0C111H1I6FT476 Tic tfs12-sl 8″ out of doors climate-resistant stereo dvc rock speaker (slate)

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  • maximum practical rock speaker on marketplace: available in canyon or slate, the beautiful and practical tfs12 will discreetly mixture in with any out of doors environment.
  • dynamic dual voice coil (dvc) speaker: tfs12’s unique dvc design affords a full stereo sound at the side of flexible set up options within a unmarried speaker.
  • immersive out of doors sound enjoy: tfs12’s three-manner (eight” woofer and two 2″ tweeter) speaker layout gives you an extraordinary top rate out of doors sound enjoy.
  • difficult, long lasting outdoors: tfs12’s multilayer composite cabinetry and layout will resist any weather circumstance nature throws at it, from intense heat to bloodless and torrid rain and wind.
  • spec: 100w/200w rms/peak power dealing with, 45hz-20khz reaction frequency, eight ohms impedance (preferred), 89db sensitivity

product description

tic: the great and maximum trusted out of doors sound for over 30 years

tune by no means appeared this top

tic continues 30+ years of lifestyle of producing audio system for outdoor living. Our audio system are the various most extensively used out of doors speaker for landscapers, commercial contractors, and domestic customers throughout the us and the world. The tfs speaker series is tic’s international famend outdoor rock speaker series. Praised for being the most practical out of doors speaker inside the marketplace, the tfs series gives you each the appearance and sound that your outdoor amusement region wishes. Constructed with multi-layer composite cabinetry, the tfs collection speaker is built to face up to maximum out of doors terrain conditions, from harsh winter storms to scorching desert warmth.  available in three herbal rock finishes: canyon (cn), slate (sl) and white granite (wg), the tfs out of doors rock speaker, not best seems superb, but also comes with the durability and audio fidelity with a purpose to keep you happy for years to come.

tfs speakers comparison

  • pair of rock speakers
  • 2-way co-axial driving force
  • five. 5″ woofer & 1″ tweeter
  • power dealing with: 40w/80w rms/height
  • reaction frequency: 65hz-20khz
  • impedance: eightΩ/speaker (or 4Ω in parallel)
  • sensitivity: 86db
  • speaker size (unmarried): 10. Five” x nine. Five” x 9″
  • pair of rock audio system
  • 2-manner co-axial driver
  • 6. Five” woofer & 2″ tweeter
  • energy coping with: 75w/150w rms/top
  • reaction frequency: 65hz-20khz
  • impedance: eightΩ (or 4Ω in parallel)
  • sensitivity: 86db
  • speaker dimension (single): 12″ x 7. 5″ x 10″
  • unmarried rock speaker
  • 2-manner co-axial driving force
  • 8″ woofer & 2″ tweeter
  • power managing: 100w/200w rms/peak
  • reaction frequency: 55hz-20khz
  • impedance: 8Ω
  • sensitivity: 88db
  • unit weight: thirteen kilos
  • unit size: 17″ x 13″ x 12″
  • unmarried rock speaker
  • 2-way co-axial driving force
  • eight” woofer & 2″ tweeter
  • electricity dealing with: 100w/200w rms/top
  • reaction frequency: 45hz-20khz
  • impedance: 8Ω
  • sensitivity: 89db
  • unit weight: 17 kilos
  • unit dimension: 20″ x 14″ x 11″
  • unmarried rock speaker
  • three-way twin voice coil (dvc) driver
  • eight” woofer &  2″ tweeters
  • strength managing: 100w/200w rms/peak
  • reaction frequency: 45hz-20khz
  • impedance: 8Ω/input (standard), 4Ω (parallel), 16Ω (series)
  • sensitivity: 89 db
  • unit weight: sixteen pounds
  • unit size: 18″ x 17″ x eleven”
  • unmarried rock speaker
  • large three-manner speaker
  • 10″ woofer, five. 5″ mid-range, 2″ tweeter
  • power handling: 175w/300w rms/height
  • response frequency: 27hz-20khz
  • impedance: 8Ω
  • sensitivity: 89db
  • unit weight: forty eight pounds
  • unit dimension: 24” x 20” x 20”
  • unmarried 360° omnidirectional rock speaker
  • 2-manner co-axial driving force
  • eight” woofer & 2″ tweeter
  • strength handling: 100w/200w rms/top
  • reaction frequency: 45hz-20khz
  • impedance: eightΩ
  • sensitivity: 89 db
  • unit weight: 24 pounds
  • unit size: 12″ x thirteen” x 14″
  • single 360° omnidirectional rock speaker
  • 8″ subwoofer driver
  • built-in passive crossover
  • non-obligatory 2x satellite tv for pc speakers functionality
  • energy dealing with: 125w/250w rms/height
  • reaction frequency: 25hz-200hz (crossover stage @ 200hz)
  • impedance: 8Ω/input wellknown, fourΩ/enter with satellite audio system
  • 1x four-core trendy speaker inputs
  • 2x 2-core satellite speaker outputs
  • unit weight: 24 kilos
  • unit measurement: eleven” x 14″ x 21″
  • size_name

