0C11116U4CE546 Polk audio rc60i 2-way premium in-ceiling 6. Five” spherical-speakers, set of two best-for damp-and humid indoor/out of doors placement – bath, kitchen, covered porches (white, paintable-grille)

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polk audio rc60i in-wall/in-ceiling audio system

the polk audio rc60i in-wall/in-ceiling audio system nearly have the in-wall speaker race within the bag. They’re correctly the benchmark. Their low value, swivel tweeter layout, easy to put in, use in bathrooms or saunas, and large dispersion layout lead them to the clean preference for in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. They mimic the look a recessed lighting fixtures and you could paint them to in shape your decor. They’ll practically disappear in your own home.


the rc60i are available 6. 5-inch and 8-inch versions, and their limitless baffle tuning makes use of the enclosure of the wall space to decorate their bass reaction. The hardest part of the installation is going to be reducing a spherical hollow in your wall, but after you’ve got figured that out, their rotating cams a-restore the speaker to the wall. Hook up speaker cabling to the rc60i and run it in your amplifier or home theater receiver and you are set.

the directional tweeter lets in the audio system to be used in small to large rooms with a totally huge ‘candy spot’. Which means anybody at the sofa can flawlessly pay attention the film you are all looking. Customers have pronounced using them in 28×20-foot rooms with no issues.

the rc60i is voiced to fit with the rti series from polk, but in case you are into blending and matching, as many humans are, the rc60i are pronounced to pair well with a variety of other speakers. With a frequency response right down to 40hz one should pair those with a sub in case you are searching out wonderful deep rumble of explosions or dinosaurs fighting wonderful apes.

the nice and cozy sound, clean mid variety, stable highs and resounding bass is suggested to sound high-quality with domestic theater. For surround sound audio or stereo fronts the rc60i are stated to no longer perform as properly with staging and precision as a fixed of bookshelf or floorstander speakers of moderate fee.

product description

product description

rci series in-wall speakers supply super polk sound to each room in your own home without using any floor or shelf area! Now you’ve got new alternatives for greater flexibility and overall performance from polk audio. Out of the container and into the wall (or ceiling), that’s how clean it’s miles to install new polk audio rci series in-ceiling loudspeakers just like the rc60i. Dynamic balance drivers and aimable tweeters ensure spacious imaging with tremendous clarity in addition to a properly-balanced sound in any listening role, no longer only a small “sweet spot.” paint them to fit your decor and that they nearly disappear, leaving you with nothing however high-overall performance sound! Set up is straightforward as 1-2-three: cut one hollow, feed the wires, and definitely drop the speaker in. Rotating cams comfy the speaker effectively with no extra meeting or mess. Klipple motor optimization uses laser dimension technology to make certain a smooth excursion direction at both cease of the extent spectrum for uniform performance at each low and excessive volumes.

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the pair is durable, too, with moisture-resistant materials that are perfectly secure for use in toilets, kitchens, saunas–even beneath out of doors eaves. Rubber driver surrounds live longer than cheap foam surrounds for years of hassle-free overall performance.

dynamic balance components and aimable tweeters make certain spacious imaging with beautiful clarity and nicely-balanced sound in any listening role, now not just a small “sweet spot.” huge-dispersion layout manner you’ll enjoy even insurance throughout small and massive rooms alike.

from the producer

the rc60i capabilities a 6-half of-inch woofer to supply strong bass and a three/four-inch smooth dome tweeter for depth and element. You’ll revel in wealthy reasonable sound from this in-ceiling speaker – performance remarkable just a few years ago. The rc60i is an ideal answer for areas wherein you want huge, room-filing sound without big audio system and cord cluttering the room, the rc60i’s capability to disperse sound over a huge location method you’ll listen amazing sound no matter in which you are inside the room.

key capabilities

  • paintable grilles can help you make your audio system disappear absolutely into your painted partitions (but you can continually depart them white too).
  • out of the container into the ceiling installation. The rc60i is particularly clean to put in. Cord them up, pop them within the ceiling, screw down the rotating mounting cams with a screw motive force, pop the grille on, turn on your stereo and revel in.
  • long lasting hardware for a long lasting speaker. The rc60i uses rugged stainless steel hardware and a powder-lined aluminum grille for years of dependable performance. Please be aware that rci collection loudspeakers are not appropriate for uncovered outside use. For out of doors programs, use our atrium collection audio system.
  • swivel tweeter. The rc60i functions a swiveling tweeter so that you can intention it in the direction of the listening area for extra accuracy.
  • a completely self-contained wireless surround-channel sound device.
  • four 2-half” complete-range drivers
  • 5-1/4″ woofer
  • compact one hundred twenty watt multichannel dsp amplifier.
  • rock solid triple enclosure multi-braced mdf cabinet
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    why you should take into account this product

    in case you’re trying to fill a room or your house with life-like sound, you have to severely recollect the rc60i for its excessive overall performance audio, ease of installation, and wonderful value. Use rc60i’s all round your private home in which you care approximately proper sound or as rear channel surround audio system in your home theater gadget.

    technical specifications

    *to make certain a legitimate assurance, polk loudspeakers have to be bought thru an authorized polk audio home or car loudspeaker provider (together with amazon. Com). (in case you’re no longer positive a supplier is “legal,” name polk audio at 1-800-377-7655, and ask us.) the warranty isn’t transferrable, that means it applies handiest to the authentic patron. If you purchase your audio system from a non-public person, that product is considered “used” and has no manufacturing facility guarantee, no matter what the vendor implies. The guarantee is void if the serial variety of the speaker has been removed or defaced. When you have any questions about your warranty insurance, or you believe you studied you want carrier, name polk customer service at 1-800-377-7655. We’re right here to help you get the maximum from your new speakers!

