0C11028T2XH815 Klipsch 10″ the front-firing 250w top power subwoofer (k100-sw)

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  • make sure this suits
  • by using coming into your model variety.
  • effective 10″ the front-firing woofer
  • line/lfe inputs for compatibility with maximum receivers
  • all-virtual amplifier promises 250 watts of dynamic electricity
  • dimensions: 14″ h x 12. 5″ w x 15. 7″ d
  • low skip crossover and section control

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product description

the klipsch 10″ the front-firing subwoofer is the ideal accomplice whether you’re seeking to obtain a 5. 1 machine or a 5. 1 at the richter scale. The excessive performance subwoofer affords deep bass and placement flexibility way to its the front firing motive force and all virtual amplifier.

Product Dimensions

14, x, 15.7, x, 12.5, inches

Item Weight

25.5, pounds



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4.7, out, of, 5, stars, 242, ratings, 4.7, out, of, 5, stars

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#45, 389, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #95, in, Home, Audio, Subwoofers

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June, 6, 2015



8 reviews for 0C11028T2XH815 Klipsch 10″ the front-firing 250w top power subwoofer (k100-sw)

  1. Anthony V. Mumolo

    I’ve been a home theater buff for over 18 years and I’ve progressively improved my equipment in that time: current equipment is:65″ Samsung KS-8000 4K TV (best display I’ve ever had btw) Samsung UBD 4K blu ray player; Onkyo TX-NR646 Receiver; Polk CSA6 center speaker; Polk TSi200 fronts; Polk TSi100 surrounds; Polk T15 Height speakers and dual subwoofers Polk PSW110 and now my Klipsch K-100sw. Which has replaced a Polk PSW10. I’ve never owned elite high end equipment but my stuff has always been rated good to excellent.The Klipsch K-100sw is without question the best sub I’ve ever had in my system. It provides the one element I’ve been missing i.e. a powerful, visceral, muscular base contribution. (it can be a shaker if you want it to be) To give you an idea; when I used my spl meter to match output from my two subs I set the Klipsch Ks-100sw gain control at barley 1/4 but I had to crank up the gain on my PSW110 to almost maximum and the Ks-100 still outperforms it. I’ll need to do some additional tweaking to even things out. My disclaimer is that I can’t comment on this sub with music since I use it exclusively for movies. That being said I think you’d be hard pressed to get anything better at this price point. I remember watching Saving Private Ryan in a theater and the scene toward the end of the movie where the tank comes rumbling into the solders position; they are resting on a rocky burm and as the tank rolls in you can see and “feel” rumble as the rocks and the burm shake and vibrate. I’ve been trying to duplicate that effect in my home theater ever since. I have finally done it with this sub. End of story!Read more

  2. Rob W. PA

    1 Star to SELLER for NOT DISCLOSING THEY ARE NOT AN AUTHORIZED KLIPSCH INTERNET SELLER! = No Warranty or Customer Service From Klipsch.!!!!! Slow shipping. Spend the extra $20.00 and buy it direct from Klipsch.3 Stars for unit, not very powerful for a 250W unit, made in ChinaRead more

  3. Amazon Customer

    1st powered subwoofer that I have owned. Completely over exceeding my expectations.It is well made and easy to install. Last but not least I was literally “blown” way by the sound it produces. The deep rich bass coming out made my hair stand up and I don’t have any hair. I watched a movie and listen to some music , I couldn’t turn it off. I know my neighbors may going ask me to leave when I turn it up but I was throroughly impressed with my Klipsch sub woofer. I don’t know what took me so long to purchase it, I’ve been thinking about it over a year. Cant go wrong Klipsch, great sub.well done.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    What an excellent, excellent subwoofer at this price point. I expect that, if I chose to really crank it up, that it would shake not only my house, but that of my neigbors too.However, the job that it fulfills–to create the bottom end of the sound spectrum when listening to music or watching movies–is done with crisp clarity and authority. I especially appreciate the separate volume control that enabled me to match output of the Klipsch with the rest of the system. It’s a simple setup. I connected it via LFE to my Yamaha home theatre setup, where it is accompanied by four Polk T-50 speakers (on 31″ pedestals). The sound quality is excellent, whether it is listening to Haydn via CD or Yes on vinyl or blu-ray movie. My living room is not huge, 16′ x 20′, but the space is completely filled with sound.If you’re in the market for a subwoofer, consider the Klipsch.Read more

  5. BluesHarp

    I should have saved up for the Reference version but at this price it is 95% perfect. Nice bouncy rubbery bass tones buts not enough power to keep up with the 140w Im feeding my RP280F Klipsch Towers. Last slight complaint is it doesn’t have that sharp defined percussive crisp attack. ( think the initial attack on a bass drum using a wooden kick pad ) The sound is warm, buttery and musical and for the price you cant complain much.Read more

  6. GBeckwith

    I bought this to replace a 30-year-old Klipsch passive sub that just hasn’t kept up with today’s technology. This sub plugged nicely into my receiver and added a whole new dimension to our 5.1 home theater system. I hated getting rid of that fine piece of furniture that this replaced but this is so much better and requires much less power to drive. Klipsch quality is there and you can’t lose with this system.Read more

  7. poison pen

    Love the peak power that allows me to feel the bass kick, without being too loud. It took me several days of several adjustments a day to not shake every glass and plate in the kitchen the next room away. Now that I have my entire home theater system dialed in, I only have to turn it on and watch, without even adjusting the volume.Read more

  8. Teutonic Knight

    This little subwoofer is perfect for average sized family rooms, but could probably handle big home theater setups just as well. It will shake, rattle, and roll your room with very little effort and with very clean, PUNCHY bass! I love the gain control for matching the sound level to the rest of your speaker setup. Also has an adjustable crossover control. I am running this sub with four satellite Klipsch speakers (from an IFI console) which have very high efficiency, but do not have much low end. So I set the crossover about 150-200 hz to allow the sub to reproduce the lows. And does it deliver those lows!!! Together, this 5.1 setup delivers incredibly clean sound. I am very picky with sound quality in both home and car, and this sub, matched with high-quality speakers, produces almost live-concert sound!This sub is also front firing, which has an advantage over floor firing. Yes, the lower the frequency, the less directional sound. But when your sub is putting out high power, low frequency sound pressure, you want that Big Wave coming AT you, not dispersed by the floor, especially a floor that is carpeted which will absorb some of the subsonic energy. So a big plus on this sub for its front firing direction vs the floor- or rear-firing subs costing many times more.If you are looking for good, clean, and punchy bass without that MUDdled, distorted sound so typical of subs in this price range, look no further. I do not know how Klipsch is able to manufacture such an affordable sub with this much CLEAN sound and power! For the price, you will simply not find a better sounding subwoofer out there. PERIOD.–TKRead more

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