0C1111XXQ5N589 Polk audio rc6s in-ceiling 6. Five dual channel from a unmarried area ideal for damp and humid indoor/outside placement – bath, kitchen, covered porches (white, paintable grille)

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  • extremely good stereo sound for room with constrained area for most effective one speaker (with left and proper sound). Geared up with a dual voice coil 6. 5″ dynamic stability full bass woofer and (2) 0. Seventy five” metalized smooth dome tweeters that upload depth and detail for your music
  • an excellent desire for use in toilets, kitchens, saunas and blanketed porches! The rubber surrounds no longer simplest pressure higher reaction but additionally prevent moisture get entry to into those overhead audio system
  • out of the box, recessed and vanishing into the ceiling – no mess, no greater assembly – in three simple steps you may speedy and easily install this speaker
  • polk’s unwavering dedication, reliability, and craftsmanship has made it one of the most depended on names in domestic audio. Bring out the first-class in surround sound structures and acoustic excellence, so you can sit down again, loosen up and pay attention along with your coronary heart

from the producer

paintable grilles can help you construct them in, after which forget all approximately them; rci collection speakers nearly disappear into any room.

with countless baffle tuning, rci audio system make use of the “virtual enclosure” of your in-wall and in-ceiling space to enhance their bass reaction and clean low frequency blending with the midrange

rci collection audio system are timbre-matched to other polk audio system to insure totally seamless mixing from speaker to speaker in structures that integrate traditional and integrated audio system.

klippel motor optimization uses laser size era to make certain a smooth excursion path at either quit of the volume spectrum for uniform overall performance at each low and high volumes.

rustproof stainless-steel hardware, durable butyl rubber surrounds and powder coated aluminum (in-ceiling) & painted metallic (in-wall) grilles make rci collection speakers suitable for high moisture regions like toilets, transitional areas or even under eaves or inside the ceiling of an enclosed porch. (rci series are not suitable for uncovered out of doors use. For out of doors speaker a laugh, use our atrium series.)

smooth one-reduce, drop-in set up puts integrated audio inside reach, with ideal fit templates, a precision flange, and (available) pre-construction brackets; reap relaxed, vibration-free performance with a simple flip of the patented rotating cam gadget.

product description

the rc6s in-ceiling speaker gives you each channels of a stereo sign from a unmarried overhead region. It is perfect for a toilet, kitchen, hallway, or anywhere else that you want remarkable stereo sound from simply one hideaway speaker. Features dynamic balance woofer and dual dome tweeters that provide lifelike stereo imaging with a easy midrange, deep bass and clean, accurate highs. Clean set up in three steps – cut a hole, feed the wires via, and truely drop the speaker in – places integrated audio inside attain. The rotating cams relaxed the speakers effectively and make sure vibration-loose efficiency without a extra assembly or mess. Paintable grilles and its design that mimics a recessed lighting fixtures fixture permit the rc6s to mixture in flawlessly with the decor.


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8 reviews for 0C1111XXQ5N589 Polk audio rc6s in-ceiling 6. Five dual channel from a unmarried area ideal for damp and humid indoor/outside placement – bath, kitchen, covered porches (white, paintable grille)

  1. North

    I have this speaker installed in bathroom and can absolutely vouch for it being moisture resistant. My builder told me I was crazy for installing a speaker in a humid environment and that every one he had seen was rusted out in a year or two. Mine has been there for almost six years and I just popped off the cover to have a gander. Looks like the day I installed it with no visible degradaion whatsoever.Sound is fairly good. As others have said, don’t expect much stereo separation but it’s totally fine for listening to tunes in the shower. I would absolutely buy again.Read more

  2. Michael R Rusnack

    When I opened the product, on top was the template (photo attached) that noted TEMPLATE / PAINT MASK / 6.5″. One might think that the template was for the hole to be cut to fit the speaker AND the hole was 6.5″ in diameter. I promptly purchased (from Amazon) an adjustable hole saw capable of up to 7″. Given the data on hand, that was a smart purchase. Besides, every guy needs a 7″ hole saw.Upon preparation for installation, the hole was not 6.5″ but 7.675″. This exceeded the hole saw limit by 10%. Fortunately, with some creative engineering, the hole saw was adjusted to meet the size (an off label use).Polk has been a staple in my audio system for years. I have a pair of Polk towers in the great room, Bookshelves in the office and now Polk in my workshop.Read more

  3. drnat

    While there’s better sound out there, these work alright. You get a lot of value for these low priced speakers. But if high quality sound is what you are after, look elsewhere and know you may pay between 2-10 times the price.I bought one to put in my shower, then bought two more for the other two upstairs bathrooms. They’ve been working for a few months without issue.I’ve also bought the “high end 6” “ monoprice speakers – worst sound quality and is really a 4”Then I’ve bought 13 different 6” and 8” bowers and wilkins in-ceiling speakers for downstairs. Some are the 3 series but most are the 6 series and start around $225 a speaker. So These have a much higher price tag. But give very rich sound. But some also cost over $700 a speaker.So depending on the quality you expect for the application you’re using, make the choice that suits you.Read more

  4. thehammer

    This single speaker is designed to run both channels of a stereo – you need only one speaker. I have it in the bathroom and it works well there. However, there is no channel separation with the side aimed tweeters, so don’t expect to hear a soundstage. The frequency response is limited with no real high end or bass. The cover is old school and fits by compression, it is not magnetic.This is perfect in my Lo-Fi application, but I would not use it for serious listening.Do not use this for in-wall speakers in a home theater, such as rear channels. It is not designed for that.Read more

  5. J. Cheney

    I have two of these speakers in the ceiling of a room, one over each of the two seating areas. Each speaker has stereo sound built into it, so no need to worry about only hearing one channel when using them in the ceiling. While you could probably get better sound if you spent a lot more, these are very good sounding speakers for the money. I’d definitely buy them again if I was doing another project.Read more

  6. L. Marinelli

    For the price these are great speakers. Very solidly built and extremely easy to install, though compared to routing/installing the wire run, the speaker installation itself is usually the easiest part of in-wall speakers.Will this speaker compete with audiophile grade and priced speakers – YES and NO!- YES in that it does sound nice and clear AND because the stereo audio from 1 speaker will sound much better / more “normal” than a single (non-stereo) speaker. I would not use this for a home theater system, but for whole-house audio often people don’t realize how “odd” speakers will sound compared to standard paired (2) speakers. Just throwing 2 speakers in a room will not give a proper stereo experience, but sitting directly in front of a single 1 of these speakers will.- NO in that you do get what you pay for to some extent. I would put these up against speakers costing twice as much, but these are not audiophile grade.Read more

  7. John DiLiddo

    Put these in the ceiling to try and get better surround sound from my room. I often just switch to these speakers. They are really good. Crisp highs and good range. I’m not a professional videophile but I do love music and these are a much added bonus to my man caveRead more

  8. Randy P.

    I have a small room that I wanted to play music in but didn’t think it made sense to install two speakers. This speaker works great, it is powered by one of the zones on my russound amp and you can definitely tell the difference between having a left & right tweeter configuration versus a mono speaker. I know this because I compared this against a mono speakercraft speaker that I am installed in another room that is large enough for two speakers. This speaker has a really good sound, smooth bass, crisp vocals. Would recommend to anyone needing a speaker to install in a smaller space.Read more

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