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  • 1 pair rc60i in-ceiling loudspeakers
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    7 reviews for 0C11116U4CE546 Polk audio rc60i 2-way premium in-ceiling 6. Five” spherical-speakers, set of two best-for damp-and humid indoor/out of doors placement – bath, kitchen, covered porches (white, paintable-grille)

    1. Jerry So.Cal.

      I bought these speakers without listening to them at the store. Just installed them today for in-ceiling speakers in a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup. These speakers sound great! I haven’t been able to hear any Dolby Atmos content yet, but I did listen to Rihanna’s “Damonds” and I was super impressed. I disconnected all other speakers except for these Polks and the sound filled my living room nicely! They get pretty loud without distorting. I was pretty impressed by the bass too. Does it sound better when you add in the subwoofer? Oh yes. But for the low cost of these speakers, they sound excellent. The tweeter is amiable too. However I just left it centered.The included template is a little confusing. There are 2 perforations in the template, each with a different diameter and I wasn’t sure which diameter to use. Turns out the smaller diameter is to cover the speaker grill if you want to paint the speaker. The larger diameter is for the ceiling cutout.Read more

    2. JP, Oceanside, CA

      I had to get the 6.5″ version of this speaker due to room size/joists spacing. They sound great with plenty of volume and bass. They make perfect rears for 5.1 system. A very impressive feature is the mounting system, which consists of 4 “flags” that swing into position when the screws are tightened. Push the metal speaker cover/grill into place and it’s done. I suggest using a drywall circle cutter/scribe and a drywall hand saw to make perfect holes. Included is a decent template. No need for power hole saws which can make a mess. (P.S. Get the 8″ speaker if it will fit. However, the 6.5″ are fine for a smaller room size, as in my case.)Read more

    3. Bootney Lee Farnsworth

      Luckily I have a dropped ceiling, which makes awesomeness easy! This is how I did it, $30 at Home Depot gets you all this. New tiles, red oak 2×1/4″ slats, some speaker wire….done. Dolby Atmos.Read more

    4. james johnson

      I replace the factory speakers in the ceiling of my new camper. I had to cut the holes out bigger but it was easy and the sound quality is incredible. Not very much bass but I only have these running straight out of furion dv3300, no amp. I also installed a powered sub woofer so the sound is almost concert quality. Worth every penny. Goosebumps when I cranked them up! Love them!Read more

    5. Jeff Z.

      The speakers in out backyard patio recently died. They were cheapo-s that the home builder installed and they had seen enough.So after some research, we settled in on these Polk RC60i speakers. Box came in 2 days and the I had them installed in literally 10 minutes. It took me more time to get the ladder out and the tools than it did to remove the old and install the new. Granted, I already had the wires run and holes drilled.Simple connections, positive to positive, negative to negative and then secure the 4 mounting bolts. They hold the speakers in place with NO chance of movement and the sound produced is great! They sound much much better than the original speakers and you can angle/aim the tweeter.We like them so much I am now eyeballing the five suspects we have in our ceiling above the family room. At some point, I will replace each of those with these Polk RC60i speakers.I would easily recommend these speakers to someone looking to purchase surround speakers.Read more

    6. Roger M.

      The speakers have a decent build quality overall, although you must be careful not to over-tighten the mounting screws as the plastic tabs (called “mounting dogs” by Polk) can bend and break. The spring-loaded wiring terminals aren’t super strong – it helps to twist your speaker wires and tin them with solder before inserting them for a more secure connection. I mounted these in the ceiling above my patio during new construction. I was surprised at how much bass they produce given their size. Overall sound quality is very clear – perfect for listening at volumes that are respectful to neighbors.UPDATE 6/28/12: Still enjoying these speakers. I have them mounted in a wood ceiling above a 13′ x 21′ inset patio with brick walls and concrete floor. I am not an acoustical engineer and probably just lucked out with the placement, but the bass still impresses me considering I’m not using a subwoofer. The separation is terrific and the directionality is excellent which may not suit everyone’s application, but it worked out perfect for me because it keeps the sound mostly contained under the patio without broadcasting it to the neighborhood.UPDATE 7/19/12: Even though I bent the plastic dogs during installation, the speakers do not appear to be at any risk of falling out of the ceiling. Polk sent replacement dogs without question under warranty at no charge just in case. I’ll hang on to them just in case.UPDATE 6/25/19: I’ve now had these speakers installed in the ceiling of my covered patio for seven years and they continue to sound as good as they did when they were brand new. Unfortunately, the white plastic housings and white painted grill began to yellow after a few years and now look like they’re decades old. I’m surprised this happened considering they’re never exposed to direct sunlight.Read more

    7. Mike

      I bought my first set of these Polk speakers back in 2016 to install in my bathroom. The audio is great and the installation in the ceiling was very easy. They also withstood the high moisture area that is associated bathrooms. I liked them so much that when I bought a new house last Oct, I bought another pair of these speakers to install in the new bathroom. They are working great.Read more

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