0C111K2EB6N200 Boss audio structures ch5520 automobile speakers – 200 watts of energy in step with pair and one hundred watts every, 5. 25 inch, full range, 2 way, bought in pairs, clean mounting

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  • cone: made from polyurethane, the ch5520 five. 25 inch automobile speakers provide a resilient and sturdy cloth which could provide terrific sound with the advantage of durable speakers
  • voice coil: our voice coils are able to face up to excessive temperatures but maintain its electricity and fatigue houses giving them the gain of longer play times with decrease weights
  • surround: we use rubber in lots of our audio system. It has the capability to undergo a whole lot punishment with none signal of damage. It compliments the entire structure of the speaker via permitting regular abuse where it is most wanted, without the damage and tear
  • tweeter: a piezoelectric tweeter is extra proof against overloads and can be used without a crossover due to its’ electric assets.
  • guarantee: boss audio systems offers a powerful 3 12 months platinum on line supplier guarantee as long as the acquisition is made via amazon dot com
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from the manufacturer

chaos exxtreme ch5520

simply one look and you’ll know why they’re referred to as chaos exxtreme. The red steel poly injection cone supplies clean sound at the same time as the rubber surround provides clean response and sturdiness.

  • complete variety two hundred watt 5. 25 inch 2-way audio system
  • power managing (peak): one hundred watts x 2
  • dimensions: 6” x 6” x 2”, mounting intensity: 1. Eight”
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • frequency response: 100hz – 18khz, sensitivity: 90 db @ 1 w/1 m
  • voice coil: 1” excessive temperature, midrange: 1” polyimide dome
  • basket structure: stamped
  • grills blanketed
  • polyurethane is categorized as a polymer. It’s miles a resilient, flexible and a durable manufactured material that lets in for optimum flexibility that produces wonderful sounding audio system lasting you a long term.

    our audio system are able to better or expanded temperature electricity and fatigue homes with the intention to growth overall performance and performance of heavy responsibility play time thru lower weight and better running temperatures.

    impermeable to air, rubber has the potential to endure or resist publicity to the many kinds of weather fronts. Rubber has many specific packages. We use it for the surrounds in a a lot of our speakers to attach the cone to the basket.

    product description

    boss 5. 25″ 2-manner speaker


    5.25" 2-Way Car Speakers, 5.25" 3-Way Car Speakers, 6.5" 2-Way Car Speakers, 6.5" 2-Way Car Speakers/Crossovers/Tweeters

    8 reviews for 0C111K2EB6N200 Boss audio structures ch5520 automobile speakers – 200 watts of energy in step with pair and one hundred watts every, 5. 25 inch, full range, 2 way, bought in pairs, clean mounting

    1. Ben C.

      I bought these with the Boss audio unit and some rear Pyle speakers. The audio unit only puts out 50 watts per channel so I thought these speakers being able to handle 120 watts per speaker would do the trick. So after spending about an hour taking the doors apart and installing these speakers you can imagine my disappointment when I finally turned on the radio. These speakers distort when the volume is above 75% and just sound horrible for a 3 way speaker. I also installed a sub and amp so with the bass turned down on the audio unit these speakers are tolerable.. I wish I had purchased the Pyle front speakers because the $10 4×6 Pyle speakers in the rear sound way better and don’t have any distortion. These speakers would be ok if you only listen to news or music at a low volume. However if you like to enjoy your music and blast it while driving down the road you will be disappointed.Read more

    2. Ray

      I picked these up to replace some blown out rear door speakers in my 2000 Ram 1500. I didn’t want to spend much given that the truck is rough around the edges, and honestly wasn’t expecting a whole lot from sub-$20 speakers.Well, I was pleasantly surprised once they were installed. I’m currently running them off just the power of my Pioneer deck, and they sound great, and have no noticeable distortion even at higher volumes. I’m sure they’d sound better with a small amp, but I’m not gonna try and fool anyone by saying they’d handle crazy wattage without blowing up.If you’re looking for cheap stock replacement speakers, I’d say give them a shot.The only negative I found was that the included wires are very thin, but they were manageable.Read more

    3. Duy Nguyen

      Its cheap not even 225w on both more like 10w before I did full installs I left my right side with stock speakers to compare and my stock were MUCH LOUDER, MORE BASS NICER SOUND”had to capitalize that” could not even hear the boss speakers at all. Very disapointed 5″ and its not 5.25″ as you can see on the photos so it was to small to fit in my car, I was just looking for stock replacement nothing fancy but that price got me good, ;-;. note product is is not how it’s discribed.Read more

    4. M J

      I purchased these speakers to be used as a modification on one of my son’s Cadillac Escalade Powerwheels. I was happy to see they provided a stencil for me to use to cut the preexisting speaker box to perfect shape. It was very helpful and made installation that much better.As for quality, I have not yet installed an after market head unit in the Power Wheels so I’m not too sure how good or bad it will be. However, I tested the speakers using the Power Wheels radio built into the truck and it was definitely an upgrade from the speakers it came with.All in all, I believe this purchase was a good value and would recommend to anybody modifying a Power Wheels stereo.Read more

    5. Doug

      Way, way better than I expected. They sound so much better than my factory speakers. If you don’t have an amp, just buy the 200 watt speakers. If you have an amp, you’re probably wasting your money on more expensive speakers, anyways.Read more

    6. reedo breezo

      For the price, they are awesome. If you know what you’re buying and their limits, they work great. If you’re trying to just replace your factory audio system, these are perfect. If you want a system that slaps, maybe these arent for you. Even as kids, they just cant handle a lot. Wotks good for my needs though.Read more

    7. Martin K.

      Put these in the back of an 80 full size Jeep replacing the almost 40 year old stock speakers. A fabricated a small tab to mount these on and done. Have decent sound, volumes good enough for me and price was great. I can’t say I would use these in a high powered set up but they aren’t made for that. Interned usage, good product.Read more

    8. Mark S. West

      Only 2 stars because the Amazon automobile fitment guide said they would fit in rear stock 1991 Toyota Corolla DX. They didn’t. The tweeters got in the way and they couldn’t be mounted in the stock speaker positions. Had to order Rockford Fosgates and they worked fine. Same thing for the front 4″ speakers from BOSS. Tweeters hit the mounting grill and couldn’t be mounted properly. RF worked in those positions as well. Pain to have to go through the exchange process but Amazon made it super easy. Go Amazon PRIME!!!Read more

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