0C1112GUWFL495 Sennheiser rs120 ii on-ear wi-fi rf headphones with charging cradle

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  • consists of (1) wireless headphones, (1) wireless transmitter that acts because the headphone charging cradle and (2) aaa nimh rechargeable batteries
  • lightweight radio frequency (rf) wireless, on-ear headphones to be used with television and hello-fi audio
  • interference-loose reception through partitions, ceilings and exterior up to three hundred toes
  • now not compatible with bluetooth generation
  • transmitter connects directly to any tool with analog audio output (rca jack or headphone out)

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from the manufacturer

rs 120

rf wi-fi headphones

the rs a hundred and twenty rf (radio frequency) wi-fi headphone lets you experience sound without the bulky cables associated with traditional headphones. This system features a lightweight on-ear headphone that receives sound from a transmitter base whilst connected to an analog output of any audio source (like a television, sound machine or computer). The sound fine is conventional sennheiser; exact and balanced with excellent clarity and bass response. Those lightweight headphones, providing a padded headscarf for consolation are ideal for lengthy listening or tv watching periods.

rs one hundred twenty rf wireless headphones offer notable performance and cost. They draw on many years of sennheiser engineering understanding to make certain top rate sound excellent, reliability and durability.

this wireless headphone gadget comes with an easy to apply recharging device. The headphones are powered with nimh batteries (blanketed). As soon as mounted within the headphone ear cups, the batteries are recharged by definitely putting the headphones at the transmitter base. The transmitter additionally features an automatic on/off circuit. It powers on while the linked audio source is activated without switches or buttons! 5 mins after the audio supply is grew to become off, the transmitter shuts off to conserve electricity and battery existence.


wi-fi freedom – interference loose reception for stereo sound thru walls, ceilings & outdoors up to three hundred feet

extraordinary sound – open-aire layout offers detailed, warm sound with strong bass reaction is good for television and hello-fi audio use

excessive comfort – light-weight on-ear design perfect for lengthy listen classes

easy set up – transmitter connects directly to any device with analog audio output (rca jack or headphone out)

3 rf channels – selector allows you to pick out an interference-unfastened channel for clean reception

smooth recharge – wall mountable transmitter doubles as a charging unit – headphones are recharged while stored at the steel cradle

long battery lifestyles – supplied aaa nimh rechargeable batteries offer more or less 20 hours of operation* (*battery performance varies with use and set up environment)

headphone control – volume, on/off and tuning manage placed on the headphone

peace of mind – 2-12 months global warranty

extra headphones can be introduced to the rs one hundred twenty rf wireless machine allowing multiple listeners to experience the identical sound supply (model hrd one hundred twenty offered one at a time).

sennheiser recommends this headphone for all people looking an low priced, headphone cable free listening experience!

the rs a hundred and twenty rf wi-fi headphone transmitter connects to whatever with analog audio outputs. This includes television’s, audio additives, computers, capsules and cellular telephones which have a three. 5mm or 6. 3mm headphone socket, or rca audio output jacks. Rf wireless isn’t like minded with bluetooth era.

product description

the sennheiser rs one hundred twenty ii is a lightweight rf wi-fi headphone machine with open, supra aural headphones. It consists of: (1) hdr a hundred and twenty headphone, tr 120 transmitter (audio cable is attached), transmitter energy cable (in a small white container its there, consider us), (2) aaa nimh rechargeable batteries, rca to at least one/8″ audio adapter, 1/eight” to at least one/four” audio adapter, commands for use. Modulation fm stereo.

Product Dimensions

12.25, x, 8.75, x, 5.5, inches

Item Weight

7.1, ounces







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1, Lithium, Polymer, batteries, required.

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4.2, out, of, 5, stars, 21, 769, ratings, 4.2, out, of, 5, stars

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#62, in, On-Ear, Headphones, #119, in, Over-Ear, Headphones

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

December, 19, 2005

4 reviews for 0C1112GUWFL495 Sennheiser rs120 ii on-ear wi-fi rf headphones with charging cradle

