeter and a bass reflex vent for brought bass response
  • standard mounting: the pair of audio system are saved in a rugged, heavy obligation grill cupboard enclosure. Designed to be established horizontally or vertically on a wall, corner or ceiling. Consists of (2) adjustable perspective spring loaded u mounting plate bracket

from the producer

  • detachable rustproof mesh grills
  • heavy responsibility abs construction
  • precise spring loaded mounting machine
  • energy: 250watts rms/ 500watts height
  • bass reflex vent for delivered bass reaction
  • quick join/ disconnect speaker terminals
  • twin water resistant outside speaker system

    these white pyle indoor/outdoor water-proof speakers are amazing for use on boats, decks, patios, or by the pool. The bass reflex vent boosts the bass response for a deeper, more powerful sound they are completely water resistant, thanks to the heavy duty abs construction and anywhere exterior. A capacitor crossover network separates these two channels discretely for a extraordinary sound. Join wires without problems and effects using the short connect speaker terminals.

  • extremely good for use on boats/ marine/ decks/ patios/poolside/ outdoors
  • a deeper, more effective sound

    the white water resistant recessed marine speaker device features 6. 5” aluminum injection cone woofer w/ 50 ozmagnetic shape.

    the mountable audio system function removable rustproof speaker grill which continues it corrosion-loose and sound distortion-loose. It has a marine grade water resistant creation making it safe to apply in locations w/ heavy water splashes.

    pyle’s 500w dual indoor out of doors wall mount speaker system is what you want to listen to superb audio in your house, backyard, pool or patio outdoor! Includes (2) 6. Five inch 4ohm indoor outdoor mountable audio system.


    3.5", 5.25", 6.5"


    Speaker System, Speaker System + Amplifier, 300W


    Black, White


    300 Watts Peak, 400 Watts Peak, 500 Watts Peak

    5 reviews for 0C111OKGQTV350 Dual water-resistant outside speaker system – 6. 5 inch pair of weatherproof wall / ceiling established speakers w/ heavy responsibility grill, prevalent mount – to be used in the pool, patio, indoor – pyle pdwr50w (white)

    1. Clayton D. Blakey

      Loved the sound of the speakers and the great price / ease of installation, but the grille rusts out in less than a year. I placed these on a covered deck at my condo that sits near a bay – not the ocean, mind you.. a bay, and in no time they looked like ass with paint chipping and rust dripping off the grille.I have since swapped them out with a cheaper pair of OSD outdoor speakers since it is apparent that I will be swapping the speakers out annually.It would be nice if these companies with “outdoor” or “marine” speakers start using a plastic grilles. The grille was supposedly removable but that wasn’t the case. had to force it off then glue it back on.Picture of the rusted product attached. Glad I didn’t spend a lot of money on outdoor speakers since probably no brand stands up well to the elements, even in a covered implementation.Read more

    2. Ron Byrd

      My wife bought these for xmas, to use on the deck because they say they are weatherproof. Since it’s winter I hooked them up in the house and gave them a month to break in. The sound quality is horrible. There is 0 bass. I ran some sine waves at them to see/ hear the truth. At 50 hertz, there is no sound, at 125 hertz you can start to hear them. Pyle specs 30 to 22k hertz. not even close. They just published a number. enough about 0 bass. Midrange not too bad, but not good. Hi frequency isn’t much better than the bass. At a 9k test tone the tweeters break up and not much sound output. Very distorted even at low volume. So a frequency response is about 125 hz to 10khz about normal for a cheap $60.00 pair of speakers. I have owned at least 20 pairs of speakers in my 61 years, of all price ranges and these are the worst I have ever owned. I have had transistor am radio’s from 1960’s that sounded better. lol save your money for a better speaker. Background. audiophile 45 years. speaker designer. Someone else said these are a pyle and they sure are. Also the grill is glued on. won’t be easily removable. I failed to mention one of the grills came dented. No problem. I will use them on the deck till they die, because my wife bought them for me. Maybe later i will change the drivers if the cabinets are worth putting $100.00 worth of speakers in.Read more

    3. Donald Koch

      This is my third Pyle product in the last couple of years and I am once again very pleased with the “bang-for-the-buck” quality. Take note, this is not a ‘high-end’ product, so it does not carry that ‘high-end’ price tag. It is a solid, well-performing speaker set that does exactly what it promises. I like to think of it as a ‘high-end’ product in disguise and I regularly recommend it to my friends.The speakers are mounted on the back of my garage over my patio. They are paired with my Pyle Pro PSPVC6 Six Zone switch box along with four other speaker sets throughout my house. They provide a clean bright sound with adequately deep bass and a rich frequency response. I am not planning on installing a mosh pit in my back yard and I have no intention of blowing the squirrels out of the trees in woods behind my house, so extremely high volume is not a requirement. For solid delivery of party-style Reggae or just a light background for a small gathering with friends these speakers have you covered.The mounting system is solid stamped steel and more than capable of securely holding the speakers in place. My Pyle Dryver Pro speakers on the back porch have been performing excellently for two years, even after having been taken down and remounted after renovation, so don’t be concerned about what some have stated is a light weight mounting system.But wait, there’s more—they do indeed appear to be water proof. We have had several storms, including some driving rain, since they were installed and they are performing admirably while I write this review. I was hesitant to mount hem in the downward angle shown in the attached photographs but that is where the best sound projection was, so I took the chance. I couldn’t be happier.For someone looking to build a solid system and not have to take out a home equity loan the Pyle line of products is definitely worth considering. This won’t be my last purchase.Read more

    4. Robert Wilcoxson

      These are great speakers for outdoor use! Sound quality is excellent, including the bass which is lacking in a lot of speakers of this size and price range. We’ve had these speakers for 4 1/2 years and just leave them outside even in winter, and they still sound like new! The cabinets are a white all weather plastic that will get dingy from dirt and exposure to the sun, but that happens to pretty much all plastic things left outside. But, I didn’t want to just throw these away just because they didn’t look so good anymore, so I painted them to match our patio furniture color. The grills are removable too which made this a pretty easy project. Now these 4 1/2 year old speakers look as good as they sound once again! I’ve had good Iuck with Pyle products and will buy another set of Pyle speakers assuming the one’s I already have ever quit! I would recommend these speakers anytime!Read more

    5. Dave

      I was well aware of the reviews about horizontal mounting and the grill rusting issues before I purchased these. I decided to buy them and take some precautions in extending their use/looks. First, I mounted them vertically so there wouldn’t be an issue with the bolts stripping. Second, I bought a pair of shower caps to cover the speakers during bad weather so they hopefully won’t rust.For now I am very happy with the speakers and there sound. I have them hooked up to Zone 2 on my Onkyo home theater receiver. I ran 14 gauge copper wire to the speakers. For the price, you obviously aren’t getting booming base speakers but they are very clear and serve there purpose.I turned them on and walked 100 yards down the hill and could clearly hear the music.I live in northern AZ where the summer monsoons can easily destroy anything left outside and unprotected especially during a microburst. With the monsoon starting in just a few days, I will update this review at the end of September and let you know if they hold up.Read more

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