0C1113385AR446 Shoulder dolly moving straps – lifting strap for two movers – flow, raise, convey, and comfortable furniture, home equipment, heavy, bulky objects competently, effectively, greater without problems just like the execs – vital transferring supplies – ld1000

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  • by way of coming into your model number.
  • hold hands/arms loose -the shoulder dolly identified the want to your fingers to be unconstrained. The want for stabilization, opening doorways, and normal balance is all attained.
  • correctly elevate and circulate – ergonomically designed to sell and facilitate right lifting strategies. Built with heavy-duty materials, the shoulderdolly can raise as much as 800 lbs
  • reduce returned ache – lower back ache and pressure is avoided through making sure right lifting strategies and utilizing the frame’s most powerful muscular tissues, the legs and torso. Considerably reduces stress on fingers and fingers.
  • versatility – due to the seemingly unlimited adjustability of the strap through the buckle, customers can circulate and lift heavy, cumbersome furniture simpler than ever.
  • one length fits all – differences within the height of movers are conquer because of the adjustability of the webbing thru the buckle.

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from the manufacturer

the shoulderdolly tale

shoulderdolly knows your shifting wishes and has been supporting the united states pass heavy, cumbersome masses for greater than 15 years. At the beginning evolved through a professional mover to make lifting easier, now you can also circulate like a expert and store cash.

diy mover or professional mover, on a budget or

no longer, the shoulderdolly will help you flow appropriately, without problems and efficiently.

  • ergonomic, greater extensive shoulder harness for higher comfort
  • prevents lower back, knee & arm stress
  • perfect for transferring appliances, massive television’s, furnishings or definitely any massive, bulky objects
  • save you harm to floors, walls & doors
  • geared up to move in 30 seconds
  • area saving storage, not like traditional wheeled dolly’s
  • keep cash & flow like a pro
  • a multitude of makes use of

    lessen the danger of damage

    & lower back stress

    lessen harm to doors,

    partitions & floors

    infinitely adjustable to suit

    any item

    the emblem depended on & used by

    extra a hit movers

    geared up to use in 30 seconds

    function the harness over

    your head with the “x” within the

    middle of your again.

    center the lifting strap under

    the majority of the burden of the

    object being moved.

    weave lifting strap thru

    the buckle and adjust to

    your peak for that reason.

    push in opposition to the object as

    you get up – now you’re

    shifting just like the pros!

    shoulderdolly blessings

    palms are unfastened to no longer simplest stabilize

    hundreds, but also to open doorways and

    operate light switches, and so forth.

    particular and patented buckle layout

    lets in for adjustment to suit virtiually

    any item being moved, fast.

    a miles thicker strap distributes weight

    extra uniformly as well as more

    quite simply than traditional structures.

    product description

    product description

    make shifting feel effortless with the shoulder dolly 2-person lifting and shifting gadget. With the aid of using the ergonomic shoulder harnesses, movers and lifters can raise with out fear with the aid of lifting and securing items higher than ever. No longer best will home equipment, tvs, furniture, and all different heavy, bulky objects be more comfy when using the shoulder dolly, but again pain and strain can be avoided through putting the paintings on the frame’s strongest muscles and using proper lifting techniques. Whether you’re a professional mover, transport crew, or simply transferring residences, you could move big items while maintaining your palms unfastened to maneuver doorways, manipulate stairs, and stabilize items even better without putting the lifting stress to your hands. The adjustability of the strap will permit not most effective limitless variety of movement for the movers however can even permit for transferring and lifting nearly any possible item, up to 800 lbs heavy and 10 ft lengthy. This 2-character system became designed via a professional mover to ease the load of lifting heavy and cumbersome objects. The kit incorporates two harnesses and one 12′ lengthy x five” extensive lifting strap.

    from the manufacturer

    the shoulderdolly offers you a hand in shifting the heavy stuff–and decreases again, arm, and hand pressure. This 2-individual gadget become designed by a professional mover to ease the burden of lifting heavy and bulky objects. The kit contains harnesses and one 12′ lengthy x 5″ wide lifting strap. To boost an object, both humans will slip the harness over their head, region the lifting strap below the item, squat to adjust the webbing for variations in their heights and the weight of the item, then get up! The shoulderdolly encourages secure lifting techniques and decreases the danger of damage. Removes harm resulting from hand vehicles and traditional dollies–no greater marring partitions, flooring, doorways, or furnishings. The shoulderdolly lifting system makes lifting big/bulky/heavy gadgets easier! By way of using herbal leverage, the shoulderdolly lifting machine permits two human beings to keep right upright posture whilst lifting any heavy item. The shoulderdolly works together with the muscle organizations to your legs and shoulders. The robust harness fits with ease over your shoulders and by using your legs, the shoulderdolly substantially decreases stress and the risk of injury to your decrease back, arms, biceps and forearms. It’s a established manner to move large cumbersome items, effectively, without problems and more effectively than a shifting dolly. The endorsed wearing ability is as much as 800 lbs, but, that is challenge to the lifters capability. Every set weighs four lbs. One shoulderdolly set includes the whole lot you want for two people.


