0C11117M8SW403 Bose 301-v stereo loudspeakers (pair, black)

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  • horizontal layout suits without problems on bookshelves. Spatial dispersion speaker lens creates a smoother excessive frequency spatial reaction and wider distribution of sound
  • remarkable overall performance as front left and proper audio system in a domestic theater (excellent matched with bose vcs 10 center channel and bose 161 surround audio system)
  • bass reflex design for excessive impact. Each speaker (h x w x d): 9. Seventy five x 14. 25 x nine. 75 inches
  • works with assets of 10 one hundred fifty watts with receivers from 4 to eight ohms. Removeable grill. Long tour woofer 8 inch promises easy, powerful low frequencies and balanced sound all through your room
  • computerized safety circuitry prevents drivers from being overdriven and provides elevated reliability while minimizing interference with the listening revel in

product description

product description

bose(r) 301(r) direct/reflecting(r) stereo audio system carry the electricity of a stay performance, yet are small sufficient to match without problems on a bookshelf or in an amusement middle. These flexible, stylish speakers carry practical, spacious sound to music and movies and are an exceptional manner to convey bose sound in your stereo or home theater components. In a live performance corridor, listeners hear a combination of direct and reflected sound returning from unique directions and at unique times. Direct/reflecting(r) speaker technology uses the walls and flat surfaces of your room to deliver overall performance more like that of a live performance hall. Bose(r) 201 speakers create a listening environment composed of contemplated and direct sound, much like that of a live overall performance. From modern-day dvd to antique records, you`ll experience real looking spaciousness in almost the whole thing you pay attention to. Bose 301 bookshelf audio system offer extraordinary sound whilst fitting fantastically into your living area. Their narrow and graceful lines will match your decor and our accessories offer even extra placement options. 301 audio system are a appropriate choice when you`re equipped to revel in bose sound to your movies as well as your tune. Connect those versatile audio system to your surround sound receiver revel in stereo sound almost everywhere within the room, now not simply in a single small sweet spot stereo targeting(r) tweeters are precisely angled 2. Five-inch proprietary drivers that supply balanced stereo sound purifier and deeper overall performance in the lower notes. Syncom computer tested to ensure one of the maximum tiers of quality and reliability inside the audio enterprise.

from the producer

bose 301 collection v direct/reflecting bookshelf stereo audio system carry clear, spacious sound on your tune and movies. These versatile bookshelf audio system are small enough to healthy without problems on a shelf or in an leisure center, but use superior bose technologies to carry lots of the strength of a stay overall performance.

in a live overall performance, tune reaches your ears, and your emotions, through a blend of direct and meditated sound. Direct/reflecting speaker era recreates this mixture to supply spacious sound just like what you’ll revel in in a concert hall or theater.

unlike traditional audio system that cognizance stereo consequences in a distinguished candy spot, bose 301 stereo audio system offer “stereo anywhere” speaker performance. Proprietary technology constructed into bose’s best bookshelf audio system make it feasible for you and your pals and circle of relatives to experience balanced stereo sound almost everywhere within the room.

the bose 301 bookshelf speakers can also be used as foremost, secondary or surround home theater audio system. Really connect bose 301 speakers on your surround sound receiver and revel in exhilarating audio with your private home theater components.

in case you personal a lifestyle gadget, bose 301 bookshelf stereo audio system let you amplify its advantages to some other room in your house. Honestly connect those stereo audio system and an sa-3 amplifier for your lifestyle device and experience track in a single room at the same time as family contributors watch a film in another–at the equal time, from the same machine.

bose’s direct/reflecting speaker generation blends reflected and direct sound to re-create tons of a stay live performance’s herbal spaciousness. The flared slot port design is engineered to reduce air turbulence. The woofer and port geometry complement each other so that you can enjoy cleaner and deeper performance inside the lower frequencies, specifically at high volumes. Bose stereo focused on tweeters use precisely angled, 2″ proprietary drivers to supply balanced stereo sound, so you can experience practical spaciousness throughout the listening region.

stereo anywhere speaker performance produces balanced stereo sound over a wide location. The end result of proprietary bose technologies, those audio system can help you experience balanced sound all through the listening region, in contrast to conventional audio system that radiate sound normally in a unmarried route. And the compact bookshelf layout blends into your décor. Use those audio system for music, or film sound–they may be used as principal, secondary, or surround home theater speakers.




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6 reviews for 0C11117M8SW403 Bose 301-v stereo loudspeakers (pair, black)

