0C1117OM6TN139 Beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 250 ohm over-ear studio headphones in black. Closed production, wired for studio use, best for blending in the studio

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  • closed over-ear headphones for expert mixing in the studio
  • perfect for studio recordings way to their natural and high-decision sound
  • the tender, circumaural and repalceable velour ear pads ensure excessive wearing comfort
  • difficult-sporting, durable and strong workmanship made in germany
  • practical single-sided cable (three. 0m coiled cable)
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from the producer

absolutely the studio traditional

proven pleasant over a few years – now not simply the popular preference among specialists.

for years now, expert users all around the international have positioned their believe in our conventional variety: dt 770/880/990 pro. The studio reference headphone boasts extraordinarily detailed resolution and really transparent sound.

the dt 770 seasoned is the closed studio headphone that boasts spectacular sound quantity.


the dt 770 seasoned headphones continue to be the top choice for tune manufacturers, sound technicians and broadcast users and are a firmly established piece of gadget in studios worldwide. Those headphones are in particular appealing to specialists attributable to their bass reference competencies, but also because of the spacious duplicate that is sincerely super for closed headphones.

the dt 770 pro is incidentally additionally a great hello-fi alternative for song fans and non-professionals.

enjoys reference repute amongst sound specialists.

the acoustic definition of the dt 770 seasoned is extraordinary. The level of musical detail revealed make those headphones best for monitoring functions. Extremely-low bass sounds are defined and reproduced crisply. High frequencies are translated to an analytical, clean and differentiated sound. The spatial reproduction of these headphones is notable regardless of presenting first-rate isolation from the outside global.

the strong spring steel headband ensures a relaxed and secure fit for the wearer. Gentle, adjustable earcups provide for brought consolation while carrying for long intervals. The unmarried-sided cable allows the dt 770 pro to be put on and taken off regularly without cables getting inside the manner.

product description

the dt 770 pro (250 ohms) is a closed dynamic headphone that is right for professional use as a monitoring headphone in studios or at the circulate. Nominal sound stress level 96 db


32 OHM, 80 OHM, 250 OHM


Black, Gray

3 reviews for 0C1117OM6TN139 Beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 250 ohm over-ear studio headphones in black. Closed production, wired for studio use, best for blending in the studio

  1. E

    There haven’t been many reviews out there that cover the differences between the different versions available of this product. I found myself in the possession of both the 80ohm and 250ohm so hopefully this can be helpful to someone!The first thing I would like to note is that the 80ohm version has a straight cable whereas the 250ohm version has a coiled cable. This difference has a non-obvious impact on comfort: the coiled cable of the 250ohm version makes the headphones feel heavier. That’s because there is more cable that “hangs” off your head. Because the headphones are already pretty lightweight themselves (~270 g) it does make a small but perceivable difference. The straight cable is pretty long so while it will work great at the studio, work or home, it would most likely be a major annoyance if you were planning to use these on the go.DIFFERENCES IN SOUNDThe differences between the two models I’ve reviewed (80ohm and 250ohm) are subtle but they are there. It’s definitely true that the 80ohm version has slightly more bass whereas the 250ohm version has more pronounced highs. I personally love when the bass in a song really pulls you in and makes you want to dance on your desk. With the 80ohm version, I definitely get that. With the other, I kept thinking to myself that the bass was nice, but always a little less impactful than I wished for. If you are the kind of person that boosts the volume of your music until the bass is strong enough, then definitely go for the 80ohm version. I know it’s the more expensive version (as of this writing) but you’ll be glad you spent the extra.I have noticed that these headphones need at least a couple of hours of “burn-in” to sound their best. So if you’re not super happy with the sound (to me the 250ohms sounded a little harsh at first) then set your headphones in a safe spot and play some pink noise for a couple of hours or even overnight then try again. I know that the effects of burn-in in headphones are a highly debated and controversial subject in the audiophile community. My opinion is that it’s the only (virtually) free method of possibly improving the sound of your headphones prior to first use. So why not give it a try?IMPEDANCE AND AMPLIFICATIONWhy would you consider these really nice headphones if you’re not interested in good sound? The biggest improvement in sound quality I’ve ever noticed after getting nice headphones was when I bought a DAC/AMP. These things really do make a difference. Get a Fiio, Centrance Slim or something like that and you won’t regret it. If you plan on using these on the go (which I wouldn’t recommend because they are fairly big) then definitely go for the 80ohm.ON COMFORTOne of my favorite feature of those headphones is the detachable headband pad. One thing I was able to do is to cut some NERF darts, cut them in half and slide them in the headband where needed. This allowed the headphones to make better contact with a larger surface on my head, reducing pressure and discomfort. You can also bend the headband a little bit (it is made of metal after all) but I found that the extra padding allowed me to really adapt these to feel great on my head. These headphones are relatively light. The ear pads can get hot after a while but I’ve notice that effect decrease over time.CONCLUSIONI was looking for the perfect closed-back headphones to use at work. They would need to be comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time and sound great. The Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro 80ohm are perfect for that. I highly recommend them!Read more