  1. Bob

    Once I was able to get the unit to work, it worked as advertised. My hearing is going bad with age, this lets me crank up the sound without disturbing others in the room. The TV can be muted or low sound level and I can have the ear phones cranked up.Here are some VERY useful tips to insure you successfully get your set working if you order. You’ll only need to do this once to set things up.(1) plug the charger stand into the wall power, then put the batteries in the headset, let the unit charge over night. The red charging light will come on when the headset is in the stand and go out when the headset is removed. The red light never changes to signal a charge, its either on when the set is in the cradle or off when they are not.(2) then the next day, plug the charging stand sound jacks into the “output” sound jacks of your TV, (((FYI If everything is working right, you’ll always see a red light on the charging stand anytime the unit is plugged into the wall AND the headset is hanging on the stand, the green light above the charging light will come on only when the TV on and is sending sound to the unit )))(3) Turn on your TV, go to your TV’s set up menu, find the Audio or sound section, find the place where you can fix the analog and/or digital sound to “fixed output”, (it may say max output depending on your TV brand) and save the settings in your TV (if you do not do this step, the sound in your headphones will go up and down when you raise or lower your TV sound, changing this setting in your TV allows people in the room to adjust the TV speakers and will allow you to adjust your headphone set independently of each other) YOU SHOULD SEE A GREEN LIGHT ON THE CHARGING STAND IF YOUR TV IS OUTPUTTING TO IT. If not, figure out what is connected up wrong at your TV.(4) Take the headphones off the charger stand, turn on the head phones, adjust the sound level to about midway, put them on your head, then begin to adjust the tune dial on the headset. As you rotate the tuning dial you will hear the static sound change. Keep adjusting until you hear only the sound from the TV program you are watching and no static noise. Adjust your headset volume as needed too. If you are getting static and sound, keep trying with the tuning dial on the headset until only clear sound comes through.After figuring out how to make these work, I’m betting all of the returns and poor ratings are related to the poor instructions on set up instructions that come with these headphones. THEY ACTUALLY WORK GREAT, but I almost sent them back because it took me awhile to figure out how to properly set them up.If you or your spouse is having hearing problems and you do not like having the TV volume cranked up, these are a great way to return peace to the house. I would have given them a 5 star rating except for the weak instructions that came with the headset.Read more

  2. Bob

    I bought these headphones because I am hearing impaired and I wanted to be able to watch television with my wife without having to turn up the volume. When the headphones arrived, I followed the setup instructions closely. The instructions were clear, and I did not have any problems. I fully charged the batteries and installed them. The headphones worked well. The sound was clear. I was able to get reception from any room on the first floor of the house. Everything worked well for the first day. Then, the sound began cutting out and all I received was static. This happened several times an hour. I assumed the problem was interference from the fireplace fan, HVAC system, or some other electrical source. I eventually ruled them all out as the source of interference. Then, one evening, as I was watching television while wearing the headphones, I notice that the power light (green light) on the transmitter went out and all I could hear was static. Each time this happened the static started. There was no regular cycle to the problem. Sometimes it would work for an hour and then cut out every ten minutes. It appears there is an internal problem with the transmitter. Another irritating issue was the way the headphones fit on my head. Regardless of how I adjusted them, the headset was very loose and fell off with even the slightest movement of my head. I returned the headphones for a refund.Read more

  3. IroquoisPliskin

    Some customer said in an earlier review not to get caught wearing the headphones when the source goes silent. What happens is, as soon as the audio stops playing from the source [maybe in about 60 seconds], the base transmitter powers off. When that happens the headphones pick up loud white noise, but you can easily turn that down or turn the headset off. It is annoying, yes, but you can learn to anticipate it. There is no on or off button on the base transmitter, so it powers on when there is an input signal to it and powers off when there is no signal. so when your youtube video goes off, get ready for noise.the head phones work great for me, they are about the sound quality you would expect at this price range. and for anyone who cares, they are indeed RF, not bluetooth, so they wont be transmitting from your head, which is a big no-no for me. I sent back probably 6 or 7 bluetooth headsets because they were transmitting from the headset. I measured all of them with an electromagnetic detector meter and was seeing roughly 30 to 50 mW of radiation emanating from the headset. ALL OF THIS could be avoided if they don’t include controls or voice audio input on the headset so that the headset has no need to transmit anything from your head to the connected Bluetooth device. but thats not what the public wants, they want devices which can transmit and receive signalRead more

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is my third (and will be my last) set of wireless Senns. The first one was good, and lasted five years; the second one was serviceable, and lasted two years; this one is a disgrace. Palpably flimsier than the previous model, and actually defective right out of the box: the headphones won’t sit on the charger solidly enough to make a good electrical contact. Mine is currently held in place with a clamp. This isn’t a manufacturing flaw — it’s an engineering defect, the kind I seem to see more and more of as “design engineer” increasingly means “someone who knows how to draw pictures with a CAD program”.A pity — I’m a longtime fan of Sennheiser headphones, having bought my first set (of venerable made-in-Ireland HD580’s) back in the early nineties. These days I get lots of use out of my HD598’s — the silky highs, detailed midrange, concise bass, and airy soundstage are a pleasure. Too bad the brand has been on a steady downhill march for a few years.Read more

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