  1. Jacob Monhollen

    There are a lot of people that either love or hate Bose. I get that. I’m not going to review Bose here. I’m going to review the speakers and how they sound in the room and for the setup that I wanted.I liked the way these looked on the Bose speaker stands and how it fit the room or the concept that I wanted speakers for in the first place. My biggest fear is that I wouldn’t be happy with the sound vs. a full size set of floor standers. I wanted to build a 2.1 channel system for the room with my pool table.Watched all of the YouTube videos, read all of the reviews. The first place I go on reviews is the lowest ratings. Why did people not like these speakers? Damage during shipping, faulty products (and anyone that manufactures will have lemons), and then there were people that just hate Bose and said something else was better. I wish those types of reviews would stop. I would never submit a bad review because UPS sucks. I just don’t hold this against the product.I bought these eyes wide open, and ready to return them if I wasn’t satisfied. So………..How’d they do?They sound great. Super happy. They sound bigger than they are. They don’t blast your face off, they just sound good regardless of volume. Speaking of volume they get loud. One of the points that I gleaned out of the reviews is that they aren’t as efficient as some other speakers and that others have found that more power wakes them up.I paired them with a Harman Kardon 3770. That receiver advertises 120W x 2, and has a dedicated LFE output. Hooked that up and was super happy. Don’t know what the db ratings are, but it SOUNDED GOOD. Cranked it up louder than I need and these (relatively) little speakers sounded loud and clear. Haven’t got them to distort yet. Good details. Just sound big. I have no interest in looking at other speakers anymore. I’m that happy. Good bass for the size, and if you listen to them long enough without a sub you may very well talk yourself out of one, but…………..I wanted more. I added a Velodyne Impact 12 MK2. (Newer model not available on Amazon when this was typed)Done.It MAJORLY picks up the low end that speakers this size, or floor standers with 6-8” low ends lack.I would highly recommend these to those who are looking for great sound in a compact package. If you want a nice 2.1, pair them with a decently powered receiver and a sub.They sound great on their own. The sub just fills in another level at the volume that these put out.These are not face melters. They are room fillers. I’ve returned more than a few Bose products over the years. Not a Bose fanboy. I will never return these, and for the game room that I wanted to add a classic 2 channel (2.1) I am super happy with these. I would highly recommend the Bose stands. Just looks good.One other common knock on these is that the quality of construction and components is inferior to the competition. Looking at them I would agree. Paper cone subwoofers in 2018? However they just sound good with the power I’m pushing.In the end, I was teetering between Polk Tsi500’s or Klipsch RP280f’s. Those speakers are undoubtedly better than these. But for the size, sound reproduction, and money, I’ll never think I should have tried the others. I’m really that happy, and I realize that these are perfect for the space that I put them in.Read more

  2. RAJ

    I will try to keep it short.After upgrading other components of our family room sound system, I looked into the Bose 301’s. I had a pair of old Bose 301’s that I still liked. (About 35 years old—one must assume technology has advanced since then.) On Amazon read reviews of these new 301’s by other buyers. At least three people had the same situation, namely, an old pair of 301’s but upgraded. They were very pleased with the new Bose offering. Based partially on those reviews, I bought them and I am extremely pleased with the results. The new 301’s seem “brighter” but retain the spacious sound ambiance that Bose is famous for. Perhaps the brighter sound is the result of adding a second tweeter. I chose Bose originally for voice quality and the new 301’s retain that. I also have a pair of Bose 901’s on a different system which I consider the best speakers ever made, also chosen for their voice quality and ambience.My system consists of a new Onkyo stereo (2 channel) anp, the 301’s, and a Yamaha powered sub-woofer. They are fed from the cable box and a blu-ray DVD player, all hooked up via HDMI connections. (No more RCA cables!) I have discovered one can have very nice sound from two bookshelf speakers and a sub-woofer. The sub-woofer is optional of course, but crossing over the 301’s into the woofer at 80 Hz does extend the bass effects.One word of advice. Bose speakers need air around them. It is part of their design to achieve their ambient and spacious sound. Be sure to follow the instructions as to the clearance dimensions required around them for their placement. These are not typical “in your face” shotgun speakers. They produce a very natural sound that literally wraps around you if properly placed.Read more

  3. Betty Goad

    I bought a really nice Yamaha amp. So I had to go speaker shopping. I originally just wanted some smaller but good sounding speakers. I looked around on line to see what’s out there. Decided to keep it on the cheap side. I read all these reviews on line about Bose 301v. So I bought a pair. Oh my god they are horrible. I was thinking maybe it’s the amp. They sounded like a speaker with a muffler on it. Two weeks later I bought some JBL studio 530s. What a difference. It was as if the sun just came out on the fist day of spring. They sounded really good. But still just didn’t fill the room and wouldn’t come close to holding their claimed rms rating. So I went all out and bought a pair of JBL studio 580s and a set of JBL stage a190s. Now I believe I died and went to heaven. I’m very happy. As far as the Bose 301s go they will just end up in my camper. Got to do something with them.Read more

  4. dudleyamazon

    I have 4 of these in a 7.2 setup, with dual 10″ Polk subwoofers and a Cerwin Vega SL45C 4-speaker center channel. They produce clean sound, all the way up to ear-splitting levels. Was concerned the Bose speakers wouldn’t be big enough to handle the sound I wanted. There was no need to worry. I would go deaf before these speakers ever reached their peak. Attractive, not too big so they don’t take over the room.Read more

  5. Benjamin T. Wilkinson

    Wow. Just wow. I judge my experience with speakers and headphones on a single premise… am I listening to this for the first time, again? These speakers over deliver. Vinyl, digital, streaming… Everything sounds fantastic through them. Big sound. Perfect resonance. I just can’t say enough about these speakers through my old Rotel amplifier.Read more

  6. Gregory H.

    I’ve been curious about customizing my home audio with Bose speakers ever since my grandpa got a Bose Wave Radio way back in 1994. I’ve had Bose sound in my cars like Infiniti and Bose QC35 Series II wireless Bluetooth headphones, Bose Sound Dock (iPod), and so much more. These speakers sound great with my Denon AVR-X1500H receiver. The other Bose speakers I picked out, Bose 161, Bose VCS-10 center channel, and Bose double cubes make a terrific 7.0 channel surround sound system. Go Bose and get a good system.Read more

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