0C111D01SNZ684 Behringer hpx4000 closed-type high-definition dj headphones

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  • high-definition bass and splendid-transparent highs
  • extremely-excessive dynamic range
  • excessive-efficiency cobalt tablet
  • single-sided coiled wire with oxygen-loose copper wires
  • round swiveling ear cups

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closed-kind excessive-definition dj headphones

  • high-definition bass and awesome-transparent highs
  • ultra-excessive dynamic range
  • high-efficiency cobalt tablet
  • unmarried-sided coiled wire with oxygen-unfastened copper wires
  • round swiveling ear cups
  • extremely-rugged headscarf construction
  • top notch components and enormously rugged construction make sure long lifestyles
  • conceived and designed through behringer germany
  • as a dj, you want your headphones to deliver a wide frequency response and high dynamic range. The hpx4000 headphones give you tremendous performance for a rate properly within any price range.

    the hpx4000 gives everything you need for at ease listening. The two rotating, reversible ear cups include high-resolution cobalt tablets that deliver each nuance of your sound. Because of the needs of your lively life-style, we have engineered the one-sided cable from the greatest oxygen-loose copper twine that resists tangling and presents maximum durability. The hpx4000 additionally comes with a 1/4″ adapter for the 1/8″ connector, making it like minded with the entirety from your mp3 player for your blending console.

    with the hpx4000 headphones, you get honestly incredible sound reproduction at a charge it truly is certain to healthy into your budget. Check out a couple at your nearest behringer dealer.

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    July, 7, 2004

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    ..Only, Bluetooth, 2.0

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    8 reviews for 0C111D01SNZ684 Behringer hpx4000 closed-type high-definition dj headphones

    1. David

      So I bought these to disassemble them and attach them permanently to an Oculus rift s. I printed some brackets for the ear cups, and they work fantastically. The design of the way the ear cups fasten to the headband makes them removable with just one screw, and then makes them adjustable when attached to 3d printed brackets. I cut the cord and soldered it back together at a shorter length as the cord is way too long for my uses.Read more

    2. David C. Jones

      My Band uses both the Long and short board of the X32 console versions. I started using your active DI’s over the most expensive ones (like Whirlwind) and my sound man (5 years ago) said that Behringer was “cheap stuff”.Totally “Mackie” or bust. 5 years later, he is NOT our sound guy, and we use Behringer for our house and powered monitors…Consistently the BEST!These headphones follow my purchase of the 2000X. Both are EXCELLENT!CJRead more

    3. Baze

      I judged the merits of this headset by these factors: (1) sound, (2) comfortability, (3) appearance, (4) durability/quality, and (5) price/value.(1) Sound: 3/5.It’s not that great- it’s OK. It handles bass reasonably well (for the price, anyway) and didn’t muffle much out. I still use them every now and then because they get the job done. I would NOT use these if I were listening to anything serious or if I was doing studio work, and you wouldn’t want to be caught dead at a nightclub with these, but if you’re doing a low-key party or you’re practicing DJing (or even if you’re jogging on a treadmill!) these headphones will do the job well.(2) Comfortability: 0/5.No, not 1 star or 2 stars- 0 stars. The headset unfortunately has a pretty poor design, where the tension is placed only in the middle of the headband, so the headset fits very awkwardly around your head. In fact, you have to make sure that the headband is sitting BEHIND your neck, just so the earpieces stay ON your ears. It’s not very comfortable, and honestly, this reason alone should make you want to consider other headphone options.(3) Appearance: 4/5.Now, I own a pair of Beyerdynamics and THOSE look awesome, but these ones aren’t too bad either in looks. They’re dark black. Over time, though, they kinda fade into an awkward grey…(4) Durability/quality: 2/5.It’s been a year and a half since I’ve had these headphones, and you can tell that they’re deteriorating. The joints that attach the earpieces to the headphones aren’t broken, but they’ve loosened up a bit. The actual speakers in the earpieces are starting to crackle a bit, and the paint’s fading. I don’t even use them very rigorously..(5) Price/value: 5/5.They’re cheap. $30-35. You can’t go wrong buying these if you’re looking to spend under $50 on some headphones. They’ll last you a little while but they won’t give too much- that is, of course, because you’re not paying too much to begin with. If you’re looking to get serious with music, whether you’re listening to tracks of yourself practicing acoustic guitar or you’re mashing up electronic music, you’re probably better off dropping at least $90-100 on some good headphones.Conclusion: if you’re looking for cheap headphones that give you the very basic sounds from a song (i.e., lyrics, beat, etc.) then you might enjoy this headset- for a short while. It’s really not that great, and the construction is terrible- but for the price, it’s a good value… for the short term, anyway. If you’re looking for real quality headphones, look elsewhere.FInal score: (3+0+4+2+5)/5 = 14/5 = 2.8, rounded up to 3 stars.Read more

    4. Richard

      Purchased as an addition to my Son’s Podcast Studio. Working out very well and we are most pleased with the quality. A very fair price and arrived on time and in proper, protective packaging. Already checking on items for future order.Read more

    5. DeltronZ

      All right so I purchased these headphones because I wanted some over the ear cans that weren’t so big that they would deter me from wearing them while I’m out and about. I did a little searching and came across these. This was the first set of Behringer headphones that i have ever purchased and let me say that i am genuinely impressed. For $30, the sound that they deliver is rich and enjoyable. I am a hip-hop addict and this pair gives me just enough bass to make the music enjoyable and not sound like theres a war going on inside my ears.At first, the design seemed kind of cheap but it quickly grew on me. In fact, now I am in love with the design. They honestly look dope and i would choose this design over the over-rated beats headphones anyday. They do fit very tight when you get them but just keep using them and theyll stretch to a comfortable fit. I’ve had this for a year and have used them pretty much everyday; even traveled over to Asia with them and they held up great.Anyways, if you’re on the fence about these i say get them. I was on the fence, took the risk and now i just love them. (I did take 1 star off because i feel the earpads could be a bit more comfortable).Read more

    6. Savy Family

      I received these as a Christmas present,by Valentine’s they were done for.The head set cushion fell off which it seems that it’s only glued,and one ear has a short.I only use them when listening to my music app between classes as I have a popular wireless name brand pair for daily use.Read more

    7. VonnGšŸŽ·

      The sound isn’t wowing but it has a smooth balance of sound. A definite plus is that it isn’t too loud in the ear even when the volume of your device is all the way up but sound quality isn’t affected. A big turn off was the fact that within a week the end of the cable shorted out. More flexible movement of the headset would have been nicer.Read more

    8. Joshua & Megan Kaiser

      These headphones have wonderful sound, but you get what you pay for I bought these for my hubby Christmas 2013 and he has barely used them- the sound is still fine, but now one of the cushions for the ears has just fallen off, and one of the adjustable ears has stopped staying in place. I recommend you just spend the extra money if you want it to last. Sadly, a waste of my $30 and I can’t return them.Pros-Great SoundComfortableCons-Cheap productOverpriced.Read more

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