0C1113LWRCB315 Polk audio psw10 10″ powered subwoofer – strength port era, as much as a hundred watts, big bass in compact design, smooth setup with home theater systems black

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  • powered subwoofer for additonal bass & punch – a ten-inch dynamic balance woofer & a uniquely configured directed port affords correct bass with brought depth that brings your track and movies alive. An ideal solution in your small-to-mid size room
  • louder clearer sound even at excessive quantity – revel in a interesting but balanced tune enjoy with rich, deep sound, even at low frequencies. Blends without problems with any speaker and performs the most disturbing nodes resultseasily with none distortion
  • double the amplifier electricity to one hundred watts of dynamic energy with its in-constructed 50-watt rms amp. State-of-the-art engineering with first-rate in elegance resonance-unfastened driving force materials make this sub incredibly durable and match for prolonged use
  • smooth to combine with current systems – hook up this sub to the receiver and upgrade your music sound right away. Features constantly variable 80-one hundred sixty hz crossover and 40-160 hz (-3db) frequency response
  • a swish removable grille on the front, speaker and line-degree inputs in addition to speaker-level outputs at the returned, and a phase toggle transfer for more than one subwoofers, make this sub cohesive and whole
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from the manufacturer

  • psw enclosures are designed and engineered for best quantity, minutely tuned for distortion-loose low frequencies, and internally braced and damped to take away inner standing waves and other overall performance-robbing resonances.
  • this unique configuration uses a in particular tuned and directed port to more correctly produce maximum bass effect.
  • precise design keeps your subwoofer solid and constant even at radical volume ranges, for more green use of strength. No greater “escaped washing gadget” syndrome.

    our modern day klippel distortion analyzer optimizes the woofer’s motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension for clean, unimpeded motion over a huge spectrum of the decrease frequencies to make sure the fine, most green performance even at extreme listening stages.

    psw collection subwoofers outperform the opposition with durable, resonance-free dynamic stability motive force materials that stay stiff and pass rapid. You revel in deep, musical low frequencies and thrilling outcomes with advanced gadget blending.


  • audio inputs: stereo line level – (2) rca, pair (l/r) analog rca.
  • speaker inputs: (2) pair of spring terminals.
  • outputs:

  • audio outputs & speaker outputs.
  • (2) pair of spring terminals.
  • precise layout keeps your subwoofer solid and consistent even at radical extent levels, for greater green use of energy. No extra ‘escaped washing device’ syndrome.


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    PSW10, PSW10 + Center Channel Speaker, PSW10 + Subwoofer Cable

    5 reviews for 0C1113LWRCB315 Polk audio psw10 10″ powered subwoofer – strength port era, as much as a hundred watts, big bass in compact design, smooth setup with home theater systems black

    1. Chester Chan

      I had gone through three smaller 8” subwoofers before, then came across the glowing reviews for the PSW10. It was every bit as good as they say, like 200% better than anything I had before. I was so impressed with the musical performance (tightness and accuracy) that I began budgeting for something even better. Plenty of audiophile forums claimed the SVS SB12-NSD was light years ahead of the PSW10, although it also costed 5x more. After breaking in my new SVS, I found those claims to be much exaggerated. The biggest difference of course, being a 12”, it could reach down to a bone-rattling 15Hz, which I like, but may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For every other attribute, the PSW10 was 90% the quality of the SVS for essentially 20% the cost. When I say 90% the quality, I mean I had to replay a bunch of songs side by side with both subwoofers, and assigned a subjective 10% more tightness to the SVS. Maybe some audiophiles consider that last 10% improvement night and day, but I just call it 10%, as in only really noticeable when compared side to side. In conclusion, I concur with many other reviewers, you can’t go wrong with the PSW10. Nothing can touch it at its price point.Read more

    2. the eliminator

      I ordered 2 of these because I had a Denon receiver with 2 sub outs. First world problem, I know, but I figured I might as well try it. I read an article on an A/V forum arguing that 2 lesser expensive woofers is better in a home theater than 1 single premium one, because it will fill the room better and matter less where you’re sitting for how you hear the bass response.Let me tell you, I am blown away. I have one on either side in front near the L/R channels. They sound fantastic with games, music and movies. My theater in a box sub this is replacing sounds terrible by comparison. I watched the Dark Knight and it is crazy how much more oomph guns, cars, and punches have with the better bass and music such as the Tron Legacy soundtrack or the theme from Planet Earth and the Inception soundtrack sound just incredible. Weapons firing and explosions in games such as Battlefield 1 will shake the walls if you want them to.I’m sure a single one of these would already be a huge upgrade over theater in a box subwoofers, but with a pair, they really shine. Highly recommended.Read more

    3. Keith A. Goodnough

      I bought two of these because my Definitive Technologies Pro Sub 1000 died after 8 years. I solely based the purchase on the reviews/price point. My receiver has two outputs for subwoofers so I decided to get two when I only had the one DT. I have to say I was initially a bit underwhelmed. I was expecting a lot more bass, especially via two subs, but that was not the case. It just didn’t have the same effect as my DT. Now the DT cost close to $500, and BOTH of these cost under 200 so what did I expect, right? After fooling with the output of both my receiver and the speakers, I did finally get a somewhat decent sound that I can live with. I have to keep the volumn totally turned up on the subs to achieve the results I like. I only had to have the DT at half. I do not play music on my system, strictly TV, or movies so I have no review of that sound quality. Overall, not bad, but I’m glad add I got two.*** Additional review after two days: OK, I will now rate these as 5 star after I figured out that it was operator error/mistake in my receiver setup that caused the lack of bass from these speakers. I found out that I did not have the output to the subwoofer turned up from minimal. Once I cranked it up, Voila, more bass! Excellent. Now I can turn down the master volume on the speaker to just bit above 1/2. I was also having an issue with the auto shutoff feature not working. It would go into sleep mode but then would not wake up on a signal return. Well, that again was caused by me not having a high enough output to the subwoofer on my receiver. Another issue solved, now it works great. Very happy now…..great purchase.Read more

    4. LS Echo

      This is a great, quality product from an industry leader, at an affordable price. I honestly do not think you can find a better sub for the money. This thing exceeds all expectations as an entry-level audio component. I purchased this on Amazon with free Prime shipping for less than $110. Amazing…Fantastic, deep, thundering sound for my home theater system. Excellent response. It also adds the thrill of “being there” when I play first-person-shooters on the PS4 (COD: Ghosts is still my favorite!). It’s actually a bit OVER powered for what I am using it for, however I just use the volume/power knob and turn it down until the bass matches the need (music vs. movie vs. gaming, etc). As another reviewer noted, DO NOT let the 50 watts RMS spec deter you or fool you into thinking this thing is underpowered… it is NOT. :)A big plus is that it comes with both speaker-level and line-level inputs. I was a bit disappointed that it did not include an LFE input, however. No big deal though. It also has a variable crossover and volume knob. See the pic I included for the full set of back panel features available to the end user. It may help some of you to understand the connection options at your disposal.I used it to replace the cheap 6″ subwoofer that my Pioneer “home theater in a box” came with. The difference is astounding. I also had to replace the Pioneer receiver because the display went out and a couple of the channels quit working, so I bought a Pioneer VSX-530-K… it works well with this Polk subwoofer.If I ever need to upgrade my home theater system, I know I can keep this sub because it will fit right in with a higher-end system.Read more

    5. Suzy F Homemaker

      Sounds great, can’t beat the price. I listen to blues and classical, so just needed a bit to fill in the bottom end. Folks into heavy thump might be disappointed. If I ever need a kidney stone dissolved, I’ll turn it all the way up and see what happens.Read more

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