0C11192OY6V599 Dual electronics lu43pb three-way high overall performance out of doors indoor audio system with powerful handy mounting swivel brackets climate expansive stereo sound coverage bought in pairs , black , case

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Designed to stay interior & outsidebest speakers can be mounted/positioned in any open space, by means of the pool, below your patio, in the storage, on a bookshelf; regardless of placement they’ll supply greatdigitally optimized for expansive dispersion & effective bassconcord of your 3-manner component speakers & four-inch woofer create a country of correct acoustic dispersion with deep rich sounding bass for a virtually complete variety of sound

  • easy – versatility is in its design; your speakers can be established in a matter of seconds in any open space and offer you with a a hundred and twenty degree range of high constancyall climate resistant coatingthese speakers are made for each season; they may be coated with a uv resistant resin and located interior an abs enclosure defensive it from the elements and retainingdual – don’t neglect to feature the top selling twin electronics dbtma100 bluetooth amplifier together with your lu43pb speakers for the first-rate outdoor/indoor acoustic revel in
  • 12 months assurance – assured excessive nice and reliability with problem-loose elements and hard work warranty inclusive of super customer service
  • eight. 25 inch h x 5. 25 inch w x five. 25 inch d
  • Clear
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    from the producer

    twin electronics lu43pb 3 manner indoor outside studio audio system with swivel bracket

    your multipurpose indoor outside speaker set best weighs 2. 8 lbs making them light however extremely powerful. The one hundred watts of peak electricity will rework any space into auditory nirvana while its three-way layout provides most effective sound nice.

    we understand how a great deal you experience being outdoors so we made sure that your indoor outdoor audio system had been uv treated and are constructed inner an abs enclosure that protects in opposition to the elements and preserves sound integrity.

    ensuring you were able to region your indoor outdoor speakers for your most desired vicinity we introduced easy deploy swivel brackets that permit as much as a one hundred twenty diploma variety of movement whilst the front going through twin logo can rotate up to ninety tiers. Ensuring easy placement and targeted sound satisfactory in which you need it.

  • 2 speakers covered
  • frequency response: 100hz-20khz
  • woofer: 4″ polyelite pva surround
  • midrange: 1. 6″ polypropylene cone
  • tweeter: zero. 78″ piezo dome
  • sensitivity: eighty five. Five db
  • nominal impedance: 4-6 ohms
  • one hundred watt peak strength – 50 watt rms
  • lu speaker features

    whether on a protected porch, outside patio, lanai or gazebo – these weather-resistant audio system perform first-rate in out of doors areas. They may be specifically designed to face up to rain and warmth so you can enjoy your preferred music in any weather circumstance!

    your lu speakers can be established horizontally or vertically with a view to higher healthy any area. Not best that, but the speakers are geared up with a swiveling brand badge so that the arrival is steady irrespective of the orientation!

    particularly designed for high great audio, the lu speakers are built to maximise your listening enjoy. Their 3-manner element layout ensures that your sound will pop out crisp and clean!

    product description

    product description

    the dual electronics lu43pb 4 inch 3-way excessive performance indoor, outdoor & bookshelf studio display audio system with swivel brackets & 100 watts top electricity will make a notable addition to any home. Your pair of four” three-manner excessive performance audio system will decorate any sound system and make acoustic waves regardless of placement. Their compact but efficient layout presents you with a hundred watts of top power, 50 watts rms, 4-6 ohms and frequency range among 100hz-20khz for unrivaled sound superiority. The versatile swivel brackets allow your speakers to be established at the wall or ceiling with a one hundred twenty degree variety of motion or in a vertical or horizontal placement with a ninety degree range of movement for correct high constancy sound in which you need it. We apprehend how unpredictable the climate outdoor can turn out to be so we took all vital precautions. Your dual electronics audio system are lined with a uv resistant resin and positioned inner an abs enclosure protecting it from the factors and retaining sound integrity making them exceptional patio audio system. When designing your lu43pb excessive overall performance speakers we included all the additives for excessive first-rate long lasting sound. That consists of a 4 inch woofer for low sounding bass, 1 inch midrange polypropylene cone supplying better warmness resistance and enhancing your track enjoy and the ¾ inch tweeter that produces dependable high audio frequencies for unmatched sound performance. Backed by means of our 1 12 months warranty that ensures a problem unfastened revel in with tremendous customer support.

    from the manufacturer

    the dual 4 inch outdoor speaker collection is designed as a multipurpose speaker and could supply correct excessive fidelity sound in outdoors or indoors environments. Weather-resistant layout and construction offer highest quality sturdiness for permanent or brief outdoor use. 100 watts height -50 watts rms. Polyelite woofer with pva surround. 40mm polypropylene cone midrange, 20mm piezo tweeter


    DBTMA100 Bluetooth Amplifier for LU Speakers, LU43PB Pair of Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Black, LU43PW Pair of Indoor/Outdoor Speakers White

    5 reviews for 0C11192OY6V599 Dual electronics lu43pb three-way high overall performance out of doors indoor audio system with powerful handy mounting swivel brackets climate expansive stereo sound coverage bought in pairs , black , case

