0C11196GHH1805 Niles rs6 6 inch 2-manner rock speaker

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  • make sure this suits
  • by using coming into your model range.
  • nofade shielding paint
  • weatherproof design surpasses military popular 883 for corrosion resistance
  • designed for extreme environmental situations and each uv exposure and water resistance
  • proprietary four-layer fiberglass construction makes the cupboard acoustically inert and completely weatherproof
  • artistically crafted cabinet with fashioned microperf aluminum grilles appears natural and practical

product description

  • 1″ tri-laminate teteron domes with fluid-cooling and ultra-wide dispersion for clean and distinctive excessive-frequencies
  • cone forward design positions drivers close to the grille and ensures intelligible midrange
  • butyl rubber cone surround damps resonance and presents exceptional durability
  • 6-1/2″ injection-molded tcc (talc, carbon, and ceramic) stuffed polypropylene cone is extraordinarily rigid to lessen breakup and decrease distortion
  • upc: 760514016873
  • mpn: fg01687
  • color_name

    Granite, Shale Brown

    8 reviews for 0C11196GHH1805 Niles rs6 6 inch 2-manner rock speaker

    1. PugMan

      Really good sound from these. Not up to my indoor tower speakers for fidelity but really gr8 sound for the size. I have a few boulders setting in the area so people don’t recognize these as speakers. They have been subject to several storms and still work like new.Read more

    2. Amy Edwards

      Crisp highs and deep bass are not qualities normally associated with outdoor speakers. This Niles speaker absolutely delivers. Bass is going to depend on placement of the speaker (it’s not a throw sub lol) but this speaker sounds phenomenal out of the box. It’s not a powered speaker, so you’ll want to have an amp for it; I have it on a 250W nominal 1000W peak amp with the amp at ~75% and it’s the loudest speaker I have. That being said through all volume levels the sound is consistently smooth, with highs, mids and lows coming through clearly at all volume levels from whisper to raging party. It’s definitely one of the more expensive speakers you could consider for your backyard or patio, and to really get the most out of it you need 2, but it’s well worth it if you have the money.Read more

    3. Jennifer S

      These look and sound good enough to put in your living room. If your last name is Flintstone. Seriously though they are well worth the money and can really piss of your neighbors while you blast Bon Jovi while floating in the pool.Read more

    4. Family Man

      Great speaker at a good price. We have 4 around our pool and they sound great and have lasted several years without fading, cracking or deterioration of sound.Read more

    5. JimThor

      Sounds really great. Low volume music sounds crisp and clear. Would have thought these would have had a bit more bass however. Otherwise standing up great to the rain and working great!Read more

    6. Mark A.

      Fantastic sound outdoors and just two can fill a large area with really clear sound. This is a well made product which is heavy from the well made speakers inside and the added tweeter. Good bass carry and clear sharp high notes. Looks and feels like real coral. Its pretty good sized at about a foot and a half square.Read more

    7. cookc5

      After 6 months of using 4 of these speaker … (2) of the units tweeter speakers stopped working. …takes forever to get customer support……sadly… could be a great speaker if the quality lastRead more

    8. John Bazzurro

      I bought a pair for my backyard. Sound ok but not good separation between bass and treble. After one winter season, woofer cracked. Now really sounds like Sh-t. No warranty so I’m beat.Just bought Pair of Bose outdoor speakers for not much more money than these.Read more

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