  2. Tyler Jay Ozment

    These Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro’s are built to last and will bestow a severely pleasurable audio experience into your brain that your ears will surely be thanking you for at this years Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, its all your ears will probably talk about, your guests will no doubt think “Hey, what a nice gesture that this person has made. I respect that”. Boom, and just like that you have gained a great product and a higher respect from your peers.If you are considering these to be your first step toward high end cans and away from your run of the mill, pseudo-high-grade equipment (Ex. Beats by Dre), then I especially recommend them.I’m using these with the SMSL T2 2X6J9 amplifier, with the stock tubes. Before receiving that I was using a small Squier SP-10 guitar amp to push these, however there was significant background ambient noise. Moving onto using the SMSL amp, I am disappointed with the lack of volume it’s willing to provide, not to mention its utter lack of goals and ambitions. So don’t make the mistake I did, buy a better (more expensive) headphone amplifier.In terms of sound, they do produce a decent enough flat response. Anything under 30hz is not going to be represented very well. I say this because I just read someones review stating they were rattling their brain with these pushing 5Hz frequencies. I tested this for shigs. Obviously, it didn’t work out well, or at all. More obvious, is that the previously mentioned review was authored by a rampant drug user in the midst of an every-drug-ever-made binge . With that being said, frequencies are represented in a respectable manner for headphones and are an excellent entry into higher quality headphones. I personally use these for casual listening. If you’re looking for production value on a budget might I suggest you consider a pair of PreSonus Eris 3.5″ NF Reference Monitors for $100. Unless you’re specifically banished to headphones because of an attempted voodoo love spell gone horrifyingly wrong. I’ve been there.Just BUY THEM already! and if you don’t love them just return them, because no matter how many reviews you read you’re going to have to experience them yourself. Don’t allow someone else to make up your mind for you here, the subjective beauty of audio is that there’s no right opinion here, it all comes down to your own beautiful biases . However, if you buy these and choose to return them to go back to your skullcandys, you’re clearly harboring masochistic characteristics and I urge you to please visit a psychiatrist.Oh wait, there is one complaint I’d like to air out here. The headphone bag is generic looking as hell. Its super weak. It was severely disappointing to say the least. This is coming from someone who (weirdly, I know) very much enjoys boxes, containers, and other similar items that hold or organize things.Read more

  3. Chad

    I initially bought these headphones to replace my Sony MDR-7506s which had broken due to me mishandling them.Sound:I mainly use these headphones for music production, recording, and general listening. The frequency response on them is very clear and neutral. What I like most about these headphones is that they don’t color sound. When you hear bass, it’s that bass. It’s not boosted or reduced by the headphones so if you use them to mix, you aren’t deceived into thinking your song sounds like something it’s not.Quality:These headphones are of suburb quality. The headband and ear cups surround your ears and head and it feels like a perfect fit when you adjust them. You can also change the band covering if it ever wears out or becomes otherwise damaged. I have yet to change mine and I’ve had these headphones for two years. The padding on the ear cups is a suede type of material and it doesn’t feel sweaty if you wear them for a long time and they also don’t wear out. They’re still just as puffy as the day I bought them.Read more

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