0C1117WIUZ9897 Niles wvc100e weatherproof stereo extent manipulate with selectable impedance magnification

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  • niles wvc100e weatherproof stereo quantity manipulate with selectable impedance magnification
  • strength managing: 100 watts in step with channel rms; 200 watts peak
  • selectable impedance magnifying: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
  • removable screwless connectors accommodate up to 14-gauge cord
  • 10 12 months constrained

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niles wvc100e weatherproof stereo volume manipulate with selectable impedance magnification

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8.1, x, 5.3, x, 6.4, inches

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2, pounds


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4.1, out, of, 5, stars, 47, ratings, 4.1, out, of, 5, stars

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#43, 809, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #2, 221, in, Wireless, &, Streaming, Audio, Systems

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April, 27, 2004

8 reviews for 0C1117WIUZ9897 Niles wvc100e weatherproof stereo extent manipulate with selectable impedance magnification

  1. M-I-Coug

    As an audiophile, I don’t know why I did not pick this up years ago. I’m running my Deck speakers on B channel, through a Niles Speaker Selector, so I am familiar with the challenge of wiring up speaker wire into both the Niles Speaker Selector, now the 100E Volume Control. If you’re like me, my audio components are in the lower level in my house, in our dedicate room. When you’re out on the deck, and the phone rings, no more running down the stairs to lower the volume, or dashing in the house to take a call. This Volume Control is the answer. They’re may be less expensive units out there, but Niles is proven, as they cater to custom installers. The first thing I did was apply two coats of primer, via spray can, then two coats of glossy paint, spray of course. The installation is a challenge, but if you’ve worked with Niles before, this project will be easier. You must wire up with 16 gauge speaker wire. Also, open up the terminals, until they click back in a open position. Not easy, but don’t be afraid, because you’ll need to apply pressure on the clips to insert your wire. Don’t attempt to life up and hole to insert your speaker wire. Open it up all the way, all eight clips. Remember, one side you’ll wire up from the speaker wire coming from your amp or AVR. The other side is Speaker Out. Pay attention to your colors on each wire. If you’re splicing into your existing run, you’ll need to go to Amazon, Big Box, or your local hardware store and pickup Outdoor Butt Splices, (at least 8), and Butt Splice your run. You’ll need a crimper tool, it you don’t have on. Watch a You Tube video How to Butt Spice, if you’re not familiar. Not difficult for the entire install, but it does take time. For most applications, assuming you’re running 8 ohms speakers, leave the default setting on the board to 1X. The quality for this device is excellent. The price is right, and absolutely worth $90, worth every penny.Read more

  2. Zeke

    This is a very well made unit for my garage/patio speakers. It saves me the inconvenience of going into the house to make volume adjustments. I had no idea how often I would use this device until I had one. Turn it up when I’m working in the yard or driveway, turn it down inside the garage, up for my favorite songs, down for the others, etc. It does take 14ga wire just fine! I’ve heard others say they had a problem with it. That size wire is necessary for the almost 50′ run, so very little power and sound quality is lost. I only wish it was a continuously variable control, but at least 12 steps is a wide range. I only use 3 or 4 steps but I would like to make very fine adjustments. Wiring inside the box is very tight so the speaker wires touch the internals but it doesn’t get hot. I used $8 worth of 1/2″ white PVC to route the wires inside the garage so I don’t have exposed speaker wire hanging out. Love it!Read more

  3. GK

    Heavy duty unit with good seals. Mounting from the inside will be done instead of the tabs. I used 16 gauge wire stripped back 1/2”. Then used a soldering iron to tin the exposed copper wire. Then used wire cutters to trim the tinned wire so it would fit into the mini “bear trap” contacts. Do not try to shove bare stranded and twisted wire into the contacts. You will become very angry.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I had similar issues installing this thing as outlined in other reviews. It is very difficult to get the wires installed into the connector(s) and dressed around the inner components. This took much longer than it should. Another issue I had is that the deck post I attached this to is about 1/8″ too narrow to fit the box. The deck post is a standard 4×4 piece of wood. I had to custom cut a small piece of wood to use as a filler in order to get it to sit snugly. It isn’t pretty, but it works. They should have designed this with the tabs on the top and bottom, not the sides. That way it would fit a standard 4×4 post.Read more

  5. Brian R

    I installed 2 of these to control outdoor speakers in separate zones. The product works great and having volume controls is very handy. However, these were a real pain to install. I used 14 gauge wire because of having some longer runs. It was really, really, I mean really hard to get the controller inside the box because the wires come in from the bottom in the center of the box leaving too little room for the controller to fit even before it is connected. I would recommend using a larger outdoor box if you are running thick wire.Read more

  6. T. Fischer

    This replaced a Monoprice knock-off that burned out after less than a year and took my amp with it (blew a channel permanently). Normally I like Monoprice’s stuff but this annoyed me for obvious reasons. I bit the bullet and bought this Niles one (I’d already been using a Niles control indoors for other speakers, but cheaped out when we added the outdoor ones). Yes I had the jumpers set correctly, proper loads, etc. etc.I’ve only had this one about six months now but so far it’s been working great. If that ever changes I’ll update this review, but as for now, highly recommended.Read more

  7. tom stuck

    It works great. I initially had to figure out how to connect thicker gage speaker wires. It was easy onceI figured that the connectors open up and then you can place the wires into the connectors. It is reallynice to adjust the volume from the front deck. I will really appreciate it more during summer.Read more

  8. Ken K

    High quality and well waterproofed. A full silcone gasket between the cover and housing, having good fit on the stem of the volume control so as to make water almost impenetrable. The switch setting for ohm/# of speakers doesn’t appear to make much difference whatever setting it’s on. Very happy with purchase and promptly delivered.Read more

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