    1. Anonymous

      I’ve had these speakers for 8 years. The sit on an outdoor wall, exposed to the elements on a windy corner patio is NYC. They’ve survived 2 hurricanes, 2 tornadoes, snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, Bloomberg, de Blasio, and some pretty intense heat. I haven’t taken them down or covered them in the winter, and they still sound great. Only now are the grilles starting to rust. Hard to go wrong at this price.Read more

    2. J. Weston

      I bought these speakers in July 2011 to mount on the back of our house, so that we can enjoy music on our deck and in our backyard. I paid a bit less for these than they are currently listed for, but I’d gladly pay the current listing price because they have exceeded my expectations tremendously. We live in Connecticut and we can have brutal heat and humidity during the summer and can have brutally cold, snowy, icy winters. We have never taken the speakers down and they show it on the outside, but they still work great. They are not Bose, so don’t expect the best sound quality, but really the sound quality isgood and is perfect for what we use them for. We are not having raging parties with booming loud music. We are parents with young kids who like to hang out in the backyard with friends and family while music is playing in the background…and occasionally the kid versus adult dance-off. :). My husband and I were just talking about how great these speakers have been and I realized I’d never written a review for them, so here I am. Really, these are great little outdoor speakers!Read more

    3. TA from PA

      I purchased these to add a sound system to my shop/garage. Based on the reviews I thought they would be a good choice and as far as sound goes they are fine. The problem I had was that there are two threaded mounting inserts on each speaker (top and bottom) that the brackets attach to for hanging. On one speaker one of these came from the factory unthreaded so there was no way to attach the bracket to the bottom of the speaker! I didn’t want to return them as I really wanted to get the project done. I have a tap & die set so how hard could it be to add some threads? Well, it turns out not very easy. I had barely started when the little metal insert came loose and fell inside the speaker. I had to pry off the grill, unscrew the woofer, disconnect it and retrieve the insert. While it was loose I put the insert in a vise to thread it. I glued it back in place (how it was originally fastened), reassembled the speaker, climbed the ladder and as soon as I tried to tighten the bracket to the speaker the insert came loose again. I wound up fastening the speaker to the top of the bracket then removed the woofer again and held the insert in place with pliers through the speaker hole while I screwed the bottom to the bracket. Then I reconnected the woofer wires, screwed it back in place and reattached the grill (while on the ladder). As I said, now that they are mounted the speakers sound fine but the quality control (or should I say the lack thereof) and the inconvenience of having to remedy the situation (rather than send them back and wait for another delivery) definitely loses some stars by me. By the way, if you wind up in the situation I was, the tap size is 10-32 NC.Read more

    4. Shop Bot

      Decent speakers for the money. I replaced some old KLH speakers that were comparable to these, they were really old as in 1990’s old, but I had only used them since 2004. I was lucky and was able to use the existing KLH mounting brackets so that made installation a breeze. Anyway, for an inexpensive set of outdoor speakers these are pretty much your only option and they are worth it. Next step up would be the yamaha or Klipsch which run around $100 or a little less. The weak point of these speakers are the spring loaded wire terminals. In my opinion I think they should have made them just a little more robust. The clips are spring loaded, and if you are not careful, the terminal button will pop out. It’s easy to put it back in, so not all is lost if this happens. Some suggestions when you hook them up:1) Strip the speaker wire a little long. The way the spring clips work is they just push the wire in the opposite directions of the spring tension, and hope that the wire touches the metal conductor on the other side. If you don’t have enough exposed wire, it won’t get a good connection.2) Be very gentle when opening and handling the spring clip while inserting the speaker wire. The spring clips are somewhat fragile in the sense that they are not a robust design (without calling them cheap). If you are careful, it will work.Final thoughts: the speakers sound good. For the money, you get what you paid for. The weak link in these speakers are the speaker wire terminals, so handle them in a way that reflects their fragile nature. I’m not sure why they didn’t just use screw terminals, it probably would have been cheaper to manufacture, and being outdoor speakers, it would have helped the speaker wire that in under the screwed down terminal to avoid tarnishing which eventually degrades the circuit.Read more

    5. TY

      To be fair, I got a used set from Amazon Warehouse. They were “Like New” – so I assumed, ya know, they’d be like new. So, either mine were definitely not “like new” at all or these speakers are unbelievable garbage, even at this rock-bottom price point. I hooked a pair of these up to my Lepai LP-2020TI and I could barely get any sound out of these speakers at all. Moreover, what sound that did come out was tinsely and just plain awful. Truly unlistenable!It is my sincere hope that I just got a faulty pair because, if not, I really don’t know what to do with all of the positive reviews of these speakers on here. If everyone else’s LU43PB speakers sound anything even remotely close to what mine sounded like, and this thing is still getting 4 stars, then I’m checking myself into a nut house!RETURNED!(PS – thank you Amazon for being super cool on the return of these even though I no longer had the packaging, this is why I’m a Prime Member for life…)Read more

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