    5.5", 6.5", 8" DVC, 8" Omni, 8" Subwoofer, 8" #1, 8" #2, 8"Subwoofer2, 8"3Way, 10" 3-Way, 10"3WAY2


    Canyon, Slate, White Granite, canyon, slate, white granite, CANYON, WHITE GRANITE

    6 reviews for 0C111H1I6FT476 Tic tfs12-sl 8″ out of doors climate-resistant stereo dvc rock speaker (slate)

    1. ssr0822

      These speaker are junk, sound like crap. Don’t waste your time or money. Hooked them up to two brand new Sonos Amps and they couldn’t handle the power, even though they are rated for more power then the amps put out. Spend a few extra $’s and buy Bose Freespace 51’s if you really want amazing omni channel speakers. Also, seller will not refund your money back fully and charge you a fee for shipping and make you feel like they are doing you a favor and not charging you a restocking fee. Joke, do not buyRead more

    2. M D W

      I purchased 1 TIC TFS50 Subwoofer, 2 TIC TFS25s omnidirectional speakers, and 4 TIC TFS10s to go around my pool and cover approximately 4000sq ft. of my backyard. They are driven by the Pyle PT8000CH amplifier and sourced by a Sonos Connect for Spotify and SiriusXM. Do they sound as good as my niles rock speakers that I left at my old house when we moved (stupid move on my part), no. Do they sound really good for 1/3 the price…Yes! Aprox $750 for speakers, $320 amp, $350 Sonos =$1,500 for a kick-ass loud as hell outdoor system. I’ll take it. Audiophile I’m not, but I enjoy loud Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal which pushes the speakers- no regrets on this purchase. Apologies in advance to my neighbors….I told my wife “if they complain, I won’t hear them over the music”.Read more

    3. Mike Smiles

      I am an audio nut, but hate paying for companies high priced marketing. When I bought these speakers I was expecting them to sound a little better than my outdoor mono-price speakers. Setup was a breeze, the wiring was already ran around the pool. I powered up the receiver, BOOM!! I was blown away. They are crisp, clear, and clean. Bass is pretty good too, but I still might get the subwoofer. I read a zillion reviews on these and you will not be disappointed. Just buy!!!Read more

    4. G. sirignano

      Bought two of these and they blend well with my natural rocks in my back yard. The price was right at only $114 from Amazon for such a large speaker from a well known company such as TIC. A great deal imo. I drive them as a 4 ohm speaker, using both connections for dual voice coil operation. You would be hard pressed to discern that the music is coming from only one speaker, let alone detecting the rock amongst the actual rocks! I love them!Read more

    5. W. Nichols

      Was a bit worried due to a lack of recent reviews, but took a chance…and I’m glad I did. Not only does the color (canyon) of the speakers match my outside perfect, but the sounds of the speakers are quite impressive. My setup involves running a speaker wire from an inside Pioneer receiver. After drilling a hole in the wall, I ran the wire around the perimeter of my yard (which is going to be buried, I hate wires showing) to the speakers.The connections for which you attach the speaker wire are very sturdy and I was impressed that the bottom of the rock speaker has a notch if you were trying to lie the speaker flat. The notch would allow the speaker rock to sit flush without pinching the wire (an undocumented feature in the reviews I read). I live in Las Vegas, so I’m hoping these speakers will hold up in the heat and will keep you posted if anything changes. I did however take the advice from different reviewers and I’m using a 14 gauge speaker gauge wire which feels just right.I have a pretty decent size backyard and I’m fortunate that the speakers are sitting on top of a 5 foot retaining wall, which I think will help with the projection of the speakers. When I bought these speakers, I had a few goals in mind. I wanted a decent sound for a decent price. I wanted a low key style speaker rock that wasn’t too large but wasn’t too small. I wanted something that would not have any exposed wires or marking that would give away too easy that it was an outdoor speaker. I also wanted a clean sound that not necessarily focused on bass, but rather the mid and high sounds of audio…especially so it could take on the noise of my waterfalls which are quite loud. So far, I’d have to say that ALL of my expectations have been met.I’m also using the Apple airport express to “beam” my music from my upstairs computer to the receiver downstairs, which in turn, powers the outdoor speakers. It certainly feels very cool that I not only use my iPhone to operate the music, but adjust the volume to the outdoor speakers as well.Read more

    6. Constant Reader

      I purchased one of these units along with two TF-S10 speakers from the same manufacturer. Less than 3 months after installing the product the paint is already chipping off on the TFS-50. It has only rained one time and there are no sprinklers anywhere near the unit, so the paint is basically falling off without any provocation. When I inspected the unit after noticing the paint chips I tipped it slightly and a large amount of water came pouring out. Apparently it is not only not sealed against water intrusion but it also allows it to collect inside. Given the small amount of rain we get here it is surprising that any was able to collect at all. I attempted to return the unit for repair or replacement but the manufacturer insisted that I pay for the packaging and shipping. Given the size and weight of this object it is not worth my time to do this. I recommend avoiding this manufacturer entirely.Read more

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