0C11117J6P7502 Polk audio rc85i 2-way premium in-wall eight” speakers perfect for damp and humid indoor/out of doors placement (white, paintable grille)

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  • listen seamless audio first-class and polk’s fantastic sound replica with these timbre-matched discrete recessed audio system that elevate the sound fine, handing over intensity of music and clear, crisp communicate
  • pair with our rti collection speakers for seamless imaging or upload to your current home theater machine or construct your very own polk collection, and revel in the identical super polk surround sound anywhere
  • revel in more balanced & realistic sound – features an eight” dynamic-balance woofer & a 1” tweeter for adding extra intensity & detail in your track. Mineral-filled polymer cone & robust composite motive force baskets create wider dispersion for even-sound insurance
  • the rubber seal drives better response and prevents moisture get right of entry to, a key characteristic to be used in a rest room, kitchen, sauna and covered porch
  • out of the box & recessed into the wall – no mess, no more assembly – in 3 easy steps fast & easily deploy those speakers. Go away the paintable aluminum grilles as is or spray paint to in shape your current indoors and really make them disappear
  • polk’s unwavering dedication, reliability, and craftsmanship, has made it one of the most relied on names in home audio audio system and amusement systems. They bring out the best in era, so you can sit lower back, relax and concentrate along with your heart.
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from the manufacturer

paintable grilles allow you to construct them in, after which forget all approximately them; rci series speakers almost disappear into any room.

with countless baffle tuning, rci speakers make use of the “virtual enclosure” of your in-wall and in-ceiling area to decorate their bass reaction and clean low frequency mixing with the midrange.

rci series speakers are timbre-matched to different polk speakers to insure thoroughly seamless blending from speaker to speaker in systems that integrate conventional and built-in speakers.

klippel motor optimization uses laser size technology to ensure a clean tour path at either quit of the extent spectrum for uniform overall performance at each low and excessive volumes.

rustproof stainless-steel hardware, durable butyl rubber surrounds and powder covered aluminum (in-ceiling) & painted steel (in-wall) grilles make rci series audio system appropriate for high moisture regions like lavatories, transitional areas or even below eaves or inside the ceiling of an enclosed porch. (rci collection aren’t suitable for uncovered out of doors use. For out of doors speaker fun, use our atrium collection.)

smooth one-cut, drop-in set up places integrated audio inside reach, with ideal fit templates, a precision flange, and (available) pre-production brackets; attain secure, vibration-unfastened performance with a easy flip of the patented rotating cam machine.

product description

product description

build a totally stealth, in-wall domestic theater with the rc85i as left, right or middle channels and upload a pair or extra of rc65i as surrounds, or whole a greater conventional speaker system with extra multi-region sound. Integrated audio inside attain with smooth installation in 3 steps – reduce a hollow, feed the wires thru, and truely drop the speaker in. The rotating cams comfy the audio system appropriately and ensure vibration-free efficiency with no extra assembly or mess. Paintable grilles permit the rc85i to combo in flawlessly with the decor, surely making them disappear. Dynamic stability drivers and aimable swivel tweeters offer practical imaging and supply full, clean sound for films, tune, sports and video video games, in any listening position. Timbre-matched with other polk audio speakers for seamless blending and extremely good audio readability whilst utilized in a home theater setup.

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the polk audio rc85i 2-manner in-wall speaker gives you wonderful sound to any room in your own home without the use of any ground or shelf area. The rc85i is straightforward to put in, requiring simplest that you reduce a hole, feed the wires thru, and really drop the speaker in where it’s miles held in area by using rotating cams that properly secure the speaker with out a greater meeting or mess. Once established, the paintable grille and flange permits this in-wall speaker to really disappear inside the room.

the polk rc85i utilizes an 8-inch dynamic-balance, mineral filled polymer-composite cone with a rubber surround that outlasts inexpensive foam surrounds, in addition to a one-inch dynamic-stability, metalized soft dome tweeter with a swivel mount. The swivel-installed tweeter is aimable for direct excessive frequency control that guarantees spacious imaging with incredible clarity, and nicely-balanced sound in any listening position, even off-axis listening positions, in preference to in only a small sweet spot.

built of long lasting, moisture resistant substances, the rc85i is safe for use in toilets, kitchens, saunas, or maybe underneath out of doors eaves, and features a extensive-dispersion layout for even sound-insurance during even large rooms. The rc85i also capabilities endless baffle tuning which uses the virtual enclosure of in-wall space for superior bass reaction, and is timbre-matched to the polk audio monitor collection for seamless, enveloping imaging whilst used in a domestic theater system.

rc85i speakers (pair), 2 grilles, cardboard template, owner’s guide, and registration card.

from the producer

the polk audio rc85i 2-way in-wall speaker grants super sound to any room in your private home with out the usage of any floor or shelf space. The rc85i is easy to put in, requiring simplest that you cut a hollow, feed the wires through, and honestly drop the speaker in in which it is held in area by rotating cams that adequately at ease the speaker with no more meeting or mess. As soon as installed, the paintable grille and flange allows this in-wall speaker to clearly disappear inside the room.

the polk rc85i utilizes an eight-inch dynamic-balance, mineral stuffed polymer-composite cone with a rubber surround that outlasts inexpensive foam surrounds, in addition to a one-inch dynamic-balance, metalized smooth dome tweeter with a swivel mount. The swivel-established tweeter is aimable for direct high frequency manipulate that guarantees spacious imaging with excellent clarity, and properly-balanced sound in any listening function, even off-axis listening positions, in place of in only a small sweet spot.

built of long lasting, moisture resistant materials, the rc85i is secure to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, or maybe beneath outside eaves, and functions a extensive-dispersion design for even sound-insurance throughout even huge rooms. The rc85i additionally functions infinite baffle tuning which uses the virtual enclosure of in-wall space for superior bass reaction, and is timbre-matched to the polk audio monitor series for seamless, enveloping imaging whilst utilized in a home theater gadget.

rc85i audio system (pair), 2 grilles, cardboard template, proprietor’s manual, and registration card.