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    6 reviews for 0C1113385AR446 Shoulder dolly moving straps – lifting strap for two movers – flow, raise, convey, and comfortable furniture, home equipment, heavy, bulky objects competently, effectively, greater without problems just like the execs – vital transferring supplies – ld1000

    1. James C.

      We bought this strap because of the 4+ star review and was excited to receive it in our warehouse which we occasionally need to move heavy items from 200- 300 lb item with 2 men up a flight of stairs. Followed the instruction to the letter. Pick up the item up alright just as pictured. As we walked up stairs, the locking mechanism for the person on top of the stairs slipped. Most of the weight dropped to the person below and I had to take the harness off quick to rescue the guy at the bottom.Tried it again with another piece with the same result. Returned for safety concern. I am surprised this company has not been sued to the ground yet.Read more

    2. Randi

      I don’t know how to review this. They worked and helped us in the moving process however we almost died using them. We were bringing a washer up the basement stairs and the washer slid down the belt towards my boyfriend then started coming loose from my harness. We were only 2 steps from the top when this happened but it scared us to death! If that washer had fallen it would have taken him out! He would have fallen down stairs, hit concrete floor, then had a washer smash into him! It did work better on lighter things like a dresser and on the mattress but be very careful if you buy this and use it on things that could kill you. Oh it also rubbed out knecks and left pretty deep red rub burns on our knecks… we are bad a**es. Lol, middle aged people moving furniture, that are very happy to still be alive!Read more

    3. Moonlightbiker

      This is a very difficult review for me. My son and I used these straps to move an upright piano. I’m going to guess it weighted a good 600lbs. I don’t think there is any way we could have moved it without these straps, but even with them it almost killed us. Keep in mind we are both major athletes capable of pressing massive amounts of weight. Walking across the room was extremely hard, and going up 4 steps… I’m still not sure how we pulled that off.The strap held up great. The harness cut into our shoulders quite a bit, but held up strong too. Locking in the strap was a breeze and there was no slippage at all, even with 600 lbs on it. My only issue is their claim of how you can easy lift and move refrigerators and heavy objects. If you’re lifting something major you’d better be incredibly, and I mean well above average, strong or this isn’t going to help you at all, and if you have a bad back then don’t dream of using these.That being said… the piano is in our house.Read more

    4. RHR3

      We could not use these to move anything. I thought the refrigerator was going to smash us as we tried to raise it up 5 steps using the straps. It is very complicated and the directions are not very clear. It was a comedy of errors as the two of us strapped into this death trap and rise a small refrigerator up the front steps into the house. I thought it would be a shameful way to die, strapped together with a 18 sq/ft fridge smashing us both. The vultures pecking out our flesh when the neighbors found our bodies the next day. The level of anxiety created over these strap traps was not worth it. Back away from this purchase, folks. Just hire a moving company.Read more

    5. Eman

      My Wife and I have 4 girls. My oldest daughter is in high school which means we have no help moving stuff in the house. This year we are moving from New York to North Carolina and this product is going to help make a big difference. I highly recommend this to anyone. I hope this review helpsRead more

    6. Tea

      My husband and I just finished our first do-it-yourself cross country move. I was anxious about moving because I didn’t know how we were going to move our heavy furniture. We have a large glass-front hutch, a HUGE Credenza and multiple dressers, and I am only 145 lbs with average arm strength. We didn’t have the money to hire movers, so my husband suggested this. We got the hang of it pretty quickly. It’s two harnesses that each person slips over their torso with a heavy duty metal slot to fit the webbing strap through. You place the strap under the object and feed the webbing through each harness and squat, then tighten the strap adjusting for height and weight of the object. There were a few objects that we still struggled with, simply because of their size, but we were able to get all the furniture in our home into the moving truck in about 4 hours, including padding and strapping down.Once we got to our new home, with the help of the shoulder dolly, we were able to unpack the truck in about 5 hours, boxes, furniture and all, and we moved a washer and dryer into our home easily.Maybe I should have mentioned this, but my husband and I also both have pretty severe back pain that is exacerbated when we lift or move improperly, and we have both hurt ourselves moving furniture in the past because of this. The Shoulder Dolly alleviated that and aside from general soreness from heavy lifting and sleeping on floors, we came out the other end of our move pain-free.If you have any doubts about this product, watch a few videos on how to make it work. It saved us hundreds of dollars in moving fees.Read more

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