0C1113IMZ9T895 Bic america bicrtrv442 rtrv44-2 indoor/outside 3-way speakers – black

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  • flexible indoor/outdoor audio system
  • drivers: . Five fluid-cooled tweeter, 2 wide dispersion midrange & four woofer
  • unfastened rasp: 80 hz20 khz
  • crossover: 2k, 6k
  • flexible indoor/outside audio system
  • drivers: . 5 inch fluid-cooled tweeter, 2 inch extensive dispersion midrange & four inch woofer
  • freq resp: 50 hz – 18 khz
  • crossover: 2k, 6k

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product description

the 3-manner bookshelf v44 audio system are ideal for both tune and domestic theater. Speaker enclosures and display screen grilles are weather resistant for outdoor use. Video protecting, integrated energy safety, better electricity handling & large shelves for advanced bass are advantages in comparison to the 43-2. The v44-2 also includes wire & mounting brackets.

Product Dimensions

12.75, x, 12, x, 7, inches

Item Weight

8.9, pounds


Bic, America



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4.0, out, of, 5, stars, 74, ratings, 4.0, out, of, 5, stars

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#249, 731, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #572, in, Outdoor, Speakers

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Date First Available

August, 29, 2005

7 reviews for 0C1113IMZ9T895 Bic america bicrtrv442 rtrv44-2 indoor/outside 3-way speakers – black

  1. Amazon Customer

    Remember that you get what you pay for when buying these…they are a pair of sub $30 speakers. If you have been spoiled with a nice home theater system by the same company (BIC America) then you will be disappointed..that said, most of their speakrs for home theaters are $100+/speaker. Also remember that these are bookshelf speakers that are designed to be augmented with a subwoofer.If you keep these things in mind and have a subwoofer to cover the lows, it will be tough to be disappointed in what you get for $30. The lows are completely missing on these speakers, the mids are there and the highs are quite sharp…most of this can be fixed with a good subwoofer set on a 150khz crossover.Even with those ‘cons’ to them, they still sound better than any other bookshelves I’ve heard under $50/piece.if the sound isn’t crucial (like outdoor on a deck or maybe on a boat or somethign) then these are a stealRead more

  2. S Reese

    Okay, like everyone else I read through the reviews and was a little skeptical about these. However, for the price I decided to try them out. I bought these for outdoor use and hung them under the overhang on my patio. I didn’t really want to spend big money on outdoor speakers because I will rarely get to blast them since i have neighbors all around me. I just wanted to be able to listen to music while hanging out in the back yard, so I wasn’t expecting these to be very loud. Well once I tried them out, I couldn’t believe how clear and loud these are!! These things put out a lot of sound!! Pretty solid construction too!! I will agree about them not having much bass since they are not ported, but the mids and highs sound great!! If you are on the fence about buying these, for the price you will not be dissappointed!!Read more

  3. Two kids mom

    You can not beat them for the price. They come with mounting brackets which were very easy to put up,long speaker wire (about 15 ft worth), hardware to install them and put out very acceptable sound that can easily be heard 25 feet from the speakers. The manual does say that if they are outside they need to be protected from direct rain (such as under the eaves). Ours are under the eaves and it did rain hard today and they are working fine, even playing actually in the rain. By the way, they are 8 ohm speakers, the description here on Amazon says 8? which I suppose is because they do not have an ohm sign.I bought these to keep the bobcats away. Really. We live in New Mexico out in the mountains and there have been some problems with bobcats in people backyards lately. According to our local experts they do not like noise. So I got these so the kids could play outside and there would be constant sound to deter the bobcats. Unless we have bobcats who like High School Musical we should be in good shape.Read more

  4. Clubbby

    Using this as rear surround and am pleased with the sound. Same as the few other reviews I read, the sound is crisp and clear. It doesn’t produce low ranges very well, I would give it 4 stars were that a concern for me but my fronts have solid woofers and I have a sub so they get to keep their 5 stars.It comes packaged with everything! It has mounting brackets, which we used to hang on it’s side. It comes with a good length of speaker wire, 18 gauge I’d guess. I cannot attest to the quality as I had already run 16 gauge wire prior to receiving these, but considering how superb everything else is I’m sure it’s good quality wire too.Read more

  5. Liwei Sheng

    I paid only about $25. The case is plastic, not as good as aluminum case. I found the bass is lacking compared with my other speaker with similar size driver. I took it apart and found the reason. The drivers for high and low frequency are both 4 Ohm, they connected in parallel and tweeter is in series with a 3.3uF cap. The whole driver is connected through a 100uF cap which in in theory has a high pass corner of 400Hz, this is the reason why the bass is lacking. For some people dislike the bass sound, the speaker will sound ok. I short the 100uF cap, and the bass is back there, a little boomy for my taste but much better than no bass. The woofer appears good quality for this price. The tweeter is definitely better than most PC speaker at this price range, but it is not a doom tweeter. The third speaker is piezoelectric driver which I always regards lowly. The tweeter is reversely connected to woofer, I tried to connect it in same phase but did not find it sound much differently or much better, I restored it to its original connection for lack of proper equipment to adjust it. There are also some thermal protection resistor in series with the driver as claimed in the product description. Overall these are ok speakers for outdoors and conservatively designed, should last. As bookshelf speaker, for this price range they are ok if you can do the modification. But there are better ones for higher price more suitable.Read more

  6. Titus from Texas

    Bought four of these, hooked it into a Yamaha RX-V371 receiver. Sound is intense, I use them as HTPC speakers. I’m satisfied.I tried to register them with BicAmerica, they state they don’t do registrations anymore. If I ever have a problem with them just show them the receipt and they replace it. Simple, honest guarantee.I’ve only had these for a couple of months now, and unfortunately with life being what it is these days, I don’t have a lot of time to use the products I’ve bought. But someday, I may update this review, and hopefully, I’ll still have good thing to say.Read more

  7. Kindle Customer

    I wanted to improve the vocal clarity of my rear surround speakers. With my old Dual LS203 speakers, the bass was there but was difficult distinguishing the many different inflections of the human voice especially with foreign films. Simply, I wanted a cheap but decent pair of speakers that would improve on the dialogue portion. Otherwise, good, clear and excellent speakers with very lite bass which is taken care of by a subwoofer. With the free shipping $24.99 + 9.62 for some batteries, you can get an absolutely tremendous deal and have some leftover cash to buy something else. Highly recommended.Read more

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