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8 reviews for 0C11117J6P7502 Polk audio rc85i 2-way premium in-wall eight” speakers perfect for damp and humid indoor/out of doors placement (white, paintable grille)

  1. PS_in_Idaho

    At first I thought they were tinny, but they just needed a few days to break in. Now they sound fantastic. A lot of bass for being in-wall. However, I now have a cross-over at 80Hz and let the sub take care of the low end. They were easy to install and look great.Update: 9April2019These continue to get better as we use them more. The other night we watched Aquaman and I didn’t realize the subwoofer was off until after the movie was over and I went over to turn off the receiver. There was a good amount of low end just from the RC85i’s and so I didn’t even notice. After I noticed this I turned everything back on and of course when paying attention the bass was much more prominent, but watching the movie without even noticing the subwoofer was off says a lot for these speakers.Update July 17, 2019: These continue to fully impress me. I changed my set and removed the crossover as these have an 8″ sub and should have been ok with the lower frequencies, and I can confirm that they are. I like it without the crossover as the bass is more full, but I did have to turn down my dedicated sub as a lot more bass is now coming from these front speakers. I really like them and would 100% buy them again.Read more

  2. Phil – Nebraska

    The installation of these speakers look great. I’m not surprised that the sound quality is awesome as well. Amazon has a combo purchase of these with the center speaker and two rear/ceiling speakers, which I was happy to have taken advantage of. I finished off the setup with Polk’s 12″ subwoofer as well.I had read that some customers noticed that there was some rattling from the mesh covers – I have not experienced this at all after some loud movies. Even during installation, the mesh covers fit very snug and don’t give me any reason to believe that they will be an issue in the future.Read more

  3. bvh817

    The sounds is great and the price can’t be beat. 5 stars on the speaker output and quality.One star deduction for the plastic rough-in components. If you are not careful screwing the self-closing clamps of the housing to the drywall during installation, you will crack the plastic and it will no longer hold the wall. Be careful and gentle and you will not have any issues. If you rush or force this, you will have one or two corners broken and not snug to the wall.Read more

  4. David T. Robinson

    I’ve used these in-walls for front left and right channels as well as rear channel speakers mounted in the ceiling. Serving as front channel speakers, the sound quality is great, although a little flat compared to bookshelf type speakers. If you want speakers out of the way these are a good way to go without spending exorbitant amounts of money. I sold the home we originally had these speakers installed in.My current home theater setup has an unforgiving rear channel space. It’s an open floor layout and there are simply no reasonable locations to mount rear channel speakers, so I opted for these in the ceiling to give it a trim appearance. They’re not really designed for this purpose but they do get the job done. You can aim the tweeters for directional sound at least. All in all, these speakers are very worthy of consideration.Read more

  5. Steven G. Smith

    These speakers were easy to install, and I was really pleasantly surprised at how nicely they sound. I’m using these primarily for background music, and they produce nice sound, and have a neat, clean look on the wall. Are these going to rock your world and open new levels of depth and height to your music you hadn’t experienced before? No. Will these be the perfect speakers for the new dance floor for your late night circuit parties? No. But at $150 a pair, they are probably going to give you the most bang for your buck out there for general use, and if you have a small house like me, the extra floor space and lack of clutter is invaluable. If the goal is to add surround speakers, or some background music while you are getting a shower, cooking, entertaining, or reading a book, I doubt you’ll find more value for your money. I’m certainly pleased. A tip for installation: take it easy tightening the screws that anchor the speaker to the wall. I used setting 1 (the weakest) on my power drill, and it still managed to break one of the plastic clips off that anchors it to the wall in the back. So, I’d recommend tightening the screws by hand, until they are snug, but not too tight to avoid this. Also, if you have old lathe and plaster walls, consider hiring a professional unless you are experienced. It’ll be worth it to avoid the mess and frustration if you screw up. Otherwise, I think installation is rather intuitive and straight forward.Read more

  6. Rob Arabian

    Got these today. Could not wait to install them As the other reviews said, Polk made it a breeze. Measure your spot; check for wall studs; tape up and trace the supplied template; cut out drywall, connect wires and lock it down. They sound amazing (I am watching JAWS right now) and these speakers are making the shark even scarier!!!I opted for the 8 inch woofer model and I am happy I did. Combined with my Earthquake subwoofer, there is plenty down low and up top. I will strongly consider the smaller Polk audio speakers for the rear channels now that this was so easy.Read more

  7. Joel Krueger

    I used these as my front presence speakers and the rear surround on a 9.1 system with my yahama RX-A3060 receiver. They have great sound for movies and music. Only true audiophiles would be able to find something to complain about these speakers. I walfalled for a week between the 6″ and 8″ models. The 6″ are more than adequate for my application.Read more

  8. Nickshorty

    Love these speakers. Installed in wall in new basement build. Contracter left boxes with the wire pulled through. Only complaint is that unless you are in the center of a wall cavity, the arms hit the studs on the sides and won’t anchor well. Would like it better if they could be adjusted to ancher top and bottom rather than sides. Because it doesn’t let you change it, the bottom corner of my speaker sticks out a bit from the wall.Read more

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